The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 10 Ch. 26

Lucilia’s Present

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Petite Lucilia was able to demonstrate her incomparable open-mindedness and hug both Veirya and I. “My dear Travor and dear Veirya, I’m so glad to see you two happy together…”

Lucilia seemingly forewent her job as the Queen of a nation and returned to being our familiar Lucilia. She smiled and kissed Veirya on the cheek then me. However, before she could make contact with my face, Veirya stuck her hand in between us, declaring, “Mine.”

“Yes… yours…” sulked Lucilia, after letting go as if she was a thief caught stealing. “Didn’t we already talk about this? I acknowledge that Travor is your husband, but it doesn’t change the fact that Travor and I are technically married, so it’s only fair that we can kiss or something when we meet, right? It’s not that important to you humans, is it?”

Owing to her tunnel vision, Veirya found herself completely lost. She had no counterargument for Lucilia’s response as she considered my engagement to Lucilia as a by-product of my argument with her. Realistically speaking, my relationship with Lucilia should’ve been erased the moment I was engaged to Veirya. Being as pure as she was, nevertheless, Veirya was of the belief that Lucilia rightfully deserved the special rights of a wife since I was once engaged to her. Such special rights included kissing each other on the face.

“All right, then.”

While Veirya fell into a silence, Lucilia joyously hugged me and kissed me on the lips before backing off. She then arrogantly asked Veirya, “It seems that I’m the first elf here. Will a lot of people be coming?”

“Obviously.” Veirya raised her chin, bragging she had lots of friends. Although that might sound weird to most people, it was an accomplishment worth flaunting for Veirya. I didn’t know how many people she invited, but it wasn’t a big deal to me. As long as she was happy, I was fine.

With a smile, Lucilia informed, “I’ve prepared a present for you two.”

Vigilantly, I questioned, “Are… you positive that they’re not your second batch of post-war victims? I can’t squeeze in another group of elves. If there’s a second group, I’m not going to be able to feed them.”

“No, no, no, it’s not an elf. Of course, if you want elven maids, then, sure. I can guarantee that our elven maids are far more loyal and professional than human maids, so I can rent some to you. Needless to say, money isn’t as important to us as it is to you. What’s more important is one’s identity…”

“I know what you mean, so I’ll pass, thanks.”

Lucilia implied that only those with the right status would have the privilege of elven maids swearing fealty to them. As the count of humanity’s empire, I didn’t qualify. The elves, in fact, might even look down on me. That was why she was trying to lead me into acknowledging that I was the Elven Queen’s husband. If I did bring in elven maids, however, Veirya would snap their necks.

Realising I saw through her ploy, Lucilia poked her tongue. “My present is actually our elven herbs. I’m certain they’re not available here in humanity’s lands. In the elven lands, a newlywed couple needs this. It helps increase the chances of pregnancy, which is why I prepared some for you.”

While what I heard caused me to shudder, Veirya’s eyes glowed with delight. She quickly pressed a hand on Lucilia’s shoulder, frightening the latter. Veirya then tightly hugged Lucilia. Flustered, Lucilia shouted loudly, but Veirya ignored her and gratefully kissed the former’s forehead. “You are my good friend. After all. Lucilia. You really are. Cute. Once I have a child. I’ll name her. After you.”

My eyes grew three sizes.

I saw lots of impolite expressions shoot out of her eyes toward me… I had a gut feeling that Lucilia, who was trying to break free of Veirya’s hold, misunderstood the situation! She thought the reason Veirya was so emotional was because she didn’t have a child. Being well-versed in medicine, Lucilia knew who the main responsibility fell with… Therefore, she gave me a sympathetic look, thinking I was impotent…

I swear on my life it’s not my problem! I have evidence! Leah is a succubus, so I can ignore her, but Sisi is one-hundred percent human!

After getting out of Veirya’s embrace, Lucilia carefully crept over to my side. “Uh… Travor, to be frank, if you have problems with it, I think I can be of assistance.”

“I am seriously not impotent… It’ just… just… it doesn’t happen overnight…” I had proof to show I wasn’t impotent, yet couldn’t tell the two about it…

“Mm… mm… Yes, but Veirya, do you want me to give Travor a check-up? I have a simple method to see if Travor is the problem… Give me a month, and I’ll have an answer for you!”

“Hold it right there! I know what you’re thinking, so it’s a resounding no! Stop trying to trick Veirya all the time! Where did you and Angelina go wrong while taking care of Veirya?! Why does it sound as though you’ve been Angelina-nised?!”

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