Stepmom-con – Anon’s Epilogue 2

Anon’s Epilogue 2

Song Kun finished what he was doing and went to grab some gold coins to pay the taxes when he looked and saw it was Brenna.

Brenna:”How much to purchase your son?”

Song Kun:”Purchase my son? What do you mean? Make him into a slave? I wouldn’t purchase him if I were you, he’s not strong and can’t work. There is no use for him to be a slave.”

Brenna eyed Song Yan over which sent a chill to his spine. The young man wasn’t sure what was going on and wondered if it had to do with the Yandere switch.

Brenna:”I don’t need him for work.”

Song Kun was confused.

Song Kun:”Why do you want him?”

Brenna:”I need not give my reason.”

Song Kun:”I can’t give up my son if he’s going to be starved or tortured.”

Brenna:”He will have enough to eat and live out his natural lifespan.”

Song Kun thought about it. He wasn’t sure he wanted to agree. He looked at Song Yan who was there looking Brenna up and down like a pervert would and that made him angry. He was thinking of his son’s future while his son was thinking only with the organ in between his legs.

Brenna:”I will give you a boat and supplies so you can return to the Far East.”

The Far East was millions of miles away, and the boats that traveled the oceans sped across the waters at extreme speed using magic. It was not the same as the Earth Song Yan pulled humans from to transmigrate.

Song Kun:”Deal!”

The father smiled as Song Yan didn’t know what was happening.

Brenna:”Then I will arrange for you to have it tomorrow. Tonight I will take my new servant.”

Brenna grabbed Song Yan and carried him over her shoulder. She was a very tall woman with well built muscles. Even with such a body she still had the nice curves that western women push out. Song Yan felt like he was nothing but a feather as she brought him back to town under the cloak of night.

The next morning Song Kun left to go back East, he hoped those who had attacked him would now forget about him as he returned. He thought of new identities he could take.

Song Yan however woke up chained to the wall with Brenna sitting on the bed staring at him. Her beautiful blonde hair and eyes startled him but he wasn’t sure what to say or do. What was Brenna thinking? When he came last night she had made sure no one saw her.

Brenna:”You are wondering why you’re here.”

Song Yan nodded.

Brenna:”It’s because I have feelings for you of which I don’t understand and I need to figure them out.”

Brenna took off her clothing piece by piece revealing her well toned body. The beauty she had was enhanced by the power that was going through her veins. Her current age was far older than the way she looked.

Brenna:”I have never let any man have me, yet I have this intense desire to become one with you. I know it isn’t a spell or a trick because someone with my power would be able to tell.”

Song Yan:”Miss Brenna… I’m sorry…”

Song Yan could only be gleeful on the inside. This was going to be his first time. His first time ever! So what if he was chained? He was going to experience what he could only watch and fap too in the past!

Brenna:”You should be sorry that such a pathetic mortal body gets to be one with me!”

With that said Brenna undid the chains and pushed Song Yan down. She was the dominant one in the tussle they had on the bed even though she wasn’t sure why her instincts kept pushing that onto him.

Song Yan moaned along with Brenna and greatly enjoyed his first time. For now he was content, when they were done Brenna brought him food to eat and ordered the servants not to go into he room. The following week was one where Song Yan slept with Brenna multiple times a day and thoroughly enjoyed her.

Despite this, he was locked in the bedroom and found himself bored and wanting more in life. Song Yan wanted to see the world and Brenna kept him here.

At the end of the week when Brenna came back he decided to try having a talk with her after they had their usual tussle on the bed.

Song Yan: “Brenna, can we go and see the world?”


Song Yan:”Why not?”

Brenna:”I don’t want too. I live here.”

Song Yan:”Can I leave once you get married?”


The conversation went nowhere and so Song Yan turned on the yandere switch for Astrid and Agatha as well. They were Brenna’s mother and sister.

Brenna:”I own you. You have no rights and will stay here with me. Don’t even think about escaping.”

Song Yan didn’t have thoughts about escaping, but he kept thinking of all the other beautiful women in the town he had seen. He was well known because he and his father were outcasts.

Song Yan:I want to be in a place where I could have some sort of freedom at least.

He could hit the yandere switch on all of them, but then decided not too since he wasn’t sure what kind of chaos might come from them. The simple fact was he wasn’t sure the degree to which those he switches over would be affected, and based on what was happening with Brenna the personality of the woman is taken into account.

Most of the women in this region were stoic and stiff, he needed to find a way to leave.

The next night when Brenna came in to do it with him again, she was distracted.

Song Yan:”Brenna, what’s wrong?”

Brenna:”My mother and my sister asked about you today. They said they went to the hut where you used to live and there was no one there. Also, you are no longer at your stall. Why are my mother and sister looking for you?”

Song Yan:”Why did you look for me?”

Brenna had a bit of a startled expression when she hear Song Yan’s answer. She had looked for him because some instinct within made her have an extreme desire for him. She didn’t know what brought that desire, but if her mother and sister had it too then she would have to share.

Brenna:”You are to stay in here and keep quiet at all times.”

Song Yan:”But I want to go out, I miss the sunlight!”

Brenna:”No, you will stay in here as my property!”

There was a fierce expression on Brenna’s face and Song Yan could do nothing as she pushed him down again. After that night, Brenna got up early in the morning and locked the door so Song Yan couldn’t escape.

She went down to the commons area in the home and Astrid and Agatha were there. They had a sharp glint in their eyes.

Astrid:”Sister, you have him don’t you?”

Brenna kept silent.


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