Stepmom-con – Ch. 75

Chapter 75

Alondra was in her throne room where her advisor Dorfus was standing next to her. Dorfus was another blonde haired elf. All the elves had blonde or platinum colored hair with blue or green eyes. If Dorfus were not an elf with a deep voice, he might be mistaken for a young girl.

There were preparations being made for Roy’s arrival as Alondra wanted him to come and see how the elves lived. Alondra was simply making several final preparations.

Dorfus: “Queen Alondra, you’re still in your prime and you’ve already selected your successor? If this gets out the elves will not be happy.”

Alondra:”What is it that they have to not be happy about? I’ve already done my time serving as Queen for over two hundred years. I’ve chosen my successor in case something happens to me.”

Dorfus did not say anything. Elves lived long lives and throughout those two hundred years he had kept track of Alondra’s every move. She was up to something and there was a reason as to why she chose a successor now.

Alondra’s popularity among the elves was the highest in history as she was able to build the Elven society into what it was today. It was the strongest that it had ever been throughout history though it was only in the last twenty years or so that all the changes had taken place.

There would have been an uproar if the choice for successor was public instead of private.

Dorfus:”My Queen, choosing a successor implies that you’re leaving.”

Alondra smiled.

Alondra:”I won’t deny there is a chance, but if I wish to leave then who could stop me?”

She was the most powerful being in their Kingdom and Dorfus understood it clearly. If the entire Elven kingdom wanted to then perhaps they could trap her and keep her there but the amount of resources to restrain a being like her who has a massive amount of mana would be difficult.

Alondra:”My son is coming to visit me here for the next six months. Sperra will be bringing him here and I want him to see how the elves live. It would be nice if he liked living here. I know he wouldn’t want to live in the huts where Sperra’s people train.”

Alondra smiled and Dorfus gleaned meaning from the short exchange of words. He bowed toward Alondra then started moving around the castle telling every elf who worked there to be welcoming of Alondra’s adopted son and to make sure to treat him like a crown prince.

Many of the elves understood the hint and the preparations proceeded flawlessly. This person was very special to Alondra and there was a reason that Dorfus was hinting it to them.

The six months of constant ant tiring traveling were almost over and I was finally able to breath easier. I was tired of traveling and we were now on our way to the Elven Kingdom as our last destination. Sperra carried me on her back like she had the entire trip.

Roy:”Mom, aren’t you tired from constantly carrying me? Doesn’t your back hurt?”

Sperra:”Roy, my back would never hurt from you riding me.”

That sounded so wrong! Mom! Why would you talk like that? Every time she says it like that I cringe on the inside and I’m sure she can sense it and she continues to do that to tease me.

Sperra:”I feel the band given to you by Dhalia hinders you from riding me properly. You know I love you Roy. I love you more than I could love any other man.”

Sperra spoke in a soft and seductive voice that did not make sense for someone of her size. I was not able to fully process it in my thoughts because Sperra kept doing this to me.


Sperra:”Your wife to be even said it would be fine you know. Besides, mommy would like to feel good as well.”


I yelled again. If Sperra really wanted too she could easily have her way with me. No matter how many soldiers I summon she could just bind my hands and they’d all disappear. Without the band, it’d be hard to keep it soft… I’d be screwing her…

I kind of wish she would force herself on me though. We aren’t blood related and she’s just so beautiful. Even though I told her I didn’t want to be like a baby I kept thinking about sucking on those large, round… naked they were longer and larger than a humans and they… why am I thinking about this!

I already have Erisu, granted I haven’t seen her naked yet but Erisu doesn’t have a place as my mom!

Sperra:”You’re so easy to tease Roy. I want to tease you everyday until you break down and give in. Then, when that happens mommy will make you feel really good. You’ll sleep in mommy’s arms with a smile on your face.”

Roy:”Mom! Stop it! Please just stop it!”

Sperra chuckled as she began to untie me so I could walk on my own.

Sperra:”I’m going to miss teasing you Roy.”

I turned back to her.

Roy:”I’m going to miss you, but not the teasing part… and not the forced physical contact and all the other stuff you insist on doing with me when you’re supposed to be my mom!”

Sperra:”Again, don’t forget that your Fiance said it would be fine. As long as it’s us and not some other girl outside the family.”

Sperra winked.

Roy:”Shut up!”

I start walking ahead of her towards the gate with the elves and there was the Queen Alondra. She also had a smile on her face. This… this is honestly way too much. I’m being tossed from one beautiful woman to another. If they weren’t my moms and I wasn’t engaged… damn it!

Sperra caught up to my brisk walking due to her longer legs.



Sperra:”Roy is here.”

Alondra:”Yes, my baby is finally here. Come here baby, come give mama a hug.”

I stare at Alondra but I still walk to her for the hug. She had her subjects around so I didn’t want to embarrass her. I had to keep some rational thought going so I’ll do whatever Alondra wants in front of others.

Sperra:”Roy, give me a kiss good bye.”

Sperra was smiling as I let go of Alondra.

Alondra:”Go on baby, give her a kiss. Give her a wet one.”

Alondra winked in a suggestive way so I slowly let go of her and walk towards Sperra. I have to give her a kiss on the cheek right? So I can show my affection. I mean, I don’t hate her but I don’t like how they’re treating me like I’m a little child.

Sperra:”Come on Roy, give mommy a kiss right here.”

She pointed toward her cheek as she bent down so I quickly gave her a peck then moved away.

Sperra:”Mommy’s turn now.”

I felt her two large hands grab me as I was pulling away and she kissed me right on my lips. There was no tongue this time though. After the kiss on the lips she kissed my forehead then brought her mouth to my ear.

Sperra:”Mommy has a confession. The first time I kissed you where my tongue went in your mouth, I knew what kind of kiss it was.”

Sperra winked at me after hugging me as I stared at her. It’s obvious she played me. She played me the entire time. All four of my mom’s are just trying to seduce me and take me into bed! Why do they want to take me in so badly? I was in their wombs once and it seemed they wanted me back inside, or at least a specific part of me.

I walk over to Alondra as Sperra watches with a smile.

Sperra:”You’re not safer with her you know.”

I turned to look at Alondra who also has a smile on her face. She reaches out and takes my hand, her fingers are so soft as I felt my arms jolt with a certain sense of desire. Thank goodness for the impotency band.

Sperra: “Don’t you believe me?”


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