The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 10 Ch. 27

I Shall Conquer for Veirya

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We finally had genuine pleasant wishes from our friends instead of jackals and wolves who wanted to swallow the entire North whole. The last time a group of businessmen came to the town, they came with hostile intent. The people who came to our wedding, on the other hand, were genuinely there to bless us. The town was livelier than ever. When the townsfolk found out their lord was getting married, they were elated. There were a few twists and turns, having said that.

Lots of people were under the impression that I was always Veirya’s husband. Hence, their first thought was I got cucked when they caught wind of Veirya’s marriage. Lots of them looked at me as if they were saying, “My condolences.” It was only later on that they realised I was marrying Veirya. The misunderstanding rendered me speechless.

I won’t deny that I wanted to live in the imperial capital in my early days in this world. All of my efforts back then were to provide Leah with the appropriate living conditions. The imperial capital ticked off the most boxes among all of my options. Nevertheless, maybe it was due to my status that Leah didn’t gain anything when we were actually there. Instead, I was given headaches as a consequence of numerous issues. Our life in the North, to the contrary, was relaxing and happy.

Maybe the flowers’ seeds were scattered before they were stomped on. When we opened the door, the bright rainbow flowers put a surprised smile of delight on Leah’s face. Seeing Veirya and Leah smile in the flower garden and rainbow-shaped fountain was the most blissful moment in my life. Well, Veirya was expressionless as usual unlike Leah.

Our wedding was scheduled for tomorrow on the lush lawn of the hill, the place I saw in my dreams when I was on the verge of death. I could finally hold Veirya’s hand rightfully. Although I never knew what love was in the past and never asked for it, I knew what it was when I could hold Veirya’s hand through thick and thin.

Veirya silently sat in the hot spring with me at her side, enjoying the short respite after all the running around to organise our wedding. I was excited for tomorrow in spite of all the running. You know the kid who kept praying for tomorrow to come? That was me. The stars overhead shone as bright as my mood.

“That’s. Pegasus. See? Does it resemble. A horse? Look. At the stars,” educated Veirya, guiding with her finger. “That’s. The Shepherd. Look. However. Lucilia said. Those collected stars is called the elf. I don’t know. The difference. Between the Shepherd and the Elf.”

I assumed Veirya said it was the Elf constellation because she thought the two stars next to it were supposed to be an elf’s long ears. I had yet to see how any of the stars formed those aforementioned constellations, though. Blame it on my lack of imagination, I guess. I, however, let her speak for I liked listening to her speak.

I raised Veirya’s hand up to check her ring. The only time she ever removed it was when she needed to save me last time. To me, her ring was another star shining brightly on her finger, but it was more dazzling than the stars. Stars burnt themselves, and their light was a light that had gone on for hundred, thousands, tens of thousands and even millions of years. Veirya’s light was our love, one not subjected to the cruelty of time.

“That was what. My dad taught me.” Casting her gaze on the sky, Veirya elaborated, “In the past. Dad was always. By my side. He sat by my side. Like this. And taught me the names. Of the stars. I was very. Happy.”

I questioned in my mind, “So… you view me as your father…? I know Leah actually likes me as a father, but you can’t, Veirya! What, are all the women around me dad-cons?!”

“I had. Lots of things. In the past. My parents’. Accomplishments. A family. My father. Passed away. Later. My mother. Didn’t understand. As a knight. I thought. I could be. As accomplished. As them. But when demons. Attacked me. I almost. Lost my life. Everyone around me. Died. One after another. I. had nobody to speak to. Or interact with. All I could do. Was fight demons. Until I eventually. Became who I am. Today.”

Veirya focused her gaze back on me. Back then, she calmly shared all of her pain and agony in one sitting with me, as well. I used to be curious about her experiences, but it only served to break my heart now.

If I arrived in this world earlier, I would’ve been able to be by her side when she debuted as a knight. Would she have been happier if I was here earlier?

Alas, it was too late. All I could do was convert my regret and sympathy into warmth to warm her hands. While I couldn’t say for sure if it was my imagination or not, I think I spotted her tender feelings in her gaze…

“I’m happy now. I have. My mom. You. And Leah. You said you would. Let me experience the life of a woman. You were successful. In my opinion. I’m very happy. When you’re by my side. You always. Bring joy to my life. I know it’s hard. To express. But I’m truly. Very happy.”

I felt my spine giving in as we hugged. Nevertheless, the roughness was a part of what made Veirya, Veirya. This time, she didn’t bash her teeth into mine since I initiated it. Would it happen later on? I didn’t know.

I planned to show Veirya the entire world. The world didn’t comprise of only elven and human cities. I believed there was a lot left to be explored. I wanted to show Veirya the rest of the world, not for Sisi’s empire but purely because I loved Veirya. I wanted to conquer more places to make Veirya proud. I wanted her to travel the world with her head held high.

Only this beautiful world is worthy of a glance from my beautiful Veirya. I will conquer this world for the woman I love more than anything.

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