Stepmom-con – Anon’s Epilogue 3

Anon’s Epilogue 3

Agatha:”I won’t blame you if you have him but we want to see him too, please. We need to see him.”

Brenna:”Why do you want to see him?”

Astrid and Agatha looked at each other then looked at Brenna.

Agatha:”I’m your mother, I demand to see him.”

Brenna:”Fine, but tell no one. Also he belongs to me, no touching.”

The three women went up to the room where Song Yan was in bed. He was bored when he heard the door open and three women walked in. Startled as he recognized all three of them he kept silent.

Agatha:”He is… here.”

Astrid:”Share him.”

Brenna:”No, he belongs to me.”

Agatha:”You only found him first.”

Brenna:”Mother, I understand Astrid but you’re already married to father.”

Agatha:”Father doesn’t have to know.”

Brenna:”If you touch him I will tell father.”

Astrid:”Brenna, let me have him tonight.”

Brenna grew angry. She wasn’t sure why she gave into them and showed Song Yan’s location but now she regretted denying his existence to them.

Brenna:”No, he’s mine.”

Agatha smiled. It was a smile that chilled Song Yan as he watched. In the next moment Agatha threw out electricity and burnt both Brenna and Astrid, then she cut off their heads turned their bodies to ashes.

It was sudden and Song Yan was horrified.

Agatha:”Now you belong to me.”

Song Yan was horrified. This blonde woman was beautiful but she was stronger than her daughters. As long as he was going to stay here there was no hope for him to go outside, but what could he do? Who could he pull in that could take him away?

Song Yan thought about the red haired woman he saw in the past and found that a switch could be used on her. That might be the only way. He turned the switch on while Agatha was walking towards him slowly.

Agatha:”Little boy, we’re going to have fun now.”

Agatha stripped him and threw him on the bed, she began to use her mouth to do things to his ‘little boy’ that he never felt when Brenna was having her way with him. I found he couldn’t do anything but shoot it out in her mouth and she then swallowed.


Agatha smiled then she went out and locked the door leaving Song Yan in there by himself.

Agatha walked out and waited for her husband to come home. When he arrived she immediately went to work with her distraction.

Agatha:”You’re home my husband.”

Husband:”Yes my wife, I am home. Where are Brenna and Astrid.”

Agatha:”They went on a trip into the woods to hunt more meat from magical beasts. They haven’t returned yet.”

Husband:”I will wait for them.”

The man sat down to eat his meal and night soon came. When he saw that neither of them returned he grew a little distressed.

Husband:”My wife, they have not returned. I will go look for them.”

Agatha:”I’m worried too, perhaps I should look as well.”

Agatha prepared to leave but her husband stopped her.

Husband:”No my wife, if there is a creature strong enough to entrap both of them then it might also be dangerous to you. I should go and look on my own.”

Agatha:”I understand my husband.”

Agatha watched her husband leave then quietly she followed. Her husband went searching for traces of where Brenna and Astrid would sometimes hunt but he found nothing that showed they had been out that day. The man was puzzled as he looked around.

Agatha followed behind with a dagger enchanted with sharpness. She snuck behind him everywhere he went and then as he turned to return home she stabbed him through the heart. The bleeding also hemorrhaged out the power that flowed within the man’s blood as he turned and recognized his wife.

Husband:”Agatha! Why!?”

Agatha:”I have my reasons.”

The man died and Agatha burned his body to ashes before returning to the village. She was now the most powerful person in the village and she would report that her husband went missing as he ran off with a mistress along with his daughters. This now meant the home they owned in the center of town belonged to her and Song Yan was now hers all alone.

Returning home that night she went to the room with some food. Song Yan was hungry and ate off the plate she gave to him.

Song Yan:”You killed both of your daughters so you can have me to yourself?”

Agatha:”I killed my husband too, now no one can get in the way.”

There was a sharp and scary grin on Agatha’s face.

Song Yan:”So am I going to remain locked up in here forever?”

Agatha:”Yes. I can’t have others wanting to possess you. I don’t even know why I want you so badly but I do.”

Agatha stripped Song Yan and herself. She bathed with him, played with him in bed and bounced off of him. Her large muscular body and his small thin one looked like a role reversal but she found she enjoyed dominating and possessing him. She couldn’t dominate her late husband and had to use a surprise attack to kill him.

Song Yan put out each day as Agatha continued to force him. It was not that Song Yan didn’t find her beautiful but that he was tired of being kept in a room. He remembered how Dong Chen was in a room and wondered if this is the kind of boredom one gets when they have no books to read.

At least on the mountain he had the screens, but at the very least in that lonely realm he was always entertained.

After two weeks there was a visiting ship that came to port in the small town. It was a ship that represented the Empress of the Empire. The sole ruler of the west. When the ship docked everyone in town paid attention as Royalty hardly ever visited this remote region.

There was one visit by an Empress in the past, the Empress had decided to see the region and stopped by the town. Now the same Empress had returned.

Song Yan was in the room with Agatha performing his usual duties with her. Agatha having no one else to converse with would often tell Song Yan about the things that were happening in the town.

Agatha:”The Empress arrived in this town once more.”

Song Yan:”Why does that concern me?”

Agatha:”You might not know who she is since you didn’t do much with the town growing up. The Empress is Sonia Redcliffe. She is the most powerful ruler in the Western Empire. Her arrival was sudden and since she is here the town is going to ask me to host and escort her. You might not see me for a few days.”

Sonia Redcliffe. Song Yan knew that the red haired woman’s name was Sonia but was she also the Empress? Was that her title?

Song Yan:”Is the Empress someone with red hair?”

Agatha:”Yes. Her visit this time however is a mystery. I only had two chances to see the Empress, once about ten years ago and once when I was a little girl over a hundred years ago. She is strong and has been the Empress of the West for more than ten thousand years.”

Ten thousand years. Song Yan himself wasn’t sure how old he really was but he understood that his current body was only eighteen. He felt like a young man and to be fair he didn’t have much life experience. The eons spent watching scenarios over and over wasn’t life experience.

Still, Sonia came. He was happy he might be able to leave soon.

Agatha made him hard with her tongue then pushed his rod inside her. Song Yan could only enjoy it himself until he let it out. This was indeed enjoyable for him but he would much rather be able to have a life where he could do what he wanted.

Agatha:”I’m going to meet with the Empress tomorrow, tonight keep me company.”

The next morning the Empress got off the boat. The size of the boat was larger than the town itself as the huge ships would cross vast oceans. Sonia suddenly had a desire to see the young black haired boy she watched years ago trying to sell small game with his father. They were the only two individuals who had black hair and she recognized them as natives to the Eastern Empire.

As she walked with guards surrounding her Agatha was there to greet her.


Agatha bowed.

Sonia:”I came here looking for a boy with black hair. He was here with his father.”

The words that came from Sonia’s mouth stunned Agatha momentarily. The visible reaction was noticed by Sonia and she narrowed her eyes.

Agatha:”My Empress, this is a small remote town and I have recently lost my husband and daughters. I have not been paying attention to such affairs. If I may ask, why is it you’re looking for this boy?”

Sonia:”I suddenly had a desire to make him my concubine, and if I the Empress desire something I will have it.”


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