Stepmom-con – Ch. 82

Chapter 82

Erisu had been traveling with a group going around the continent. The Empress told her to go to the Elven Kingdom to escort someone to the Empire. This request was received by letter.

It was night time and in a tent Erisu was again sleeping with Sarai and Mana at her sides.

Mana:”So we are to go to the Elf Kingdom in a few months?”

Erisu:”The Empress wrote that she received confirmation about something.”

Sarai:”Isn’t Roy going to be in the Elven Kingdom at that time? We should take some time to visit him as well.”

Erisu realize this was true and instantly became happy on the inside. It had been half a year since she’d seen him and in that period of time she had grown some more. Roy had assured her that her changes would only make her more charming in his letters.

Erisu:”I get to see him again and maybe spend some time before the Demon invasion.”

Sarai:”We get to see him too! I find it cute how he is constantly staring at our female parts longingly.”

Erisu:”I gave him permission to do it with his mothers so maybe he won’t be as longing when we see him.”

Mana laughed softly. As a mage she had to study a lot of what the elves did including how they conducted alchemy.

Mana:”You know in Elven Society it is perfectly fine for a blood related parent to marry their child right?”

Erisu and Sarai were caught off guard and in surprise.

Sarai:”You’re just teasing us aren’t you?”

Mana:”In Roy’s case he’s not blood related to any of them but if he was an elf instead of a human and Alondra was his blood mother she would become his fourth wife without hesitation.”


Mana:”Elves have low birth rate so as long as they’re willing to mate passionately then any relationship between male and female is encouraged. They also have such long lives that parents and children even look the same age.”

Erisu had some trouble imagining that. It was like an anime she watched about some guy who reincarnated without a job. There was an elf character in that anime that was over 200 years old and had many children she cut of relations with due to her promiscuity curse. She ended up marrying a new husband who was much younger and somehow allowed her to continue doing it with others at times though she tried to be loyal.

Erisu was always bothered by that character because she felt the age gap was… but wait… Roy’s age gap with his moms was even larger.

Erisu:”I don’t know why I can accept Roy being with his moms like that… I feel like something is influencing me to think it’s perfectly fine and okay.”

Mana:”I thought I would find it repulsive as well but somehow that thought has gone away. I think it might be due to the dreams of man in a green hat explaining that those emotions are just due to prejudice.”

Sarai:”Oh, you have that man in the dream too?”

Erisu:”Maybe he’s a guiding light for us.”

Arla had been following the party for months and began to get tired of it. No matter how much she had tried to bring up her brother Erisu remained polite and still focused on Roy. There was nothing she could do.

Arla took out a crystal she used to communicate with her father. There were many mages in her father’s court and there were many powerful soldiers beyond the adventurers as well.

King Bide appeared on the other side of the crystal as he answered her call. There were many things that still needed to be discussed as she lay in the tent.

Arla:”Father, I don’t know what else to do. They’re planning on visiting the Elves in a few months.”

King Bide on the other side was thinking for a moment before he took a deep breath. There had been reports of a few things that happened in secret and he wanted to confirm a bit of it before deciding on a full course of action.

There was however, an opportunity since he had also been keeping an eye on Justin, Roy’s good friend. There had to be a weakness, and both Hemo and Pen had been recruited into his own ranks.

Then there was a dream he had last night about a man with a green hat who gave him some information.

King Bide:”My daughter, I believe that Erisu is going to meet both Roy and Justin in the Elven Kingdom. I also think they’ll be traveling together, so that would be the best time to initiate our plan.”

Arla:”We are going to initiate that plan?”

King Bide:”It will work.”

Arla who had been observing Erisu for months felt that the plan proposed by her father was impossible when she considered how much Erisu seemed to trust in Roy. She never got jealous and was never worried about him cheating or doing something of the like. Then there was the issue that Roy really wasn’t attractive among the men of this world. He was smaller, weaker and had few masculine features that a man should have.

Her brother was much better by comparison and she couldn’t understand why Erisu wouldn’t look his way. The women of her Kingdom would gossip about how good Prince Hunte was in bed, even the young girls.

Arla:”I will do as you ask father.”

King Bide:”Keep quiet and keep moving with them. This is for the Kingdom. Once your job is over, you will never have to go out on adventures again. The Demon Invasion will come and we will be able to use the others as our own resources.”

The crystal communication ended and Arla began to think about what was going to happen next. She called some of her maids to her and tried to analyze which ones might be the most beautiful. The plan might work, but this might be their last chance to sow dissension between Roy and Erisu.

Justin was with the women around him. For the last six months he had learned how to do his job as a businessman better. He always had a talent for math. When he was playing fighting games and winning tournaments he was always at the forefront of using frame data.

Frame data is something most people don’t know much about but it involves calculating the amount of frames when one puts in an input action to when it the character on screen would react. Measuring the difference between recovery frames, action frames and when someone might be safe after an attack due to lower frame recovery was important.

As such, numbers, prices and many other business requirements for memorizing profit margins was easy for him. It also helped that he had five women he could do it with every night. After laying in bed all night with morning coming Justin got up and noticed that Chrissy, Edna and Arwen were vomiting into buckets.

Justin:”What’s wrong with the three of you? Are you all sick?”

They kept going for a few more minutes as Riss and Liss were right beside him. They were both smiling.

Riss:”Looks like you’re going to be a father soon.”

Liss:”Seems like it… though I want to get pregnant as well I think it’s better to wait until after the demon invasion.”

Justin:”What? What’s going on?”

Riss:”Did you think you could plow those three every night and not have them get pregnant? Their bodies are different from ours where we can control when we get pregnant.”

Riss was smiling.

Liss:”This just means more for us in the coming days right? Well their libido might go down, plus we don’t want anything to happen to the baby. Listen our trade routes will merge with Roy’s in a few months. We’ll leave the four of you with him once we see Roy.”

Justin:”Where did you get this from?”

Riss:”Our mom, she also seemed much happier recently when I talked to her.”

Justin looked at the three women who were throwing up and began to think about how he was now becoming a father. There was a big difference between how he used to play fighting games in practice everyday versus the way he traded now to make a living. His life had changed a lot and he could only smile.

Arwen looked back at Justin’s smile.

Arwen:”Are you laughing at us? This is your fault since you got us pregnant!”

Justin:”I’m… sorry?”

Arwen then smiled and laughed.

Chrissy:”We’ll get used to it, it’s only nine months.”


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