Stepmom-con – Anon’s Epilogue 1

Anon’s Epilogue 1

After the mysterious being defeated Anon he was upset and angry over the events. It had been eons since he was born and he was only able to watch others and interact with them through dreams. It was the first time he was able to have someone in the same area with him and when he just wanted to experience a little bit he was beaten.

Despite turning into nothingness he found his soul reformed and his body being reborn.

Someone was there. Not someone as a rhetoric but the Someone who commented asking if there would be a Yandere posted. That Someone wasn’t satisfied and so that Someone spoke with Anon through his mind.

Someone:”You get to reincarnate. You get the ‘yandere switch’ but remember once you turn it on you can’t turn it off. You can only turn it on for women who notice you once you reach eighteen. One warning, every woman it is used on will develop a type of lust towards you to go with those sick love feelings.”

Someone said his piece as Anon heard still in a womb. Someone then left, returning to his own world. Anon was alone in the dark being reincarnated, and then Anon was born.

Since Anon was reborn he would also have a new name. His parents here named him Song Yan. His father was Song Kun, but his mother’s name wasn’t known because she disappeared before he turned five. When Anon asked his father what his mom’s name was, he only told him that it wouldn’t matter since when she left the note said the name she gave him when they married in this foreign land wasn’t her real name.

So Song Yan grew up a foreigner in a strange land. Thinking about all the different scenarios he had seen he found he had black hair like all the other people he forced into a transmigration, but the people in this land except for his father and himself had blonde hair and blue eyes.

Besides those who lived in the town there were also sometimes visitors from the greater continent. Some were female warriors, and some were noble women. One of them who left an impression on him was a woman with red hair. Her name was Sonia, he saw her when he was a boy under five and didn’t forget her. As Anon, he always wanted to do it once with a red head. He wasn’t sure her status but she had many guards when she visited the region so he assumed she was important.

For some reason Sonia felt familiar to him, but not familiar in a nice way. She was insanely beautiful, but after that meeting she left on a boat and he saw her no more.

Song Yan, or rather Anon, understood that his body type was more like an East Asian while the majority of people here were similar to the Vikings with their large builds and bodies. His father Song Kun had come here running away from a Kingdom in the East. He was an official in some capacity, but he didn’t tell Song Yan much about his ancestry or where he came from.

Because of his different physical looks he was shunned by the majority of them, and so his father lived outside the port town and did his own fishing and hunting while trading at bad rates to the others. Song Kun had always talked to Song Yan about wanting to return home and wanting to return to the East. His mother had disappeared and Song Kun didn’t want to stay but he had no means to gather the resources to leave when he was barely surviving while feeding his son.

When Song Yan finally turned eighteen and got the yandere switch he was overjoyed and wanted to test it out. There were so many beautiful blonde girls in the town and so he got up and planned to use it when he brought his father’s game to trade.

Early in the morning Song Yan prepared himself to go. Song Kun woke up and saw his son ready to leave for trade.

Song Kun:”Make sure you don’t get cheated.”

Song Yan:”Yes Father.”

Song Kun:”You’re eighteen today, so you’re either going to have to pull your own weight, leave this house or find a family to marry into. Maybe you should focus on gathering resources so we can return to the east.”

Song Yan:”Return to the East? Father, you’ve been talking about doing that for years.”

Song Kun:”I have, but I haven’t been able to gather enough to do it. You’ve been lazy and taking up most of my resources.”

It was true. Song Yan wasn’t very helpful and had no talent. His father was able to move beyond what he would consider a normal human.

Song Yan:”You are a cultivator father. I haven’t cultivated at all in my life.”

Song Kun:”That’s because you were born useless! If you weren’t the son of the woman I loved I wouldn’t have taken care of you. To think that my bloodline wasn’t passed down.”

Song Yan remembered how much power he had before in his previous life. That power was now gone and he couldn’t get it back. His body was that of a normal person and perhaps he could cultivate to extend his life but most of the pills and traits he would use would be wasted.

Song Yan:”Father, what if I’m able to get Brenna to marry me?”

Brenna was the most beautiful girl in town who hadn’t yet married. Then there was also Astrid and their mother Agatha who didn’t look a day over twenty.

Song Kun:”If you try to put the moves on her or her sister Astrid I will run away. The people in this country don’t call themselves cultivators but they still gain power the same way. They are a lot more powerful than us.”

Song Yan:”But they haven’t married right?”

Song Yan understood that the more powerful someone became, the longer their lifespan and youth. With that also came them wanting to stay single longer and selecting the right person. Their father was a big man with a long blonde beard who frequently drank at the local taverns.

Song Kun:”I’m warning you! Do not provoke or offend them or I’ll kill you myself! The towns people already don’t like us, don’t give them any more reason to come and bully us!”

Song Yan:”Okay, okay… I’ll just stay in my corner.”

Song Yan went to market with the game and set up his stall on the edge of town. The usual poor would come and buy, among them there weren’t any beautiful women for him to turn the switch on for.

Song Yan hardly ever entered the town, the only reason he was able to know about Brenna was because she was an avid hunter as well and around noon while he was selling his wares she would come back with some game. Since Brenna had already seen him, he activated the yandere switch for her as he stood there selling the meat and pelts.

People came and purchased the pelts as usual, he made a few copper. The rude towns people would still do business even if they wouldn’t socialize because what was sold was less than the other shops. When they went to buy resources they also had to pay a higher price. That was the condition for being an outcast.

Song Yan: It’s all the same as usual. It’s almost noon now.

As noon came down Brenna with her long blonde hair and large bow returned from the forest carrying a large boar. The Boar’s size was near that of a house but she carried it as though it were a feather. That was real power that went beyond the physical realm.

As Brenna walked by she stared at Song Yan who was wondering if the switch really worked. Brenna however did not say anything and brought the Boar away and all Song Yan could do was continue selling in disappointment.

Evening came and Song Yan went home to the small hut outside of the town. His father had finished his own hunting and was skinning and butchering. Song Yan dropped the small copper coins he got from doing business on the table and his father went about his business.

There wasn’t much food to eat as he only got some stale bread and water. Living like this growing up made Song Yan wonder if he would have been better off remaining alone in that realm watching all the scenarios play out on their own. It was certainly easier than the difficult life he had now.

Song Kun:”You should learn to take care of yourself.”

Song Yan:”Yes father.”

Song Kun:”I won’t be able to take care of you forever, the forest is too dangerous for a normal person like you. Maybe you should learn to fish. Crops don’t grow well here. Potatoes might grow but you don’t have the land. You have to find a way to survive or you’ll starve to death when I pass on.”

Song Yan:”Yes father.”

Song Kun sighed.

A knock was heard on the door to the hut. No one socializes with them normally, so this was unexpected.

Song Kun:”Is it the tax collector again? We already paid our taxes this month. They always bully us. Get the door Yan.”

Song Yan got up obeying his father and opened the door. When he saw it was Brenna and not a tax collector he was startled and stumbled backwards falling down.


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