Stepmom-con – Anon’s Epilogue 4

Anon’s Epilogue 4

Agatha felt a chill go through her bones when Sonia spoke.

Agatha:”I understand Empress.”

Sonia:”You know something about him don’t you?”

Agatha:”I do not… Empress. Only that he and his father left our town on a boat a few weeks ago.”

Sonia:”You’re lying. Take this woman into custody and start by searching all of her dwelling places.”

Agatha became livid at this, but mostly she was livid at the thought of losing the boy she killed her husband and daughters to keep. She understood that her love for him was sick and didn’t want others to get sick the way she did but the Empress coming like this wasn’t something she could handle.

Agatha:”You don’t want him! You don’t want him!”

Sonia ran her senses through the buildings and it was easy for her to locate Song Yan. When she found him she went over herself while her guards held Agatha in chains.

Song Yan was in the room once again bored when the red haired empress smashed through the roof to see him. Song Yan watched her as she gave out her hand.

Sonia:”Tell me your name, boy.”

Song Yan thought for a moment, then decided he was tired of being called the name given by his parents.

Song Yan:”My name is Anon.”

Sonia:”Anon, what a strange name.”

Anon took Sonia’s hand and she grabbed him and pulled him towards her. Sonia was more petite than the women in this remote place. Even with her military uniform she had a petite figure and she was physically the same height as Anon’s current body.

Despite this petite figure she was physically stronger than him. This was due to the power she cultivated for thousands of years in order to become the supreme ruler of all.

Sonia:”You are going to be my concubine and will go wherever I go.”

Those were the words that Anon wanted to hear. He was bored of being in a small room constantly locked away. Anon smiled.

Anon:”Yes your majesty.”

Sonia gave him a strange smile with crazy eyes and Anon sensed some danger, however she was an Empress so of course she would be dangerous. Grabbing his hand she made him follow her back to the boat. Agatha was executed for lying and Anon went with Sonia to the private suite that was on the boat.

It was large and spacious with a bed, and Anon felt like this was what he wanted all along. Sonia was wearing her military uniform, there was a red overcoat and vest around her including shoulder pads and medallions pinned to her dainty chest.

Sonia:”Strip yourself!”

Anon gulped as he heard the strict voice coming from the Empress. There were dangerous eyes staring at him but he wasn’t sure what to do.

Anon:”Your Majesty, are we going to make love?”

Sonia:”Make love? You’re a concubine, not an Emperor. There is no royal blood in your veins. Do you know what concubines are for me?”

Anon only stared in shock, he had expected the switch to make her love him but it seems the switch only made them desire him. If a woman didn’t have need to get him to love her back then she would simply control him.

Anon:”I’m sorry for being presumptive.”

Anon slowly took off his clothing while trembling. When Brenna or Agatha did it with him they were also stripping along side him but Sonia didn’t seem to look at him the same way. The desire in her eyes was more twisted.

Once his clothes were off and the pale white skin of his young body was in full view the Empress smiled.

Sonia:”You’re not even attractive at all! I don’t even know why I desire you so much! Perhaps my years of being Empress have made me bored and now I want to try something new. No matter.”

Anon kept silent as Sonia spoke words that would humiliate most normal men. She then went to the corner and picked up a large strap on and tied it onto her. The shaft of that device was four times the thickness and length of his own manhood.

Anon:”Your Majesty… what are you going to do with that?”

Sonia:”What does it look like? Get on your knees!”

Sonia’s should stunned Anon as he heard it. When he had pulled her into being a yandere for him he didn’t expect her to do… this…

Anon:”That’s too big—“

He was slapped in the middle of his sentence. The slap stung but it didn’t injure him before he felt a slender but strong hand forcing him to the ground. The large object attacked to Sonia hit him in the face.

Sonia:”You don’t need to worry at all young man. I’ve done this a lot over the years. I know exactly how much punishment you can take and I have healers that will take care of you after I’m done.”


Sonia:”Silence when I talk!”

Sonia then stuffed the large object into Anon’s mouth and held his head there. She couldn’t feel the object because it was not part of her body, but the fact she was dominating what she desired made Sonia blush with bliss.

Meanwhile there were many thoughts running through Anon’s head. He didn’t know how it came to this. Sonia was supposed to have intense desire for him but this was how it manifested? This wasn’t like Troy 3.0 manipulating Elizabeth to do something like this.

Sonia:”You have to remember how lucky you are as a man. In these chambers I permit no males to enter except those I consider my concubines.”

Anon hated the feeling of what was in his mouth and felt like he was being made effeminate. He didn’t want this to continue but he lacked the strength to fight back.

Anon:This woman! If I’d known it would have been better… but there are women in here… then I should hit the switch on all of them right? Maybe one of them can kill Sonia.

Sonia then pushed Anon down to the floor. He landed on his behind and sat there while she took out a whip.

Sonia:”This is obedience training. You do what I say or you get whipped and I assure you it will hurt.”

There was a grin on her face suggesting she would enjoy that. There was a term for people like Sonia Redcliffe, that term was ‘sadist.’

Of all the yandere types he had seen, he had to choose a sadist to take him in. A sadist who was the Empress of a large empire in the west who crossed the sea to find him then killed the woman who possessed him before.

The door open and some chefs who were female brought in food.

Sonia:”Ah, the food is here. I’m going to eat.”

Sonia began to eat some of the food on the plate and once she had eaten several bites she stopped.

Sonia:”The dog needs to eat, I don’t since I have enough mana. Come here dog.”

Anon didn’t listen.


The whip hit him. The whip flashed on him and before he could tell what was going on he was convulsing on the ground. The pain was unbearable but he had also never felt pain for eons. The only pain he felt was when he got sick or had to work hard and his muscles ached but this felt as though his entire body was being poked by needles as it pulsated all around.

He had no clothing on to protect him.

Sonia:”I enjoy punishing you but you still have to come and get your food.”

Once the pain faded Anon started to stand up but before he could get to his feet another lash of the whip hit him causing him to convulse all over again.

Anon:This bi***! I was doing what she said!

Sonia:”Dogs crawl on all fours.”

Anon was appalled but didn’t show it. Who was he going to complain too? He crawled over to Sonia who threw some food on the ground and then stepped on it, then pushed the boot she wore into his face.

Sonia:”Time to lick my soles dog.”

Anon stared at her. Sonia had a wide grin, she was enjoying this immensely. The large rod strapped on to her bobbled back and forth and Anon knew that was coming later. If he defied her would she just hit him with the whip? But the whip hurt terribly and he didn’t want to experience that.

Should he kill himself?

Those were the important thoughts going through Anon’s mind. He started feeling sorry for manipulating the lives of so many individuals who were placed in situations where they had to do it with their mothers. All their suffering was his own doing when he pushed subtle hints in the world around them.

Should he bite his tongue?

Before he licked the shoe he quickly tried to bite but before he could the shoe entered his mouth stopping him.


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