The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 10 Ch. 24

Veirya’s Wedding Dress

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Instead of following the trend of a purple or red dress for the bride in this world, the tailor designed a magnificent white dress for Veirya. He took into account the burn scar on her back and covered the back area while giving the front a deep cut. The white colour emphasised Veirya’s angelic beauty, while her sapphire eyes dazzled the same way the Milky Way steals the spotlight at night. Judging by the design, the tailor must’ve cross referenced the maids’ uniforms.

Holding a bouquet of flowers in her hands, Veirya turned her head away from me: “Don’t… Look at me… like that…”

“Ah, sorry…”

When I, too, noticed I was staring at Veirya, I also looked away, cheeks seared. For us, that was the perfect atmosphere, quiet reassured with our other half accompanying us. If Angelina saw us blushing, she’d definitely be disappointed and shove Veirya over to me. Or maybe she’d just throw us together. I was going to marry Veirya soon, and we had already gone wild in bed, yet we were still shy. I started to question if it was Angelina who was beneath me at night instead of Veirya.

“I have already organised the details of the wedding ceremony. You can let your friends and relatives know they can come here now. I saw the lawn you mentioned. Luckily, it also happens to be in its final moments of its prime. Once the weeds grow, it will not look so nice. This wedding ceremony will go on to be my new business card. I believe that countless others will ask me to design their wedding ceremony in the future!”

Our reactions were the highest form of praise he could possibly receive. He stood before me proud and smiling, awaiting the praise. I’d give him full marks for just Veirya’s wedding dress; it was becoming of Veirya and checked every box.

“I. Am very happy. You are. An excellent designer. I like this. Dress very much.”

“Yes, but the most important factor is that it fits you, Countess Veirya. When I saw your military uniform, I was convinced that white would perfectly suit you. That was why I designed this dress. You see? It is so becoming of you. You are more beautiful than an angel in it! Queen Sisi would probably be jealous!”

Now that’s dangerous! If Sisi gets jealous, god help me!

I recoiled as the thought flourished in my mind.

Even though I had received my set of clothes, a black set, I hadn’t tried them on yet. Probably the most important thing was that Veirya and Leah chose it, which was why I was fine if they liked it.

The designer bowed and left us. Veirya’s gaze drifted over to me, and I coincidentally met hers. We were supposed to just look at each other as usual, but the shyness and awkwardness compelled us avert our gazes.

“I’m going. To change… I can’t. Talk in. This.”


If Veirya always looked so beautiful, I wouldn’t be able to look at her despite being her husband… If excessive beauty was an existent concept, Veirya had achieved it. Angelina was right when she said that we’re still too innocent even though we had already done it…

When Veirya left to go change, Leah, who was dressed in a white dress with two small wings on her back, came running up to me. Leah was a bit too old for it, but, due to Veirya’s persistence, Leah was designated as our bridesmaid in the end.

Obviously, Veirya insisted Leah walk ahead of us at the ceremony, sprinkling flower petals, because Leah adamantly objected when it was first suggested. I could understand why Leah refused… Try asking Sisi how she felt if she was asked to walk in front of us to sprinkle flowers, smile and wish us happiness. Be it Leah or Sisi, it was comparable to being executed. Having said that, I had no intention of laying my hands on my daughter now or in the future even though she wasn’t my biological daughter. Well, I suppose I could only comfort myself since the deed was done.

“Hmph!” fumed Leah, arms folded. “You were totally swept off your feet at the sight of Mama Veirya, weren’t you?! Hmph! Papa betrayed Leah! Papa said Papa wanted to take only Leah to the imperial capital to live a happy life, but now Papa only has eyes for Mama Veirya! Leah would look just as good in that dress! If you don’t believe Leah, tell Mama Veirya to let Leah wear it!”

I couldn’t help conjuring the image of Leah in the dress… Leah in her adult form, you people… Those breasts… in the dress would look…

Seeing the dragon raise its head, Leah smugly raise her chin: “Papa does agree, after all! How about we give it a try! Leah will wear that dress, and Mama Veirya can wear this. Then, Mama Veirya can sprinkle flower petals from in front of us!”

 I have a pretty good idea how that will look… Your head will be dangling off your neck…

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