Martial King’s Retired Life – Vol. 09 Ch. 59

Slaughter in the Hail (Part 3)

Dark Sun in the Sky – Lie Shang’s ultimate move that entailed swinging down his crimson broadsword. Never did he need a second move to assert his dominance.

Growing up, Lie Shang developed his discerning eyes for combat through his insatiable hunger for fights. From experience, he concluded that using his wits was the only way to overcome a foe markedly stronger than him, so he put everything into his second attack.

Dark Sun in the Sky was designed to trap and conquer the opponent, but Yu Feiyuan dismantled feints and real attacks alike without breaking a sweat. Conversely, Lie Shang’s weapon felt heavier and heavier with each swing. Feeling as though his grip was sticky for some reason, Lie Shang looked down to find blood leaking from his fingers.

Although Lie Shang was equipped with the strength to withstand the recoil when slamming against Yu Feiyuan’s metal armguards, the same couldn’t be said for his hands.

Deflecting all of my attacks and inflicting damage furtively, she’s mastered the essence of Solid Jade Snow.

“Since you like to block, I’ll give you something you can’t block!” Lie Shang powered up the surface area of the crimson energy enveloping his broadsword.

Regardless of how intimidating Lie Shang’s energy appeared or how dangerous his swings looked, Yu Feiyuan remained an unflinching fortress. Lie Shang was thoroughly impressed she with her laser-like focus when he’d already have overwhelmed pugilists stronger than himself in the past. When surrender crossed his mind, though, so did another thought.

“Hahaha, I apologise in advance, Interim Patriarch Yu!”

Lie Shang switched from a procedural style to a free-flow, sacrificing his defence to amplify his offensive speed more than twice what it previously was. Yu Feiyuan, who assumed a defensive role, picked up her speed, accordingly.

Xiao Huangquan pulled his eyelids apart and cursed, “Lie Shang, have some shame!” at the same time as Huofeng.

Cognisant of a problem presenting itself but unsure of what it was, Su Xiao queried, “Abbess Huofeng, Hero Lie’s style… seems to be a mess?”

“Hero my foot! He’s a scoundrel! He’s capitalising on First Sister’s character. Forcing her into a cyclic fight at full speed means that one of them will eat a full-power blow if one slips, and both will be injured if both slip up! He’s less likely to make a mistake because he’s randomly hacking away, while First Sister reads movements to defend! He’s shameless!”

“Ling Mabi, are you seriously going to chase me?!” The man running, rolling, slipping, ducking, skipping and hurdling in his signature gaudy pink robe could see his reflection in the sword each time he evaded. “Ling Mabi, you’re supposed to be Mount Lu Sword Sanctuary’s heir apparent. Have some shame.”

Young Master Ling and Long Zaitian’s group had qualms about scrapping since both of them already gleaned a little about each other from their previous encounter until Long Zaitian had to run his mouth. “Young Master Ling Mabi is a friend. Friends don’t fight friends, right? Even if you pop your head over, he’s not going to do hit you.” Thus, Young Master Ling went for Long Zaitian’s head. Kuang Lu and Dugu jumped in. Tie Hanyi and Great Spear Sect’s patriarch came to blows.

Ling Mabi blustered, “I’ll fix your mouth up!”

As Long Zaitian couldn’t belt a relative of Emperor Yuansheng, he kept fleeing and evading until he rolled his way into the clash between Lie Shang and Yu Feiyuan. Under other circumstances, Long Zaitian wouldn’t have dared to roll into the middle of a fight between those two. His evasion style, fortunately for him, ensured guided him to safety whilst running around in the middle of the scrimmage.

On the other hand, Ling Mabi couldn’t evade, running into the middle of a trade. He, therefore, had to change the target of his stab, only to tag Yu Feiyuan’s armguard. His entry also forced Lie Shang to re-angle his slash toward the side of Yu Feiyuan’s neck. Ling Mabi repelled the slash.

The inevitable outcome that one if not all of them would get hurt hadn’t changed. The only thing that changed was the number of people who could potentially get hurt.


Ling Mabi – In case you forgot, Ling Mabi is the name Long Zaitian misheard when Ming Feizhen put on his spirit possession act (Vol. 7 Ch. 35) and is a homophone for a phrase that means Ling F***ing tard. Since we call Long Zaitian Longtard, I guess Ling Mabi and be Lingtard.


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