The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 10 Ch. 13


I had no clue what the situation at the colony was. What could they produce? No clue. I had no clue what businessmen could do there. Maybe they would need land after checking out the factories. To obtain a license to start a factory nearby, businesses required my approval. The businessmen in the imperial capital didn’t get along with me. Hence, I might give them trouble. They needed a place that provided more freedom than the imperial capital and was far enough to escape my grasp.

Needless to say, there was also the potential of investing. Since I was in the South, I had no idea what the businesses at the imperial capital were planning. As such, I didn’t know what to talk about. If I supported them, they might turn around and stab me in the back. If they end up facing retribution, then so be it. Unfortunately, I would have to shoulder the majority of the responsibility. That was why I needed to think about how to approach the matter and what to begin assessing.

I already sent a letter to Melissa. The question was whether or not she could tell me what I wanted to know. The primary issue was I didn’t know what I wanted to know. There was too much that I needed to know.

“Umm, Count Lin? Count Lin?”

“Hmm?” I responded to the tailor in an absentminded manner. “Huh? What’s the matter? Oh, go with what you think works. I quite like your design, so proceed with it.”

“Erm…” The tailor glanced over to Veirya then back to me then requested, “Umm… Count Lin, I have not provided a design yet, though. I just wanted to ask you how many you wanted… Umm… Can you please provide me with an answer?”

Veirya shot me a discontent glare as I awkwardly chuckled, grumbling, “You’re absentminded. When it’s so important? What exactly. Are you thinking about?”

“Sorry, sorry, Veirya. I was thinking about what they said at the banquet… I’m letting myself get occupied with them. Nonetheless, I’ll stop thinking about it. Sorry, Veirya. I won’t do it again.”

Veirya still looked grumpy but didn’t say anything again. Perhaps she didn’t want to embarrass me in front of others. She pinched my hand hard enough to hurt then told the tailor, “We have. Lots of money. So no need. To worry about that.”

I added, “Money isn’t the priority; what’s most important is making Veirya a wedding dress that everybody would envy. You have to ensure it stands out. Also, the most important thing to bear in mind is that I don’t want to hold our wedding in the imperial capital, but the North. Yes, I’m referring to the fief Veirya was originally granted.”

The tailor’s countenance told me he probably never went to the North before and, therefore, didn’t know what sort of place the place I mentioned was. I told a maid to bring me a map, and I pointed it out to him: “This is where Veirya and I met and fell in love. It’s a very important place to us, which is why we must get married there.”

“I see…”

“Correct. That place. Is very important to us. So we must. Go there. There’s a pretty. Lawn there. I want to hold. It there.”

“Mm… Sure. I have accepted the job, so I will ensure the job is done. As money is not a concern for you, I shall go ahead and design the address according to what I believe is best. Rest assured. Our business has designed wedding dresses for nobles and the imperial family. We are professionals. We promise you will be happy.”

“That’s great to hear. I’m leaving it with you. I hope my wife will have a wedding dress that everyone will envy because I love her.”

“I promise to work until you are both happy.”

If I was to be honest, I had to admit that I should apologise to Veirya. I said what I said as I didn’t care what design the tailor came up with. Notwithstanding I always said I loved Veirya, and I sincerely wanted to give her a wedding that everyone would envy, I was more worried about the colony. To clarify, my love for Veirya was unquestionable. The reason I was more focused on the colony was because how it was dealt with would have an effect on our life in the imperial capital in the future. I, therefore, needed to dedicate more time and effort on it.

Thankfully, Veirya looked content after the designer left. She stood up and pinched her waist, worried that her body would lose its shape. Meanwhile, I silently mulled over the colony in the armchair with my hand on my chin.

Veirya walked up to me and pinched my face. Let me remind you that it wasn’t Leah who pinched my face. When Veirya pinched my face, it felt as if she was ripping my cheek off the bone. “You’re spacing out, again,” she grouched.

“Sorry, sorry…”

“No spacing out. At home again. You’re always. Thinking and spacing out. At home. You don’t listen. I’m very. Unhappy.”

“Sorry, sorry,” I apologised with a helpless smile. “I’ll do my best. I won’t bring work home next time. I’ll be sure to listen properly next time.”

Veirya looked into my eyes for a while before removing her hand. She then gently kneaded my face and bashed her teeth on mine again… Yep, Veirya was always Veirya. I clasped her face and went to kiss her


I jerked my hand back upon hearing that loud, deliberate cough from Leah. I didn’t know why I was so scared, either, but I was seriously, really scared of Leah…

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