Martial King’s Retired Life – Vol. 13 Ch. 77

Compatible Classmates (Part 1)

Daren Academy ran four classes daily, with an ample recess between each class, which was also an opportunity for students to review materials. Right now, they were in a rest period between classes, so the tutor had yet to show up.

Zhou Teng, shaking his head whilst holding a book to presumably read, looked up from behind his glasses attached to a golden string. “Su Xiao, long-time no see. What a coincidence for you three to be together. He sent his book down and politely expressed, “Hello, Brother An Ran.”

Wu Dayong courteously responded, “Hello, Brother Zi Ang.”

Wu Dayong and Zhou Teng were long-time friends at the academy, the type who’d treat each other with the utmost courtesy and climb hurdles together, the type to read the same books, commit to the same causes for the betterment of mankind, the type to share the same pants if one didn’t have pants. Given the fate of the class hinged on the outcome of the competition, Wu Dayong decided it was best to not withhold anything from his brother from another mother.

Su Xiao said, “We heard Miss Shi is an expert in music, so we were planning to persuade her to join us in the music event.”

“I see. Dividing the seven events among us certainly is a good approach. You can count on Zheng Datong for mathematics, then.”

“Really? He comes from a family of mathematicians?”

“No, they sell vegetables.”


“He’s been helping them since he was a kid, so he’s fantastic with working a calculator. Principal Huang personally paid him a visit after hearing of his skills and enrolled him on account of his skills. While his class scores have always been abysmal, he’s the academy’s accountant.”

Of course, Su Xiao was jubilant to hear they had a second candidate when they were only expecting to find one.

Wu Dayong smugly said, “Told you so. You can trust my recommendations. Zi Ang pays attention to everything; his information is almost the most accurate in the academy. He knows everything about everyone. As long as we have the will, there’s nothing that can stop our class.”

“Really?” He Shi took out a test paper from his shirt. “Show me.”

Wu Dayong: “Dah! Wicked fiend, watch me exorcise you!”

Su Xiao chuckled. “You can exorcise it later. Is Zheng Datong around?”

Zhou Teng replied, “Not at the moment. He’s probably doing accounting work for the academy. He’ll be back for class. Why don’t you speak to Shi Weiliang first? She’s right over there.”

Although classes were mixed gender, the boys and girls did build walls between themselves. That was the reason for the nigh non-existent rumours between classmates.

Many of the male students were old enough to be fathers in the current era, but very few of them had experience talking to girls. The girls weren’t ugly by any stretch of the imagination; the students just lived comparably to monks. Part of that was attributed to Principal Huang strictly managing the atmosphere and reputation of the academy. After all, who’d dare send their daughter to the academy if there were rumours of boys mistreating the girls? Nevertheless, as they say, a dead mouse can’t feel the cold. As the embodiment of that saying, Wu Dayong enthusiastically took the lead.

Shi Weiliang had a tough side to her, but she was certainly approachable.

Wu Dayong took three steps to cover his usual two strides and politely called to the maiden cheerfully chatting with her friends, “Miss Shi.”

“Buzz off.”


As much as he was confused, Wu Dayong scuttled off in the face of Shi Weiliang’s death stare.

Zhou Teng questioned, “Why is she giving you that cold attitude?”

“How should I know?”

Confused and seeking answers, Zhou Teng decided to eavesdrop, only for Miss Wang Zi to stand up and thunder, “How dare you not know?! Ask Wu Dayong if he’s forgotten about how he violated Weiliang after he tripped onto her last time!”

Face suddenly turning red, Shi Weiliang tugged at Wang Zi’s sleeve. “Zi… you don’t have to talk about it so loudly.”

He Shi and Su Xiao looked back to Wu Dayong at the same time.

Scratching his head, Wu Dayong said, “I think I did… not?”

“I see. Please give me a moment,” Zhou Teng gracefully said. “He went and gave his friend a pat on the shoulder. “It’s all right. You can tell me.”

“Tell you what?”

“Your final wish!”

“You wish! Oi, Mighty Eagle Claw?! You really trying to kill me?!”

“While we were studying, you went off to enjoy flowers by yourself! You have no right to complain!”

“It’s not my fault Miss Wang won’t reciprocate your feelings!”

“What happened to taking that secret to the grave?!”

Wang Zi looked up and flapped her eyelids.

Zhou Teng looked back at Wang Zi and politely smiled. “Miss Wang in the neighbouring class. I prefer elegant girls more, hahah-, ugh!”

After hitting Zhou Teng in the face with a copy of “Analects”, Wang Zi cracked her knuckles. “These soundrels really need a lesson.”

Su Xiao charged in to pull them all apart. “What in the world is going on?”

Wu Dayong scrubbed his head. “I think I bumped into something when I entered two days ago. As a result, I tripped and accidentally fell on top of Miss Shi.”

“How can you act so indifferent after accidentally pulling a playboy accident?!”

“I’m green with envy…”

“So it was a misunderstanding. Just clear up the air th-, wait, what?” Zhou Teng asked, “Green with envy? Who just said that?”

Su Xiao, Wu Dayong and Zhou Teng slowly shifted their gaze to the only person who hadn’t said a word.

He Shi: “… Not me.”

Wu Dayong: “Yeah right! You said it! I never knew you were a silent pervert!”

“I said it wasn’t me! It was just a slip of the tongue. I mean, no! It wasn’t me!|

Su Xiao, figuring the discussion was going nowhere fast and wouldn’t end anytime soon, went over to Shi Weiliang. “Miss Shi, what happened was…”

After she heard Su Xiao out and had time to ponder it, Shi Weiliang responded, “I see. As the class’ reputation is at stake, it’s only right for me to contribute in a way that I can. Okay, I’m in.”

Wu Dayong: “Miss Shi, I admire your sense of justice.”

“Go die.”

Wu Dayong: “…”


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