Martial King’s Retired Life – Vol. 2 Ch. 34

The Minor Lord of Liu Shan Men

After driving Long Zaitian away, Boss Shen returned to her own study without a word. Song Ou was an embarrassment tonight so he didn’t dare to act up, playing fiancée and annoying Boss Shen, instead, sadly sneaking off.

The Shen sisters, I mean, siblings were the only ones in the study.

Su Xiao, Tang Ye and I, the biggest culprits tonight, were soon called to her study.

I was a bit thirsty from all the running so I went to the kitchen to steal a few pears before heading over. I chomped on my pear as I entered Boss Shen’s study. When I entered, I saw Su Xiao and Tang Ye lined up before the desk copping a scolding

Tang Ye had his head lowered as Boss Shen scolded him. Tang Ye is quite the honest guy, so he was probably reflecting on his actions. Su Xiao also had his head down… he even let out a beautiful snoring sound every now and then. It was obvious he had fallen asleep. Just as Su Xiao was swaying and about to drop to the ground, I entered the study, reached a hand out to catch him around his slim waist, and supported his shoulder so that he wouldn’t fall. The bloody punk dared to fall asleep while Boss Shen was lecturing him. It looks like he’s completely spent.

Boss Shen didn’t seem to notice and continued: “You were lucky this time. I managed to arrive just in time and only Long Zaitian was in the capital. You are aware we only have one captain and one vice-captain and Liu Shan Men while the Qilin Guards have three vice-captains, right? You’ve seen how arrogant Long Zaitian is. He alone dared to give Song Ou trouble. If they hadn’t sent so many men out on missions, they wouldn’t have given up today.”

She then seemed to finally notice that Su Xiao was comfortably leaning on my shoulder with his sleeping face on.

Boss Shen asked: “What’s wrong with Xiao Han?”


I gently nudged Su Xiao who was hugging me like a kitten, but all I got was a worn out moan: “Meow, meow…” Su Xiao turns into a cat whenever he sleeps. Is he even the offspring of a human?!

“Fell asleep. Su Xiao insisted on fighting ten alone at the Qilin Guards place today when his martial arts skills are… well… you already know what Su Xiao’s skills are like. He was revving himself up before, so I guess he can’t hang in there any longer.”

“Don’t wake him up then. The kid is just……”

Boss Shen shook her head and said: “While the fault of today’s incident mainly lies with the Qilin Guards, it is a fact that Su Xiao violated Liu Shan Men’s rules by acting without my permission. Kuang, make a note to punish Su Xiao by deducting half of his annual salary.”

Young master Kuang was now in his male clothing. Noticing how his sister was angry, he gave a slightly perturbed response: “I have made a note.”

Tang Ye then suddenly said: “Vice-captain, I feel that your judgement is unfair.”

“Oh?” Boss Shen turned to look at Tang Ye and asked, “How so?”

“Su Xiao did indeed make a mistake today. However, our colleagues at Liu Shan Men wouldn’t be so united and wouldn’t have regained their fire if it weren’t for him. Yes, he was wrong, but his achievements more than compensate for his fault. So his achievement was more significant than his fault. Vice-captain, you must be just with rewards and punishments. A fault must be punished, and an achievement must be rewarded.”

Boss Shen didn’t know if she could follow his suggestion. She swept her uncompassionate eyes over Tang Ye, and then suddenly fixed her gaze on me.

“Feizhen, what do you think about what Yan Ling said?”

I didn’t stand up for Su Xiao like Tang Ye did because I knew Boss Shen wasn’t trying to make things difficult for Su Xiao.

I smiled and replied: “Boss, you have already made a decision yourself. You’re just asking for my opinion to respect my feelings. It’s best to just follow your decision.”

“Clever and mischievous as ever.” Boss Shen glared at me but her tone couldn’t hide her compliments for me, “I really want to know if there’s anything that can be hidden from you.”

Boss Shen looked at the sleeping face that resembled the face of a child and couldn’t help but reveal a beautiful smile that outsiders would never get to see. The sight of her smile made my heart beat faster.

“He’s a silly child, but I like him.”

Her affectionate tone was like that of a mother doting on her daughter, I mean, doting on… Su Xiao.  Why is it that I can never find the right words to describe him?

“Liu Shan Men requires someone like him. Half of Su Xiao’s salary shall be deducted, but he will also be promoted to Bai Hu. He shall stay with Ming Feizhen’s small team and continue his learning.”

While the three offices also have titles and political roles, like the emperor’s security detail who investigate fraud cases, the martial world is usually involved with most of the jobs. You could say that the three offices are somewhat pugilistic world people. Therefore, their regulations are a lot more liberal compared the imperial court. For instance, they have a lot more freedom when promoting members.

Liu Shan Men’s captain and vice-captain can promote members to over five ranks which include, recorder, secretary, Bai Hu (master of a hundred), prefect and Qian Hu (master of a thousand). Three of them are civil official ranks, and two are military officer ranks.

Liu Shan Men’s Bai Hu and the Qilin Guards commander are of equal rank, both being seventh rank officials in the central ranks.  While the position is named “master of one hundred”, the official in said rank certainly doesn’t have a hundred men under him. It’s just a vacant title. But as long as the ministry of personnel accepts it, Su Xiao will become a legitimate official.

That’s no small matter. While it’s just a vacant title, it still makes the title holder an official. Being of Bai Hu rank means that the title holder has risen above the status of a peasant, and is a legitimate official. Don’t underestimate the small change. To go from a commoner to an official is a big deal. Many scholars never manage to achieve that much in a lifetime. That achievement alone would make people feel enough hate and jealousy to keep them up at night.

Su Xiao wasn’t supposed to have such a fortunate fate.

However, the recorder and secretary ranks that Liu Shan Men can autonomously grant are ninth rank official ranks. Those two positions actually have jobs to do, and aren’t just vacant titles. But you can’t just go and promote Su Xiao to some civil official rank. The prefect and qian hu ranks are fifth rank official ranks. Su Xiao can’t get promoted to a fifth rank official position for going and vandalising the Qilin Guards place now, can he? If the emperor found out, he’d die from anger.

Thus, the bai hu rank was most appropriate.

The rank was also very different to civil official or military officer ranks.

Scholars study in solitude for a decade, go through many examinations, and after many trials, still have to wait for the imperial court to offer a position to become an official. Military offers don’t have as many struggles. They’ll be promoted as long as they can make themselves useful. They don’t have to deal with as many rules since they can’t really demonstrate their competence outside of special events like the imperial martial arts tournament, thereby leaving the decision up to their superiors.

I came up with the above as an individual formerly involved with the martial world as well as being a loyal reader of the Black and White Reflection.

Thank you ladies and gentlemen.

While I was swimming in my own thoughts, Boss Shen suddenly looked towards me as if she were scanning me. Shen then said: “Ming Feizhen reported to me in a timely manner, handled things well and didn’t panic when faced with danger. From today, Ming Feizhen shall be promoted to head constable with no changes to his salary.”

Whoa! I just got a promotion out of nowhere!

I sort of knew what Boss Shen was thinking.

Su Xiao is a member of my team and has become a seventh rank official. While he has no actual power, his position is now higher than mine, which might make me unhappy as the team captain. To prevent that, she promoted me to head constable.

A head constable is not an official position so even if the imperial court doesn’t accept it, Boss Shen can promote me if she pleases. The head constable rank is the same as the head guard position in the Qilin Guards, and the master position for the emperor’s security detail. A constable’s treatment can’t compare to an official’s. However, it’s a different case if we’re talking about just the three offices. A head constable can order the constables acting as his subordinates. So while the title isn’t all that, I’ve actually got a lot of power!

And based on what I know, I’m now the only head constable at Liu Shan Men since Nanjing’s Liu Shan Men doesn’t have many constables and the experienced constables are out in other areas.

Ahahahahaha. I revealed the fearless smile of the lesser lord of Liu Shan Men. I’ll be able to take as much wine and food from Liu Shan Men’s storage as I like from now! Let’s see who dares to bug me to clean my room now!! Let’s see who dares to wake me up early now! Ahahaha!!


An inkstone smacked me on my face… Fucking divine inkstones-manship! Hey! I didn’t look at your boobs! While they’re very soft and voluptuous, I haven’t looked damn it!

“Fuck you, lesser lord of Liu Shan Men! You treating me as if I’m dead?!”

Right… Sorry, I forgot my manners.

Boss Shen glared at me and continued: “Also, Feizhen, your experience in the pugilistic world is relatively mess-… relatively rich, and you’re a quick thinker, so I’d like to ask you to help me come up with a solution for a problem.”

This shit again…

I really don’t get why officials and office workers always seek out us Black and White Reflection readers for our knowledge.

Boss Shen reluctantly said: “It’s about the captain’s matter……”


Bai Hu = Master of a hundred; Qian Hu = Master of a thousand. Would you prefer me to use the pinyin, or would you prefer me to use the English? I personally would use the pinyin to save myself the trouble of typing more, but if it makes your reading experience better if I use the English, I shall do so. Let me know below in the comments.


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