Supreme Swordsman of the Nine Heavens – Ch. 854

Shifu and Disciples

“When Metal, Fire and Earth Reverends found Water Reverend and I, I learnt that they harnessed the bloodlust energy for themselves instead of trying to host it as I desired because they wanted to control it,” elucidated Tree Elder.

“You couldn’t bear to smelt Xuelian to control the energy?” Mu Yu queried.

“Yes. As such, I had to expend a big volume of mental energy just to suppress the energy at fixed intervals. During one occasion, while I was wrestling to suppress it, she sneak attacked me to steal the energy I possessed. Had it not been for the linden tree – the one that saved you – not saved me, I would’ve died. In case you weren’t aware, the tree is an ancient tree of our race.

“Xuelian is proficient enough at controlling the energy that she was able to utilise it to influence the minds of others, thereby gaining authority over their minds. I fled with the wood demons she had yet to control to this side, where she wouldn’t cross.”

“Water Reverend doesn’t want a part in the fighting?”

“She doesn’t like fighting. In saying that, she has yet to grasp it despite knowing where it is. Either way, I’m grateful for the help and shelter. Xuelian doesn’t know that I’m still alive. Xuelian’s ability to control wood puts yours to shame, which is why you struggle to break through her trees. I assume you’re still reluctant to accept the bloodlust energy. Until you accept it, you won’t be able to unleash Wood Spirit’s full potential. As long as you accept its power, the trees you spawn will be fearless, including… fire.”

“Hmph,” scoffed Lie Shang.

“We can knock her off her throne. The two of us would’ve slain her if those three didn’t show up,” Mu Yu stated.

“You two can defeat her?!”

“We don’t need bloodlust energy to slay her,” Lie Shang aloofly added.

“I shouldn’t be surprised considering you’re Sword Shadow Dust Gales’ disciples.”

“She won’t be so lucky the next time she runs into us,” Mu Yu asserted.

“You’re taking bloodlust energy too lightly. If you nearly bested her, I guarantee she will leave Moyun Mountains to attain more potent bloodlust energy via committing murder. The next time you encounter her, she’ll be stronger than she was this time. All I can do now is place our bets on you. Now that you have your own bloodlust energy, you should m-”

“We’re not merging with the spirit lords,” Lie Shang cut in.

Tree Elder faced Mu Yu. “Do you share the same stance? Unless you merge with Lord Ju Mang, you won’t be able revive whoever it is you’re trying to revive.”

Mu Yu had not changed his goal, but he did not want to discuss it until he got his hands on Walk-in Heart Genesis. “We’re here for five elements formation foundations. Can you procure some for us?”

“I can. How many do you need?”

“The more the better.”

“Mm… I’ll need some time since they’re also precious to us.”

“Tree Elder, there is one more thing I’d like to ask.”


“How do I suppress bloodlust energy?”


Mu Yu went to meditate under the linden tree that enveloped him in green energy as per Tree Elder’s instructions. Upon shutting his eyes to guide his bloodlust energy, memories surged to the surface, among which included the scene of cultivators calling for him to throw himself to the three reverends camped at the city doors. He could feel their emotions, hear their voices and witness the anarchy again.

“Shifu may be easy-going, but he meant it when he said he wanted to protect this world because he liked it.” Mu Yu huffed as he opened his eyes, continuing to breathe frantically thereafter as the bloodlust energy uncontrollably circulated around his body. “Why?! What does this repulsive world mean to Shifu?!”

Mu Yu unloaded a wave of bloodlust energy that the linden tree erased once the two crashed. The tree’s lively qi and the golden rays weaving through its branches soothed his mind.

“This tree is quite amazing,” commented Lie Shang, from the branch next to Mu Yu. “Of all the trees, this is the only one that lets sunlight through.”

Lie Shang did not see what Mu Yu saw, so Mu Yu did not bring it up. Nonetheless, Lie Shang emphasised, “It’s not about what the world means to Shifu but what it means to you.”

“What does it mean to you, then?”

“Neither elemental demons nor humans in this world accept me. In the same vein, why do I need their approval to live in this world? Who are they to approve or deny me? If they try to kill me, they can expect me to kill them. When you said you want to follow your own will at the desert, the logic lit up a light for me. Shifu said our decisions are correct as long as it doesn’t conflict with your conscience.”

“I disagree. Taking countless lives is correct to us, but it’s wrong from Shifu’s perspective because his goal is to protect this world.”

“What do you think Shifu thinks?”

“No clue.”

“Shifu won’t oppose our beliefs. He said that there are a lot of things that we need to experience for ourselves. Thus, he won’t admonish us even if we slaughter an entire city and he isn’t happy about it.”

“You’re not Shifu.”

“Indeed, but, if nothing else, I know what my purpose in life is – get strong, slaughter Third Heaven Palace, rescue Shifu and protect everyone from Mount Dustfallen. I’ll see to it that I achieve those goals even if I must raze this world to the ground.”

“And it still has nothing to do with Shifu.”

Mu Yu activated a formation beneath him, teleporting himself to the top of the linden tree. As he peered at the enormous river, he gently caressed Xiaoshuai.


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