Martial King’s Retired Life – Vol. 09 Ch. 34

Father and Son

“Am I… dead?” was the thought that followed after Luo Ming felt startled and plunged into a black void. Wherever he was, his senses were either dysfunctional or useless.

Luo Ming visualised his match against the youth and discovered all of the flaws in his movements that he never noticed before. At the same time, he could finally see the youth’s movements as everything moved in slow motion. Ten years of grinding at Repository Sword Play took mere seconds to play out in his mind. The youth wasn’t a monster; he was human – minus the absence of a physical body. Accordingly, Luo Ming understood better just how powerful the young man was and, in the same vein, all of the chinks in Repository Sword Theory that never occurred to him.

Why did it take me until now to see the depth of Repository Sword Theory…?

Upon finding the key to the six theories, he… The ocean of information inundating his mind left before he could digest all of it. The darkness didn’t devour his consciousness and thrust him into genesis but… The eyes on his pallor face narrowed to focus in on the bamboo forest Ming Feizhen and Xiao Huangquan were drinking at. The falling red ball was proof that he was where he was supposed to be. He heard an indistinct voice that took a while to become distinct.

“Dad… Dad, what is the matter?”


“Dad, you have finally come to.” Luo Siming used his hand as a medium to regulate his father’s flow of energy.

He wiped out my consciousness and left me as a lifeless body…

Owing to the discrepancy between Luo Ming and Luo Siming’s levels, the latter’s strength didn’t help. What retrieved Luo Ming’s consciousness was that Luo Siming was an external entity. In saying that, Luo Ming’s consciousness wouldn’t have made it back safely if the youth hadn’t practically destroyed the illusion world that the former generated. Suffice to say, Luo Siming only managed to approach his father thanks to his own study of Repository Sword. Had it been anyone else who tried to approach, they would’ve had their head torn straight off.

Luo Ming peered into the pavilion and saw Xiao Huangquan trying to haphazardly wake up an unconscious Ming Feizhen on the ground.

It’s understandable he can’t stand it while we fought our fight in his mind given his level.

“Dad, what happened?”

“I’m fine… Why are you here?”

“I saw you hiding in the forest for some reason and grimacing, so I helped you regulate your qi.” Realising he addressed Luo Ming as “Dad” as opposed to “Father” in his panic, Luo Siming corrected, “I mean, F-Father, you w-”

Luo Ming smiled: “I… returned too soon. Since I made some errors while practicing Repository Sword, I decided to find somewhere quiet to meditate. You need not be apologetic when you helped me.”

“That is dangerous to leave it as it is, then… I have a suggestion that may be conducive to you, but… it is rather unconventional.”

Siming of all people is learning to break convention?

“Feel free to speak.”

“Mm… Having spent so long learning Repository Sword, I have seen how deep it is. Still, compared to Huashan’s Skydragon Swordplay, Kunlun’s Desolate Sword Dance and Mount Lu Sword Sanctuary Immortal Swordplay Manual, I believe Repository Sword Formation is more than a notch inferior. Perhaps the solution to your problem lies in the intents.

“Despite our clan producing numerous adepts throughout our history, seldom has anyone dismantled Repository Sword Formation on their own. Is it not bizarre that Repository Sword practitioners are unable to defuse Repository Sword Formation when the latter is a branch of the former? I believe there is more to Repository Sword than what our ancestors have imparted.

Luo Ming mused to himself and then slapped the blood out of Luo Siming’s mouth, flooring the latter: “Ignorant and hubristic! How dare you defame our ancestors’ blood, sweat, tears and wisdom?! I trusted you with Luo Sword Manor while I sequestered, yet you’ve let your ego grow so big that you’ve forgotten your ancestry? What are you looking at? Get up and scram! Lock yourself in your room and reflect until I let you out. You are not to eat or drink anything for three days.

Doesn’t that mean he has to miss out on Refining Divine Convention?

Long after Luo Siming left with his teeth gritted, Luo Ming burst out in proud laughter. “What more can I ask for when I have such an astute son?”

Repository Sword Theory’s swordplay component consists of diagrams, while the intents, which was what Luo Siming referred to, are text.

I spent all my life learning swordplay, yet I only noticed the oddity of Repository Sword when I was on the brink of death. In comparison, Ming’er noticed it without any guidance. What a gifted boy. Let me avenge your brothers and carry the burden of killing your uncle. You should stick to the righteous path.

“… Who was he?” Luo Ming murmured as he recalled the uneasy, even terrifying, aura that the youth gave him in the illusion world.

It was impossible to get a clear visual of his appearance. Maybe I couldn’t see it properly because Ming Feizhen doesn’t have a clear visual, either. Why do I feel I’ve met him somewhere before, though?  Yes, I’ve seen that blade weapon somewhere before. The two of them bear a striking resemblance.

I have my hands too full now to think about it. I will have to wait until Refining Divine Convention. My priority is to refine Repository Sword Theory as much as I can in preparation for the big battle; it’s time to address the imperfections I gleaned from my duel with him.


I heaved a long breath. Xiao Huangquan, wearing a bitter visage, asked, “He gone?”

I nodded. Xiao Huangquan stood straight up, while I wobbled.

“If you’re going to hide your identity, be more alert. Why are you being so conspicuous?”

“Coming from the man who draped his shoulder over me in front of everyone and wanted to chat.”

I didn’t have the foggiest idea what style Luo Ming used to infiltrate my mind, and I wouldn’t have known what happened inside if I didn’t sneak into the illusionary world since one’s consciousness is an individual identity. Luo Ming, on the other hand, actually stopped budging, affording me a small window to tell Xiao Huangquan to go along with my act.

“I’m not playing around with you. I understand your decision to quit, but if you continue down this path… You’ll kill everyone. Look at your eyes!”

I opened my eyes.

“Those red eyes and that black broadsword shouldn’t exist in this world. If you want to retire, clean up and then retire.”

“I know what I’m doing…”

Xiao Huangquan wasn’t done. Unfortunately for him, we heard voices, so we quickly ducked into the forest.

“W-wait up.” Luo Mingzhu chased after a lean man.

The lean man spun around and asked, “Miss Luo, what do you keep following me for?”

Luo Mingzhu’s lover is Su Xiao?!

Luo Mingzhu inflated her cheeks: “Why do you go faster if every time I call you?”

“These are my legs. I go when I feel like going. What gives you the right to tell me what to do with them?

Xiao, she’s lowering herself, so why are you being so ruthless?!

“I… I just thought you’re not very skilled, so I want to help you. Take this token with you to the competition, and someone will help y-”

“Miss Luo, please have some respect for yourself. As a girl, you should cherish yourself more.” Su Xiao extended an arm in a “stop” gesture: “Do not seduce me. I am not the sort of man you take me for!”

Claps for you, Xiao!


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