Martial King’s Retired Life – Vol. 13 Ch. 58

Elaborate Assassination Plan (Part 8)

Despite almost having returned to his peak already, and arguably being more dangerous than before since he was more daring now, Yan Jiangnan’s palms were damp in the presence of the Western Region’s warriors. Yan Jiangnan was supposed to improvise on the spot if Ming Feizhen couldn’t arrive on time and Zero refused to wait. The worst came to worst, forcing Yan Jiangnan to try stopping the warriors from capturing Ming Feizhen.

Yan Jiangnan genuinely wanted to stop them even if it came at the cost of his life. When he tried, though, he discovered it only took a light shove from them to send him backwards. If one person was that tough, what were his chances against more than sixteen of them? This also went to show that Zero could have everyone present killed without having to even lift a finger if she willed it. That being the case, assuming Ming Feizhen’s plan was a success, it could’ve very well been for naught. Thus, forcing him to flash his teeth when Ming Feizhen arrived was the best he could do.

Casually looking around, Ming Feizhen questioned, “Uh… are you planning to destroy the building?” He sounded totally different to the usually prim Wu Ping, but everyone thought he was complaining to Zero and missed it.

“You’ve finally arrived, Brother Wu. If you had taken any longer, we would be in handcuffs right now,” Ouyang Xiucai sarcastically grumbled.

Ming Feizhen, with his mouth open, deployed a few nods of enlightenment, then saluted Zero. “Mr. Zero, this one apologises for holding everyone up.”

Zero narrowed her eyes on Ming Feizhen. “Let’s go, then.”

It wasn’t a matter of trust or not. There wasn’t even a need to attack Wu Ping there due to suspicion for the truth would come to light once they were in the prison.

Fiends Genesis’ members led from the front, lighting up torches in the dark and moist dungeon. The absence of any sound besides feet splashing water made Yan Jiangnan’s pulse more pronounced to him. He couldn’t discern whether the assassination was a success or failure from Ming Feizhen’s visage. To make matters worse, Ming Feizhen looked healthy when it should’ve been impossible for him to have completely recovered. Nonetheless, there was nothing he could since they had reached the last cell, the place where it all began.

Zero opened the door to aforementioned final room. Because of the flood, the furniture and so forth within had been morphed and moved, while the bloodstains were practically non-existent. Yan Jibei’s corpse had turned into a sickening white due to being submerged in the water for an extended period; there were even small white insects crawling across parts of his body.

Yan Jiangnan crouched down to hurl as soon as he saw his brother’s corpse. Little did anyone know, he wasn’t upset. The stress just got to him.

Ming Feizhen involuntarily went soaring through the air, only stopping when the wall forced him to stop. Had the wall cracked any more than it did when he landed, he might’ve gone through it. Ignoring the blood he gasped, Zero stepped up to the man on the ground to ask, “Where is he?”

Zero’s gaze oozed murderous intent as she hoisted Ming Feizhen up by the neck with one hand. “That was a question directed at you. My fuse is short. I don’t like beating around the bush with people. I know you’re the one pulling the strings. I don’t care for your reasons or who sent you. I only want to know one thing: where is he?” She slammed him into the ground hard enough for dust to rise as violently as a sandstorm, then brayed, “Where is he?!”

Ming Feizhen could smell and taste his own blood – symptoms of being unable to withstand the internal strength of his opponent. If it wasn’t for his Fengpeng powers, a man without any internal energy development would already be dead, not that anyone else would’ve been much better off if they were up against her even if they developed their internal energy.

As Zero went to attack again, Ming Feizhen curled up, rolled away and then drew out a dagger from his shirt to thrust at Zero. Zero smacked Ming Feizhen’s hand, knocking the dagger out of his hand and then pressed him back onto the ground by his head.

“You would dare attack me?!”

“So what?! Kill me if you please! I’ve had enough!”

“Fine. You’re the one who asked for it!”

“Please wait, Mr. Zero!” Ouyang Xiucai performed a straight thrust at Zero.

Instead of dodging or moving her loaded hand, Zero generated a strong breeze beside her, making Ouyang Xiucai miss. Nonetheless, it was enough to stop her from finishing Ming Feizhen – for now. “Young Master Ouyang, not bad.”

Ouyang Xiucai hastily stepped forth and saluted. “This one is not pleading for you to show mercy. While it is true that Brother Wu and Brother Yan failed in their duty, it was because their opponent was superior. The intrud-”

“Intruder, my foot!” Zero lifted Ming Feizhen up by the shoulder with her vice-like grip. “Do you honestly believe their nonsense?!” Staring at Ming Feizhen, she continued, “I have people watching every place here. What are you and Yan Jiangnan sneakily stashing medicine and items for? Why did the two of you pretend to be out of internal energy? How are you still alive if you’ve burnt through all of your internal energy?! How are you still alive after my assault?! I was going to watch your show to the end, but you’re asking for it! One more time… Where is he?!”

Yan Jiangnan was going to confess. Howbeit, he stopped himself when he recalled Ming Feizhen’s instructions. “We don’t know! You’re killing the innocent!”

“Killing the innocent? Sure, let me do just that.”

As soon as Zero raised her hand this time, a subordinate came in. God forbid he knew what was going on, but the scenery was enough to convince him to not withhold anything.

Nobody could believe what he told them. Zero even released her hold on Ming Feizhen.


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