The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 10 Ch. 25

The South’s War

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“It’s finally time, huh…?”

Sisi wore on her formal wear, disregarding aesthetics and deliberately focused on tapering her breasts and hips because she was no longer the previous “normal” Sisi. She scrutinised her appearance to ensure it was normal. Her clothes were loose, but they constituted beautiful clothing.

Sisi was a fan of pretty clothing; she would be in a good mood if she could wear nice clothing. Unfortunately, her pretty clothing served to remind her that she was going to soon have to visit her worst nightmare – which was seeing the man she loved hug another woman, then kiss and then… And then they could do whatever they wanted to have a child!

They can do it whenever they want! I had to rely on drugs and pinpointing the right time every week to do it! I can’t believe I have to deal with another woman’s attitude when it feels so good… If Lin Dongqing wasn’t well that day and couldn’t take it… I might’ve done too many cruel things in the past. I guess this is my comeuppance in a way.

A lady-in-waiting watched Queen Sisi with a hopeless smile herself. She was unsure what sort of expression she should’ve worn to face Her Majesty. She couldn’t be happy but couldn’t be too sympathetic, either, because Queen Sisi didn’t like people’s sympathy. Their sympathy was a provocation for her to admit defeat. Sympathy is for the loser, after all. Nevertheless, Queen Sisi, who never thought about romance, suffered a tragic end in her first sincere romance.  People would feel sorry for her regardless, right…?

Sisi planned to take off her formal clothes and prepare it to bring with her to the North tomorrow. The closer she got to the elven lands, the clearer her memory of certain past events were. In fact, it would loom overhead and refuse to leave. She had to attend a wedding while numerous emotions and embarrassing memories harassed her.

I hope the wedding won’t last for too long.

Before Sisi could undress, she suddenly heard a ruckus coming from downstairs and hasty footsteps coming upstairs. Put on the spot, the lady-in-waiting didn’t know if there was danger or if she was meant to get out of the way.  A military chief breathed laboriously as he arrived before her door. Sisi had yet to change, but she still had her intimidating aura. “I hope you have a proper reason for barging into the imperial palace, or prepare yourself to be burnt with my fury.”

“Your Majesty,” started the man. He took in a big breath to calm himself down. However, it was clear that Sisi’s rage wasn’t what caused his tension. It was something much more important. “It is war, Your Majesty.”

“War? What happened? Did the elves attack us, or is the Demon King back to life?’

Queen Sisi didn’t perceive there to be any war that could threaten her reign. The elves only had the advantage in the forest. Once they were out in the open, the cavalry would overrun them. The dwarves wouldn’t possibly wage war on humanity as they were even less of a threat. The Demon King… should’ve been permanently gone. Who could it have been then? Perhaps it was a lord staging a rebellion. No lord had the power to oppose Sisi, though, as her military could squash any lord.

“It is the South’s indigenous people. They disguised themselves as our businessmen to sneak into our lands to go on a killing and robbing spree. They have now occupied an area. We failed to retaliate in time. Th-they are a very big group, and they are rampaging. We have been pushed back. We need you to send us reinforcements!”

“You useless bunch!” cursed Sisi. “They’re a bunch of uncivilised indigenous people, aren’t they?! What could they do? Throw rocks and yell, yet you were defeated?! If you can’t even defeat an indigenous group, what is the point of feeding you lot? How am I supposed to leave my expansion to you when you can’t defeat a group of weaklings?!”

“No… Your Majesty… they… they sneak attacked us… Th-they have incredible curved sabres… Als-also, they have strange weapons for launching projectiles… They show no signs of fear. After we stabbed them with our spears, they continued to press on with their attack… They are truly terrifying…”

“Zip it!” roared Sisi, after she hurled a glass toward him. “I don’t care what sort of men their soldiers are. It doesn’t change the fact that you’re my soldiers! If they can still fight after you pierce them, then shred them! I’ll send reinforcements, but you are not to embarrass me when the South is watching!”

Had the attackers been from the North, Sisi wouldn’t have been so angry. Though the South appeared united, it was actually divided. If Sisi’s military was defeated in the South, the businessmen in the South wouldn’t have any reason to fear her. In the worst case scenario, she’d lose the colony in the South. Accordingly, reinforcements would be sent. Most importantly, she needed the army currently engaging the invaders to win splendidly before the reinforcements arrived.

“Bring me Oaksvid and the noble military families in the North! Bring them all here! Since those barbarians in the South have a death wish, I shall oblige!”

And so, it was a sleepless night for Sisi. Perhaps Veirya and the man who moaned underneath her before weren’t going to have the luxury of enjoying a sweet honeymoon.


I thought it would be a challenge, but it was so simple to defeat them. All it took was a simple ploy and some courage to destroy their defences on the shore, and set foot on their land. Once a coward, always a coward. They’re cowards who don’t deserve this land. I don’t necessarily have to stop at driving them out. My mission should be to conquer. I shall conquer this land! This land belongs to warriors, not cowards with their tails between their legs, watching the land rot!

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