Stepmmom-Con – Ch. 34

Chapter 34

The Elven Queen who was a slender woman with blond hair and pointed ears, green eyes and a thin wast that made her seem she would snap in half. Her proportions were curvier than what someone of her waist should be able to handle.

From what I recall her name was Alondra Sylvanis, Queen of the elves and she had been there for two centuries.

Alondra: “Greetings Heroine, I will not give you my gift today. Instead I will promise you an approval of something you will need dearly in the future.”

People upon hearing her say that had shock in their eyes but were also fearful of this elven Queen.

Sperra Wolfander was next, the chief of the beast men tribe. She was a very tall female, taller than any human I had seen so far with a appropriate assets. She was thick but not fat. One could say she had the type of alluring body that seemed to tell you she could take the punishment.

I’m not even sure why but I found those two race leaders especially beautiful from their unique features to their flawless and somewhat mature beauty that their faces put forth.

Sperra: “Heroine, I Sperra Wolfander from the Beast Man tribe will give you the same as the elf. You will know in the future why it is important.”

Sperra and Erisu bowed to each other and she walked off. The second time this happened there was more commotion in the crowd as many were wondering what they were talking about.

Xeneva then came up next with a smile on her face. She looked in my direction and winked. Going up to Erisu she smiled.

Xeneva: “I Xeneva Xyloporthus of the Merchant guild will grant you an allowance. I only grant allowances to those whom I deem important and as such I have deemed you important and worthy as the bearer of this world’s hope towards an age of peace. For you and your party, any bank that is owned by the Merchant Guild and any vendor that I and my daughters own personally will grant you fifty gold coins per month.  After the demons are sealed, you Erisu will get to keep this allowance until the day you die or the day our coffers run dry.”

The audience gasped and talk to each other as though it was a huge deal. Fifty gold coins to them was a massive fortune, but then again most people lived in poverty anyway. Xeneva was easily the wealthiest person… I don’t think I want to tell many people about the fact I get a hundred gold coins a week.

Justin: “That’s your other mom?”

Roy: “Yeah.”

I was a bit surprised at Justin’s sudden inquiry.

Justin: “This sucks you know? Especially when she’s so gorgeous.”

Roy: “I mean… if you can make her happy—“

Justin: “Friends don’t screw each other’s mothers okay. Anyway, she said she had daughters so they’re technically your sisters right?”

Roy: “I’ll see if I can help set you up if you want to go down the business route.”

Justin: “Thanks man! Oh… one question. How many wives can a man have in this world?”

Roy: “Depends on whether his other wives can accept. On the flip side, one woman can also have many husbands if she wants. There’s no rule that stops any of that.”

Justin: “Really?”

Roy: “Yeah, but you still see less of the women having multiple men as partners even with that freedom.”

Justin: “Interesting.”

After Xeneva’s speech an elderly man known as the pope of this world came out. He was dressed in white and well… I never liked such glamorous holy men so I had nothing to say.

The pope came to the front to address Erisu.

Pope:”Young Heroine, I am Pope Santovis. I will pray for your training and your victory against the forces of darkness. You will travel far and wide,  you will brave mountains and deserts. Wherever the demons are, you will go and seal them until the final demon reveals himself, the Lord. Every age he is able the demon lord invades, the more pure you are the stronger the sealing will be and as such I implore you not to have contact with males. Keep that purity until the demon lord has been sealed so that all of us may reign prosperously.”

The Pope took a breath and brought out a medallion.

Pope: “The Last Heroine half a Millenia ago was impure upon her summoning and the spirit of the sealing sword found her incompatible. Due to that the time sealed was only one tenth. While the Holy Maiden

The ceremony soon came to an end and everyone began to file out. Dhalia was there with the group of women who wanted to travel with the heroine, women who were armored and had swords with them. Most of them also had their body guards with them, most likely elites similar to how the Empress has her valkyries.

If I didn’t know any better this is a universe that’s full of girl power. I’m not sure if I liked the precedence. Despite most of the monarchs being male, the most powerful there were clearly my two moms, the Empress of the Rose Empire, the Elf Queen and the Beastmen Chief. All female, not to mention the valkyries had an aura of superiority among them that the heavily armored knights cowered when they walked by.

One of the Princesses approached, I believe her name was Arla. She was a no name princess of the Beipan Kingdom who had several female guards around her. She was going to be a part of the heroine party which was a fairly large party of over fifty participants.

If they were going to fight against large hordes of demons I suppose that would make sense.

Arla: “Heroine Erisu, will you come spend the night where we are? I would certainly like to get to know you better as we will soon be training and then traveling together.”

Erisu had a conflicted look on her face. It seemed like she was hesitant.

Erisu: “Arla, I am happy that you will be joining me on my journey but I have made a friend that I would not be able to see a while, and I wish to spend the night under the same roof as him.”

Arla: “A male, but you mustn’t! Your purity must be maintained.”

A King came down next to Arla, with him a young man, a prince who was likely Arla’s older brother.

Arla: “Father, please help me convince the heroine that spending the night under the same roof with another male might cause problems.”

The Pope was also nearby. Seems like everyone is intruding on the conversation, but I guess you can’t really blame them when the fate of their world might be in trouble.

The others began to leave so the Pope spoke softer but I could still hear it.

Justin: “What do you think they’re doing?”

Roy: “I guess they don’t want her to have any chance of losing her virginity to me before she sets out on her mission.”

Justin: “Hah! Well bro, you know I’m rooting for you. I already got lucky and I’m hoping you do too.”

Roy: “My tastes are different from yours I guess.”

The Pope looked back and forth between Erisu and the others as the Mana and Sarai came by as well.

Pope: “Heroine, I want you to know that the fate of this world rests on you. The previous heroine due to her impurity upon obtaining the sealing sword was unable to seal the demons well and it was a miracle she was able to seal off the demon king but many powerful demons still remained as it was an incomplete sealing.  Those demons for years after made the continent into a hell scape.”

Erisu shuddered as she heard this. She looked over at me and there was some guilt and fear in her face.

Erisu: “So I have to cut off all contact with males?”

Arla: “Heroine, it’s for the best. It is your responsibility.”

Pope: “While touching a man does not make you impure, if you continue to go further there could be a problem. It’s best to avoid those accidental mishaps if needed.”

Dhalia and Xeneva walked up to them.

Xeneva: “What problems will there be if he is underneath the roof with my sweet young boy?”

Dhalia: “I’d like to you know what you are insinuating towards my Darling.”

The air suddenly became thick and the mana in the air brew itself heavily towards the others. I could sense the aura emanating from both of my moms towards the other group. There were two beautiful women behind Xeneva this time.

They both had pink skin like her and the same colored hair, their features were similar so I’m assuming they’re her biological daughters.

The Pope and the others started perspiring as the pressure was fierce.

Dhalia: “Please, do tell me how a mishap could happen between my Darling and the heroine, or are you saying the Heroine would not be able to control herself because my darling is just too cute?”

Arla: “No Guild Master, I was just…”

Xeneva: “Tell us what you were just doing.”

Silence for a moment.

Dhalia: “Erisu, unless you don’t think you can control yourself in front of my darling, you are welcome to continue sleeping at my home. There are many rooms and you can have one to yourself.”

The Pope sighed.

Pope: “Then if it pleases you Guild Master Dhalia, please allow Sarai and Mana to stay with you as well. These two young women have sworn to save the world along with the Heroine, and will remain loyal to her even after the sealing is complete as a debt of gratitude so she will have a familial bond in this world if she cannot adjust to the society of any country.”

Dhalia: “Granted. Come, Erisu, Mana, and Sarai. We are going to meet my son.”

Mana and Sarai bowed while following the Guild Master and they were coming my way.

The Pope watched as the two guild masters walked away. It was tense and even he was fearful. Arla and the King of Beipan, along with the crown prince looked to the Pope.

King of Beipan: “Your holiness, why did you back down and instead let them go like that?”

Pope: “Good King of Beipan, do you not know the other identity of Dhalia and Xeneva?”

King of Beipan: “I do not.”

Pope: “Five hundred years ago, the Heroine who came was impure according to the records. The Rose Empire at that time was nothing but a small kingdom renown for swordsman ship and their King, like the Empress today trained the Heroine in swordsman ship.”

King of Beipan: “What does this have to do with their identities?”

Pope: “Legend has it that since the heroine at that time was already impure and lamenting leaving behind her son in her previous world, the King tried to comfort her and they had a child together during her training which delayed her journey to seal the demons. Once she had gone to fight, her child was already being cared for by the King though she went to see the child as much as possible.”

The pope sighed.

Pope: “The records aren’t completely clear but that child grew up as the heroine fought the demons, and because the demons had a better foothold the heroine fought a losing battle, that is until the Child reached fifteen years old and found four others who were born on the same day.”

King of Beipan remained silent.

Pope: “The war changed when the party formed, they were known as the Demon Exterminator Party. The Heroine was therefore able to seal the Demon Lord with their help, but ended up dying in the process due to her impurity and her child disappeared… however we know for a fact that Xeneva and Dhalia were in that party. As for the other three members, they’ve disappeared with the passage of time but their lifespans should also have ended as unlike the succubi and vampires they age faster.”

Arla, her father and brother were then left alone as the Pope went back with his procession.

King of Beipan: “Looks like we have to change plans. Son, this might be a bit more difficult than we initially thought.”

Arla: “Why Father?”

King of Beipan: “The Demon Exterminators were a legendary party that many historians say was the most powerful group of individuals in the history of those who were born on the continent. Outside of demons, no one is their match in a fight. Armies would die before we can even kill one of them. Even if we have warriors now that might rival them, we have to be sure before we challenge them.”


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