Stepmom-con – Ch. 126

Chapter 126

Troy 3.0 was moving back and forth fighting against Anon, though Anon still held the advantage he was nowhere near as overpowered as he was before. Dong Chen joined and started shooting attacks at Anon whenever he separated from Troy 3.0. Their teamwork was good but it still wasn’t enough to stop Anon.

Anon:”Forget it! I’m going to kill you! I was going to let you all live and we could have spent time watching all the new stuff I discovered but you had to attack me!”

Dong Chen:”No one is interested in the perversion you like!”

Troy 3.0:”I’m a little bit interested… but I want to go back to my moms.”

Those guys… I don’t even understand how it all came to this. When I really thought about it nothing of it made sense. It felt like this wasn’t reality and yet it was reality.

With the spear I charged in to attack Anon. It was his blind spot and I stabbed him in the back. It felt as if time stopped as some of the blood flowed out of his back.

Anon was silent and both Dong Chen and Troy 3.0 stopped for one second… before Troy 3.0 immediately started throwing his flames at Anon causing him to scream.

Roy:”Whoa whoa! I stabbed him, what’s the flames for!”

Dong Chen:”We aren’t going to stop until he’s completely obliterated. You don’t know how dangerous this guy can be!”


I pulled out my spear and moved back. The fire coming from Troy 3.0 continued before Dong Chen started throwing some dark attributed beam at Anon as well. I figured I should join and changed to become the lightening mage and sent electricity towards him as well.

Within the large energy field developed by the three of us pouring out magical attacks Anon was screaming and looked to be in a lot of pain. It was a bit satisfying considering his actions forced me to have to do it with my mom. If he didn’t kill my dad then I wouldn’t have had to go down this route. I might have just been able to meet Erisu and been able to practice non-mother like stuff… maybe… well at least dad would have had all my other moms.

Wait… would he have known he did it with his own daughter?

Crap… forget about all of it!

Anon:”You think you can stop me like this?”

Anon was yelling as he raised his arms in the middle of the fire.

Anon:”You think you can stop me like this? Do you really think you can stop me like this?”

Dong Chen:”Well it should be working.”

Troy 3.0 couldn’t speak because the fire was coming out of his mouth that was being blown into Anon. There was a certain feeling of dread as Anon raised his hands.

Roy:”This isn’t going to be good!”

Dong Chen: “Duh!”

A large shockwave came out of Anon. It was so quick and blew the three of us back, then Anon made a black ball that began to suck everything into it.

Troy 3.0:”He’s sucking in our mana!”

I felt the energy being drained as well. All of it was going away. Anon was strong and taking it from us. As he did so he laughed maniacally.

Anon:”Did you really think mortals like you would be able to beat me? Did you really think the person who could choose who gets to go to which place could easily lose? Dong Chen, I’m so disappointed in you. You should have given me more scenes of you putting your moms inside—”

Dong Chen:”Shut up! SHUT UP!”

Anon:”Telling me to shut up when as a cultivator in your world you’re really weak. Did you ever think to ask if I was stronger than the most powerful cultivators in your world? I am more powerful than all of them. If every cultivator in your world teamed up and came at me I would still be able to win easily. This whole time I’ve just been playing with you.  In your world you should just be a s*men dispenser since all you should be doing is powering up the others. That’s all you’re good for.”

Anon walked over and kicked Troy 3.0 launching him off into the distance.

Anon:”He really thought he could have injured me! Hahahaha! I mean… I can allow myself to feel pain but this was the most fun I’ve had in a while! You’re all interesting to be able to come here when no one has been able to enter. I can’t even leave this place, I can only send an avatar to do something but I can’t feel what the avatar does… otherwise don’t you think I’d be going myself and experiencing all the things I could see on screen?”

Wait… doesn’t this mean Anon is a virgin?

I know it’s not relevant but it just dawned on me… so he was trying to lose it with us? That’s not exactly right though. I guess beggars can’t be choosers.

We’re all done.

Roy:”We f**ked up.”

Dong Chen:”We did. We should have just allowed ourselves to be reset.”

Anon:”No, I actually prefer it this way. I was wondering where you and Troy went for a while when your worlds froze. If I could actually switch places with either of you I would have been much happier but I’ll just take what I can get! Then in the future I’ll look at transmigrating women instead and maybe another being could oppose me and send me girls instead of men.”

This was it. There was no way we could win. We were done.

Troy 3.0 flew back, he was the one who had the easiest time recovering. It was most likely from the dragon body he possessed.

Troy 3.0:”I didn’t think we would need this but I guess we are going to use it now.”

There was a paper in Troy 3.0’s hand that was glowing. As it glowed it brought in a figure made of light of which we couldn’t identify, but that figure seemed to be free and understand why it was there.

Anon looked over, he stared at that figure as though recognizing the being. I couldn’t see who it was because the light blinded me.

Anon’s face now began to change.

Anon:”So it’s you… I wanted to put you in one of the scenarios but it was stopped by the website owner. Otherwise instead of the current Dong Chen it would have been you instead!”

The figure seemed to say some words but we couldn’t understand.

Anon:”I know, it wasn’t fair right? You would probably have enjoyed it.”

The figure put his arms up then talked to him some more. It was anxiety inducing because none of us three knew what was going on. We just saw the figure talking. It was like beings that were beyond our own current existence were determining what they were going to do next.

Anon’s expression however went from friendly to angry, then to furious.

Anon:”You can’t do that! No! I’ll kill you! I’ll kill you!”

Anon began to unleash his power and the entire world and landscape changed with him. The amount of energy circulating went from a calm moment to complete chaos but the figure there stood without moving then it flew at Anon and punched a hole right through him.

Anon then began fading away.

Anon:”This is stupid! This is stupid! What kind of ending is this? I get killed by you? Do you know how many people would be disappointed by this if it were a real story? You kill me? You?!”

The dust settled and Anon was gone. There was no one left and the world began to fade. I felt myself going back to the world I came from. Dong Chen and Troy 3.0 was also fading.

Troy 3.0:”Yo, mystery man! Thanks a lot!”

Dong Chen:”It’s over… it’s finally over. Troy! Roy! It was nice knowing you but this is good bye. I can’t wait to go back!”

I was sitting there as the mysterious being walked over to me. It seemed to want to tell me something but I couldn’t understand what it said.

In the next moment I was back at the dinner table after defeating all the demons. All my moms were there and I was staring at them. The first to notice my blank stare was Sperra.

Sperra:”Roy, is there something wrong?”

Roy:”I… I don’t know…”

Alondra:”Another out of body experience or something?”

I felt myself being hugged. I looked to the person hugging me and noticed the blonde hair in my face. It was Sarai as she held me close with a smile.

Sarai:”I don’t sense any disease or anything wrong with him, just something hard between his legs.”

Mana:”It’s that time again isn’t it?”

I was home… I was home… I was going to live out my days like this. I shed a tear.

Erisu’s hands came to my face as Eliza also walked over.

Erisu:”Roy… you said you had to do something right? What was it?”

It’s over… it’s really over! I felt myself now smashed in between two lovely and beautiful women. It was now time to enjoy my life!

The mysterious figure looked over the landscape as everything crumbled around him. Anon was now dead, there would be no more sequels and the saga was over.

While he was a bit sad he was also happy. The screens opened and the mysterious being began to watch the lives of Troy 3.0, Dong Chen and Roy.

Troy 3.0 was with Vyvyan and Elizabeth along with his dragon mother in a hot tub. They were playing with him as usual.

As for Dong Chen, this was the mysterious being’s least favorite protagonist to watch. The main reason being that although Dong Chen had very beautiful women around him, he had gotten addicted to doing it with Madam Etero and having other beings enter body parts.

Roy was the one the Mysterious Figure liked the most, because Roy was Vanilla. Vanilla was good, there was nothing horrible and nothing bad to see. He watched as Roy did it with his eight moms. Yes, he considered the three who also gave birth to Roy his moms as well.

After watching for a long time the Mysterious Figure felt it was time to go back. He was given a task by His Majesty and the task was now complete. He did not need thanks.

Going back to his world the mysterious being woke up in bed. He walked over to the computer and checked for some updates on the site. He looked up some of the various comics he followed before going on disqus and finally posting.

He posted in the comments:

“@Wu Jizun and @Anon2021 the Next chapter of DBX is up on Royal Road.  Tell me what you think”


Author’s note: There is still an epilogue that lasts about 8 more chapters.


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