Martial King’s Retired Life – Vol. 11.5 Ch. 67

Chapter 67

Zhuo Fengru peered into his body to find he had lost over 40% of his original energy. Even accounting for the two different Buddhist internal energies, he only had only 80% of his erstwhile total. The two Buddhist energies didn’t offer much benefit to him since his original discipline and the two Buddhist disciplines didn’t complement each other. Vajra Realm, in particular, differed from the principles taught in the Central Plain, meaning that the route the qis flowed through were meridians he hadn’t trained before. As for how much of the new energies he could utilise, it was a question he’d only be able to answer once he experimented. There, in fact, was no telling if they would be harmful, beneficial or useless at this point. All that being said, he had managed to defuse Miguo’s energy in his body and recovered to a point where he could fight. To survive after eating the punch from Miguo, Zhuo Fengru already felt blessed because he had accomplished pretty much everything he wanted to in life.

“How are you Qing?” Zhuo Fengru queried.

“I am fine.” Hua Qing had shed his boy image and grown into a masculine man overnight.

“Young Master Hua…”

Hua Qing’s heightened senses indicated to him which way to look. His electrifying eyes silenced Su Li without him being aware. “Is something the matter, Miss Su?” he asked with a smile.

“N-no.” Su Li bashfully looked down, confusing Hua Qing.

Fighting the urge to laugh, Zhuo Fengru suggested, “Qing, try circulating qi.”

Hua Qing did as he was told, circulating qi via Wugou’s style since it was the only one he knew. Once his qi mobilised, it instilled a sense of invincibility in him. By convention, it wasn’t a phenomenon that should’ve shown up until Hua Qing absorbed half of the relic’s accumulated energy, so Hua Qing didn’t know why he was already feeling the surge of confidence. He wasn’t aware that he regained what he lost on top of developing its potency by several folds thanks to the three adepts, empowering him to store substantially more.

During the process, Kongcang couldn’t move. Hua Qing could absorb more because he was more familiar with the relic compared to Zhuo Fengru. Be it that Hua Qing’s combat skills weren’t viable for actual combat, he had enough internal energy to give first-rate martial artists a run for their money.

The luminous layer of the relic now undulated steadily as it was supposed to when filled.

“Thought so. Your internal energy is significantly more potent than before.” Zhuo Fengru retracted his arm and smiled. “Congratulations. The pugilistic now has one more elite.”

Hua Qing flapped his eyelids. “Me? I am an elite?”

“Your internal energy has already surpassed this old one’s. Once you learn how to employ all of it, this one can’t underestimate you.”

Kongkong’er: “You silly boy. You still don’t get it?”

“Please enlighten me, Elder,” Hua Qing expressed.

“You indeed will need to be trained, or you won’t even be able to use a third of your potential. One thing you must remember, however, is that Xu Clan’s ‘Aerial Flower Divine Seal’ has its own techniques and theory, but Brother Xu was the last generation it was imparted to. I compiled their ancestor’s skills for Yupin so that he can employ his family’s skills in the future. All that I can teach you is what I grasped from the notes Xu Clan’s ancestors left behind. I’m neither accepting disciples on behalf of Xu Clan nor designating you the heir of ‘Aerial Flower Divine Seal’. I must make this clear despite our chance of leaving this place alive still being up in the air.”

“That is only right. It is only a temporary measure. This one will do his best to forget the lessons once its purpose is served and vows to never pass on the knowledge.”

“You don’t need to belittle yourself. You possess more potential than I do and better luck than I have. If you could have a few years to train, you’d have very little competition even if you couldn’t catch up to Mount Daluo’s successor. Sadly…”

Nobody needed Zhuo Fengru to say another word to know what was coming because they were all aware of the pickle they were in.

“Are we… really going to leave Brother Ming?” Hua Qing decided to ask despite his hesitation.

“Every faction is watching him; it’s impossible for us to approach him. Having said that, you don’t need to worry. While I was fighting Miguo, I left Ming Feizhen with a present.”

“What would that be?”

“If you have time to mind someone else’s business, you’re better of spending the time on yourself. From now on, you have only one goal, and that is to grow stronger.”

Hua Qing felt Zhuo Fengru and Wugou bore a strong resemblance when he heard Zhuo Fengru’s instructions.

“Seven days from now, I want you to become the hero who will cut Lord Miguo down in one slash.”


Bored to death, the formation’s night sentries kept dropping their heads and then jolting, but they had to stay awake. For the same reason as them, plenty more formation casters had also been assigned to the site.

Ming Feizhen rubbed his eyes from his back. “Reading in the dark is bad for my eyes.” He scrunched up the sheet of paper and stuffed in his shirt.

Ming Feizhen had been reading the sheet of paper Zhuo Fengru slipped him. Based on the archaic language and extensive description of an abyss, Ming Feizhen figured it had to be from a martial arts manual.

Lord Miguo intended to starve Ming Feizhen for the next seven days; howbeit, Sky Palace sent him some snacks. Divine Moon Cult’s group took turns drinking with him or snacking on grilled chickens.

Speaking of food, right as another hunger pang struck, a visitor came, prompting Ming Feizhen to spring up onto his bottom. “Nanjing salted duck, glutinous lotus roots and a small basket of braised pork shoulders in soy source. Is it my soulmate?”

Unexpectedly, his guest was a timid, but beaming, teenager carrying a basket.

“Mm… Ah, aren’t you Master Le’s assistant?”

“Ahaha, yeah, it’s me.” The effeminate teenager scratched his head. “My master ordered me to send you a snack.”

“Even League of Assassins is visiting?” Ming Feizhen ran his gaze up and down the thin teenager. “You’re… not a girl by any chance, are you?”

“… Do I look like one?”

“Uh… yes.”

“… I’m a boy.”


“… Huh?”

“’Huh’ what? Bring me my food!” Ming Feizhen took out the food. Speaking whilst chewing, he voiced, “Sit. What’s your name?”

The uneasy teenager didn’t know where to sit, so he stayed standing. “I-I’m Changan Zhile.”


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