Supreme Swordsman of the Nine Heavens – Ch. 942

Gambler and Pioneer

While cultivators were in uproar over Chu Xiachi’s rank, he was suspended over the top of a pungent pond outside Gambling City, crying, “Shifu, I took rank fifteen, so why are you doing this?!”

“Since when did you become rank fifteen?” fumed Daoist Chu Buqu.


“Yesterday? I placed my bet on the top twenty rankings changing last month. Yesterday was the beginning of a new month, which means that I lost all of my spirit stones! Tell me why you don’t deserve this!”

“I’m sorry, Shifu! I swear I’m sorry! The prick was tough to find. It took me days to track him down. Please spare me, Shifu!”

“I need to blow off some steam!”

“Junior Sister, Junior Sister, help me out here!”

“Senior Brother, did Mu Yu really murder Yu Xunlao in one slash?” inquired Chu Xiaoqing, sitting on a rock.

“Yes, yes, it was the most amazing slash I’d ever seen. Now help me out!”

“He really is so cool.” Flowers bloomed in those eyes of Chu Xiaoqing.

Daoist Chu Buqu cast his eyes over to the woods nearby. “Get your bum out here.”

The individual in blue flew out and bowed. “Xiao Ran sends his greetings, Elder.”

“What do you want, punk?”

Xiao Ran glanced to Chu Xiachu, who had been locked into a cage, and suggested, “How about this one waits for you to finish your business first?”

“Xiao Ran, what sort of man kicks a downed man?!” cursed Chu Xiachi.

Xiao Ran tugged up the corner of his lips. “How are you doing, Brother Xiachi?”

“How do I look like I’m doing, you cornhole? Once I get out, I’ll whoop you to the future and b-”

“Elder, shifu asked this one to invite you over for a chat,” stated Xiao Ran, ignoring Chu Xiachi.

“Tell him to come over to me if he wants to talk. I’m a busy man. Can’t you see I’m busy teaching my disciple to cultivate even now?”

“This is the least ideal cultivation method, Shifu.”

“Elder, Third Heaven Palace has postponed the contest to a later date. You should understand what that means. Shifu said he would like you to pay the 712 spirit stones you owe him in the last bet if you refuse to see him. If you pay him the visit, he will write the debt off.”

“Let’s go boys and girls.” Daoist Chu Buqu snapped his fingers, erasing the cage Chu Xiachi was in and took off.

Chu Xiachi clumsily bounced off the water surface to land next to Xiao Ran. “All because you had to show your face, I had to go and fight for a damn rank.”

“I never meant to. Also, you owe me for saving you just now.”

“Oh, thank you. Is that what you thought I’d say? I saw you on the cusp of bursting into laughter!”

“Who would pass up the opportunity to watch you suffer? Besides, I was curious to learn how you usually train.”

“I swear I’ll uppercut you into the ether. By the way, when are you going to kick some more Third Heaven Palace behind? Give me a heads up so that I can place a bet. By the way, lend me some spirit stones.”

“How much?”

“Mm… I loaned 212 last time, so lest go with 38 this time.”

“So two hundred and fifty?”

“I’ll pay you back. Yes or no?”


“That’s more like it. Junior Sister, snap out of it!”


“So, the old bullcrap artist first or Tian Ran first?” Xiaoshuai queried.

“Tian Ran.”

“That’s what I like to hear. I can’t wait to see their disciples bathing.”

“Is that what gentlemen do?”

“Pfft, we were no longer gentlemen from the last time we came across them bathing.”

“That was an accident.”

“They say don’t fear ruffians; fear ruffians who now how to talk.”

“It’s called keeping a low profile.”

Since Pure Peace City was on the way to Secular World Sect, Mu Yu thought it would be a good idea to pass on the jade pieces to Chenxi and company in case they needed to be teleported during an emergency.

“The ghostie claimed elemental demons would assault Pure Peace City during our last run in. I wonder how it’s doing now,” Xiaoshuai verbalised.

“Patriarch told me which cities elemental demons have attacked, but Pure Peace City wasn’t among them.”

Mu Yu created a tunnel for the citizens of Pure Peace City as well as cast formations to prevent fiend beast invasions.

“What if someone finds this cavern and damages my Teleporting Invincible-Fearless Xiaoshuai Formation?”

“I’ll cast some formations to forbid anyone besides us from entering. As such, they’ll be able to exit but not enter,” elucidated Mu Yu, spending the next few hours carrying out the plan

Mu Yu caught a chicken to run some tests on since Xiaoshuai’s amazingly tough body would not be representative of ordinary folks. Mu Yu tied a jade piece to the chicken’s leg and walked back. The chicken immediately tried to fly. Mu Yu teleported it in time, nonetheless.

“Hurry, hurry, the chicken’s safety is paramount,” urged Xiaoshuai.

Upon entering, Mu Yu heaved a breath of relief. “Good. It’s not missing even one feather, which means Teleporting Handsome Formation works as intended.”

“The chicken bears the conscience of the citizens and is their hope in times of crisis. Its success is their survival, and its failure is their demise. If this war between humans and elemental demons culls the selfish then the grateful will be the stars of the future. The chicken is the second pioneer of Teleporting Invincible-Fearless Xiaoshuai Formation. It is a chicken we must sing the praises of!”

Xiaoshuai popped a hat onto the chicken’s head as if it was a crown and then whipped out a pill flame stone.

An hour later…

“This is what you call a premium drumstick!”

“Yeah, the roast chicken wing is killer, too.”


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