Supreme Swordsman of the Nine Heavens – Ch. 144

Three Layers Devastation Formation

“Three Layers Devastation Formation!” commanded Alchemist Yao, after getting over his hesitation and finding the resolve to lead.

“Three Layers Devastation Formation? But… there are people here!” exclaimed an exasperated middle-aged man.

“It’s our last resort to contain the fire. If we leave it be, the damage is going to spread even further. I’ll shoulder all of the blame!”

The middle-aged man looked back at the four elemental demons relishing the anarchy and decided it was the right call.

“Shifu is going to utilise Three Layers Devastation Formation. We need to hurry!” Cai Lie exclaimed.

“Three Layers Devastation Formation” repeated Mu Yu, recalling it was supposed to be one of the ultimate techniques for combating elemental demons.

The combatants split up around the edges of the inferno, with three people to a team around a patch. Another trio would position themselves the ground team, and then another trio would stack on top of the trio on the second layer and repeat. Each person then extended their arms, ensuring there was space between them. Purple spiritual energy trails chained them together via their hands. Visually, there were dozens of teams that formed a triangle. Alchemist Yao, who was at the top, ejected golden light from his body, illuminating those below. The trio immediately below him would then shine purple light down to the trio directly below them. Together, they amassed energy for a burst attack.

Mu Yu and Cai Lie rescued two innocent bystanders en route, but Cai Lie stopped Mu Yu when the latter tried to turn back and rescue others trapped in the inferno. “Three Layers Devastation Formation has been activated. If you go back, you’ll die.”

“What are we going to do about them?” Mu Yu questioned, pointing to a young boy crying on the ground.

“My son. Please save my son!” The boy’s mother cried from safety after cultivators rescued her.

Cai Lie gnashed his teeth. “There’s nothing we can do.”

A triangular purple blast descended onto the inferno and houses the triangular formation enclosed. The echoing boom had yet to settle when over a dozen more purple blasts belted down.


The young boy couldn’t finish his last cry. Mu Yu couldn’t find the words to speak after watching the boy perish right before his eyes. That was not to mention all those in the building who also perished.

“We’ll be back. His Majesty, Fire King, has revived. He will avenge us!” The elemental demons’ hysterical laughter following their declaration of war reverberated in the city.

The fire extinguished, but the buildings crumbled. The bustling street was reduced to the scene of a catastrophe, an enormous crater and field of smoke. The humans in the vicinity were wiped out along with the fire elemental demons.

“My son… My son…” the child’s mother tearfully uttered before passing out.

Cai Lie went over to Tian Ran, who listlessly descended. She clung to Mu Yu and sobbed. “I killed so many innocent people with my own hands… I thought… I… I shouldn’t have helped…”

“You didn’t kill them. Those elemental demons are to blame,” comforted Cai Lie.

“Tian Ran…” Mu Yu couldn’t find the words continue to go on.

The indiscriminate blast reminded Mu Yu of Celestial Prison and the fate of those within it. If anything, it was a small glimpse into what Celestial Prison’s threat to the residents of Moyun Mountains. The man-made formations were designed to protect mankind from elemental demons, yet they ironically sacrificed many human lives to do so.

Alchemist Yao blustered, “Where is the city lord?! Investigate the invasion! What happened to the city’s barrier?”

Every human city had a barrier that alerted them if elemental demons invaded. In truth, hardly anybody present knew how it sounded since it had been almost a hundred years since it went off.

The city lord was a Body Severing Realm cultivator, but he didn’t dare to talk back to Alchemist Yao. The city lord, too, was bewildered as to why there was no alert. He explained, “The barrier’s formation foundation is True God’s statue. I do not know why it did not notify us. I cannot believe the statue is cracked…”

Everyone heard the explanation despite the city lord’s voice being quiet. Disturbed there would be a crack, Alchemist Yao and the others went to check the statue. Mu Yu and Tian Ran stayed put, reasoning they could inquire later since they were unlikely able to get close to their statue at their levels.

Mu Yu and company returned to the inn to discover half of it had been erased. The proprietor escaped with his life, though his livelihood wasn’t so lucky. Distraught permeated the air.

Mu Yu instinctively glanced over to the corner of the street. He sighted an individual completely wrapped up, hood pulled over. He suspiciously inspected the area the formation decimated from afar. Cultivators dressed in all sorts of robes just as they came in all sorts of shapes and sizes. In saying that, Mu Yu felt as though he and the sketchy individual were associates…

It took a while for Mu Yu to pinpoint the exact feeling he couldn’t put his finger on. The individual had the scent of trees on him. He spotted the individual’s eyes glowing green. That was it. The individual was a wood demon!

“Wait here. I’ll be right back.”

The wood demon caught on to Mu Yu encroaching and quickly made a dash.


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