Stepmmom-Con – Ch. 36

Chapter 36

Erisu, Mana and Sarai slept in the same room and same bed. The beds in Dhalia’s mansion were large and spacious with sheets. Erisu felt Mana on her left and Sarai on her right, both were beautiful girls who were kind and calm.

Erisu: “I’ve never had a sleep over like this before so thank you.”

Mana: “You’re welcome.”

Sarai: “Don’t mention it, doing this is comforting somehow.”

Erisu was a bit bothered by everything else that had been happening and there were many questions that were lingering on her mind.

Sarai: “You still seem bothered, please talk to us since we’re going to be with you.”

Erisu: “I’m sorry, it’s just hard to believe everything that’s happening. I just came from another world where people won’t dedicate their lives to those whom they just met.”

Sarai: “I see, there is a cultural difference. There are many different parts of society here but both Mana and I were raised with the understanding that we’d be here to serve the Heroine when she came.”

Erisu: “To serve me? I don’t want to view you as my servants though.”

Mana: “Then view us as your friends, or close sisters. We’ll always do whatever we can to help you. Neither of us had any family after all. We’re orphans who happened to receive the blessing.”

Erisu: “Orphans?”

Sarai: “You don’t know too much about this world, but in the Holy book it is said that those who are summoned here will not be able to return home. When they come here they will need a new family so we are now your family.”

Erisu upon hearing this began to cry. Her circumstances in her previous world notwithstanding she felt like there was no one to hear her cry. The manager and the Yakuza controlled her life from the orphanage, and they used the children against each other to where her own cohort of children were no longer interested in forming bonds with each other when they saw the pain inflicted.

She had been lonely most of her life.

Mana dried her tears.

Mana: “Stop crying now, it’s fine. I’m also glad to finally meet my family. I never even met Sarai until today.”

In bed they slept next to each other. Young girls who had no experience with the outside world, and of which most of the people around them remained cold because they knew they would leave.

Erisu: “Thank you, thank you both…”

Sarai: “You know, I have to ask about that boy Roy. Did you really fall in love with him? I’ve heard you were here for only a week.”

Erisu caught her breath but she began to talk to the two of them as if it were natural. They had already become a bit more familiar as they spent the evening together and the three of them were already close.

Erisu: “It was love as soon as I started talking to him. I could just feel what kind of person he was just like how I feel about the both of you.”

Sarai and Mana smiled.

Mana: “I see. If you love him then I’m willing to do so too with time, it’s just I’ve known most men to be nothing but beasts.”

Erisu: “Beasts?”

Mana: “In the Arcane Sanctum there are many more male mages than female and they are always competing and trying to win the hand of the female mages. They do everything from using magic spells to spy and transparency spells to peak. It’s horrible, while I can accept it if Roy is a pervert I hope he isn’t because I don’t want you to become heart broken.”

Erisu: “I trust him.”

Sarai: “Then we’ll trust him too, but if you stop then we will as well.”

Erisu thought about those words.

Erisu: “I am happy to hear you trust me so much, but doesn’t that also mean you both have no will of your own?”

Sarai: “My will is to follow and take care of you. You are my family now.”

Erisu thought about the kind of person in her previous world who would follow their master without fail until the end. Were there such servants or people who would do that? She felt warm in her heart as she thought about this.

As I expected the bath was horrible… well it wasn’t that bad because as beautiful as both moms were I never had an erection. It was actually a bit comfortable because of that. Dhalia specialized more in teleportation and protection magic, as well as hexes and body control.

Xeneva specialized in shapeshifting, money and controlling others though she was also a strong physical warrior. Both of them were strong physical warriors when compared to not just me but anyone.

Yet here I was, sandwiched between them in bed. I was laying on top of Xeneva while facing up towards Dhalia who was on top of me.

Xeneva: “My sweet boy makes a nice sandwich with us.”

Roy: “Why do you both tease me so much?”

Dhalia: “We do this because we’re your moms. Moms love teasing their sons don’t they?”

Not in this way though! I mean I can’t even get it up now… though in this situation I would definitely be getting it up like crazy.

Xeneva: “Just want to make sure, you gave Justin the birth control ring right?”

Dhalia: “Yes, I made sure he had it in his amulet actually so there won’t be unwanted accidents as long as it’s near him or in the same room.”

Xeneva: “That’s good. Young men going around having children to take care of when a woman isn’t a part of his household is a bad thing.”

Why are they talking about this while sandwiching me?

Dhalia: “Darling, I’m going to cool you off so you can sleep. Let Xeneva stay there tonight, she’s going to be leaving in the morning as well and I won’t be able to see her either.”

Roy: “I… alright… fine…”

I gave in. They’ve both been so good to me. I guess a little embarrassment isn’t so bad. The great thing is tomorrow… yes… tomorrow is going to be a good day since it’ll finally have been seven days since I got the army!

Dhalia: “Roy, there is one more thing the two of us are curious about.”

Xeneva: “We’re both curious but who is more beautiful between the two of us?”

Wait what?

Roy: “I’m sorry, you’re both so beautiful I can’t compare either of you.”

Dhalia: “Really? Then do each of us need to kiss you to help you figure it out?”

Roy: “No you don’t!”

Xeneva: “Then which one?”

I started sweating when it came down to this. What kind of question is this? Are mother’s supposed to get jealous like this? You both have lived hundreds of years and have been around for so long. You also know a lot about human nature so why ask me this question now?

Dhalia: “Hmm, he’s quiet, maybe we can both strip in front of him and see who his man parts reacts to more.”

Xeneva: “Yes.. that might work. The subconscious attraction he has will work regardless of what he’s trying to do intentionally.”

Look, you’re both beautiful okay! Comparing between Erisu, Mana, Sarai, the elf queen and the beast men chief you’re all equally attractive to me in different ways, but how am I going to say anything like that to you?

I’m supposed to put my future wife first aren’t I?

Dhalia: “Darling, are you sweating? I’ll add more cold touch to you.”

Xeneva: “No, he’s trembling and I can feel it against my body. My sweet Roy, we’re just teasing you. We know you can’t answer a question like that because we’re both too important to you. Come on, relax and close your eyes. It’s time to sleep.”


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