Martial King’s Retired Life – Vol. 13 Ch. 186

Round Two

Seeing as Ming Feizhen didn’t reply, Gongsun Chu lowered his face diagonally. “Pingan… Why are my wife’s remains in the coffin?”

Is he really as old as Grandmaster? How the hell does he still look so young? What does he eat and drink? Bloody hell.

“I put her to rest. How could you marry a woman and then not put her to rest? Shame on you, man.”

“Thank you.” Although the answer wasn’t surprising, Gongsun Chu wasn’t about to believe that Ming Feizhen laid her to rest out of the kindness of his heart.

Seriously, how does this guy look cool no matter what he does? Wait a minute…

“Hey, you’ve lost all your internal energy, haven’t you?”

“Right back at you.”

Ming Feizhen casually set the sword down. “Say so sooner, man. I wasted all that energy being on edge for no reason.”

Smiling, Gongsun Chu walked forward, “Yes, it’s all a misunderst-”

“Hey, hey, hey, step back! You think you get special privileges just because you lost all your internal energy?! Your type is the most dangerous! There’s only one new lord in this place! Back off!”

Gongsun Chu stopped in his tracks. “You’re really cautious, Night Fortress’ master.”

“Right back at you, Gongsun Chu.”

“Given you’ve found the exit, you must’ve found my stash of treasures, as well.”

“Thank you very much.”

Gongsun Chu didn’t need to analyse anything to figure that out when he had already seen his clan’s heirloom in Ming Feizhen’s hands. All the valuables added up together weren’t worth a tile in this room, so it didn’t bother him. As a matter of fact, being reminded of the treasure trove settled his anxiety and rage. “How could you peek at someone’s secret like that? I’ll blush.”

“As you should. How old are you to be kidnapping a good family’s young man?”

“… Mount Daluo is ‘good’?”

“… Damn, you got me there!”

“Why are you still here if they’ve left?”

“Why are you asking the obvious? How am I supposed to get my revenge if I leave?”

“You knew I would be back?”

“Aren’t you standing right in front of me?”

“Last question: have all of Fiends’ Genesis’ team died?”

“No. They left, too.”

“… Was it Kuanggu Sheng or Tiangou who died?”

“Why do you ask?”

“If they were present, they wouldn’t have let you done as you pleased. Therefore, you couldn’t have left them alone if you wanted to control everyone else. However, you have limited means of killing them. Sowing discord is Mount Daluo’s ultimate skill. Ming Shiuyue was Prime Minster, a first rank official, before he was conferred the post of Marshal. He was the highest ranked official on the military officer and civil servant. How would sowing discord be a foreign concept to you considering the number of times you people have done so?”

Hold up. Grandmaster was Prime Minister and Marshal? What was he bribed with to quit his post?

“Kuanggu Sheng is dead.”

“Thought so. He’s too pedantic about the means and conniving to be Tiangou’s match. They weren’t on bad terms, alas… Speaking of Kuanggu Sheng, his needlerain is now in your possession, correct?”

Ming Feizhen wagged his hands. “No, no, no, never planned to sell it.”

“After sowing discord between them and getting Kuanggu Sheng killed, what did you do with Tiangou?”

Ming Feizhen shrugged. “Kept him sedated.”

“Without a leader, they’d inevitably die trying to take you down if that’s what it took. What did you tell them?”

Fiends’ Genesis’ group had been trained to be so loyal that they wouldn’t stop fighting Elise and company even after Ming Feizhen informed them he had found the exit.

“Because Tiangou woke up. I filled him in on your plan to use starvation as a trigger to kill everyone. After he thought about, he told them to stop and took them with him.”


The people in the underground palace were just bait – or potential pawns in the future – in Gongsun Chu’s calculations. If they were pawns, they would be useless until Speechless was unlocked. If he was held up and couldn’t return for two months, they were better of eradicated than being useless, hence the starvation design. “People” here included all of Fiends’ Genesis’ members, including two of the Seven Stars.

Unlike Shang Bieshi, Gongsun Chu considered all members of Fiends’ Genesis to be his pawns. As such, he could imagine how dejected Tiangou was when he learnt of the backup plan. As Shang Bieshi’s loyalest dog, there was no one better suited to inherit his will than Tiangou. Since Tiangou wanted to keep Fiends’ Genesis together and to wait for Shang Bieshi’s return, he made the choice that benefited them the most. Even though the traitor was his master’s foster father, there was no better choice than abandoning a traitor.

Gongsun Chu found Tiangou’s decision so predictable that he almost chuckled.

“You don’t look troubled in the slightest.”

“I’m actually terrified.”

“Okay, take your piss and piss off?”

“Could try.” Gongsun Chu confidently smiled without any trace of the rage prior. “Didn’t you say you wanted to revenge? Why don’t you try now?”

“Why does it sound like you’re about to regenerate your fighting ability?”

“We’re different. I’m always tackling challenges with my life at stake, so I have more solutions than you do.” Jiang Chen popped some pill into his mouth and looked invigorated following only a few breaths. “This is something I came up with. It restores my internal energy temporarily for an hour and fifteen minutes.”

“Sounds the exact same as Resurrection Pill.”

“You’re welcome to try.”


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