Stepmom-con – Ch. 80

Chapter 80

Alondra:”Erisu won’t give you up for a stupid reason, however you’ve made mama very happy.”

Roy:”You’re happy?”

Alondra:”It’s because none of us would have to avoid you in a few years. You’re nineteen now, and you’ll be twenty soon. Twenty five isn’t that far away.”

Roy:”You’re right, it’s not.”

Alondra:”Well, can you drink some of my milk tonight? Sperra is the only one who can’t control mana to make it.”

I gave her a strange face. After such a heart touching moment where we talked about the future all of a sudden she wants me to…

Alondra:”It’s elven milk, it’s sweeter than Dhalia’s that I can assure you of.”

Roy:”Fine. It isn’t as if I didn’t want too.”

Alondra:”Oh, then did you enjoy Dhalia and Xeneva’s milk as well? How about Sperra? Did baby have a nice time with those massive mammaries?”

I thought about it… to be honest I wanted to keep going but I wanted to stop because I felt like I had to be loyal to Erisu. I’ll still keep the impotency band on for now though. The face I made caused Alondra to giggle while I was quietly contemplating.

Alondra: “Baby is so cute when he thinks about mother’s milk. I’ll give Sperra an elixir so you can enjoy her taste as well. Each of us has a slightly different taste, and when your three fiancés join then I’ll give them the elixir as well unless you prefer to do it the natural way which is dry suckling for a few weeks.”

I kept quiet for a long while just trying to control my breathing over this. That was a lot of information that I did to have before. I didn’t want to admit anything out loud and I kept thinking that if my thoughts were revealed to a bunch of degenerates online in my previous world, they would probably be pushing for the graphic scenes to happen.

No… I need to go back to a previous topic I was curious about. Curious likely wasn’t the right word to describe it. I needed to know who my enemy was and why he hadn’t come back to finish the job.

Roy:”There’s one more thing though mom, Anon, how do we know he’s not going to come and screw with me again?”

Alondra:”Roy, the four of us searched everywhere for Anon and couldn’t find any trace of him. No matter where we went we couldn’t find anything.”

Roy:”Mom, what if I told you that in the world I came from before there was some guy who went by Anon2021 and he wrote some works of fiction that turned out to be true. I think he might be Anon.”

Alondra:”In your previous world, someone wrote works of fiction?”

Roy:”Well, the works of fiction revolved around a son having intimate relationships with his mother in each one. So this whole world might not be real.”

Alondra:”That can’t be, I’m real and you’re real. I know my love for you is real.”

Roy:”I’m just… not sure…”

Alondra:”Alright Roy, the fact is we wouldn’t be able to fight Anon even if he came. We’re wary about him and we’ve searched for many different ways to fight but we’re unable to come up with any. He is a being that would be beyond the demon lord himself.”

I don’t know how to feel about this.

Alondra:”Baby, let’s not talk about it anymore. Just take it easy and we’ll go day by day. I’ll take you around the elven lands and I’ll clear out my schedule for these six months since it’ll be the last few years I’m going to serve as Queen.”

Roy:”Last few years?”

Alondra:”Oh I’m going to ruin the surprise aren’t I? Xeneva, Dhalia and Sperra are all planning to live with you wherever you end up staying. Since you’re willing to have children with us it’s the best outcome but we’ll wait until after the war is over so you can be with Erisu and your other two wives as well. Don’t worry, I have special elixirs you can use to enhance your libido.”

Alondra winked at me and I gave her a cringe on my face.

Alondra:”Come on now, mama wants to bath with baby!”

Alondra grabbed my hand and pulled me with her as we left the room and chamber to the bath. She was excited as we bathed together. The armband of impotency prevented me from doing anything more than just bathing.

When I was living with Xeneva and Dhalia or traveling with Sperra there had always felt like there was some sort of pressure of what I would do or say with them when it came to their advances but now that everything was sorted out I didn’t feel the pressure anymore. Whoever any of them were to me I needed to accept that they were going to be similar to wives.

They might have given birth to me and they might be far older than me. Since they’re all nearly five hundred years old it would be similar to me dating someone who had been alive when Christopher Columbus sailed across the Atlantic Ocean, or even hundreds of years before any vehicles were invented.

If they had kids or a husband hundreds of years ago before they met me then I’d be having a lot of grandson-in-laws that were old men. Makes me wonder how Dong Chen got lucky… or perhaps unlucky since he was with that one Latina cultivator named Josephine or something.

Life span differences would make for weird relationships between humans and elves, or humans and everyone with a long life span.

After eating, bathing and now going to sleep. Alondra held me tightly in her arms as the moon began to rise. I drank from her and the milk was sweet, then she pat my head as I fell asleep in her warm arms.

It was so comfortable I felt like I wouldn’t mind being there forever.


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