The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 10 Ch. 14

Leah’s Rage

Carrying her blanket, Leah griped, “Papa has been very cold to Leah recently! Ever since Papa came back, Papa said Papa has another daughter and then stopped caring about Leah! Is Papa sick of Leah? Is Papa fond of the new and tired of the old daughter?”

Anna laughed while she rubbed Leah’s head: “Lord Lin has been busy with lots of things recently, I guess. Also, he has to get married with Countess Veirya. He’s not deliberately ignoring Leah.”

“Leah knows… but… it’s… annoying Leah… Leah is irritated after Papa mentioned he has a new daughter, too. Papa doesn’t care about Leah anymore…  Leah is very unhappy… Papa doesn’t care about Leah’s feelings. Papa doesn’t care about Leah anymore.” Leah also had tears in her eyes.

Ever since her papa and Veirya moved into their current home, Leah lost the right to sleep together with her papa every night. Furthermore, he always looked at his wife and hardly spared Leah a glance despite getting to eat together. Leah tried to be tolerant, but tolerance and patience can deepen wounds. She had wrestled with it for a long time, and her sorrow was truly beginning to strangle her.

Anna gently hugged Leah and assured, “You are Count Lin’s most beloved daughter. He did so much for you to stay by your side. There’s no way he doesn’t like you. He just happens to have too much work at the moment and has forgotten to give you some attention. Leah, what you need to actually do most right now is tell him that you’re lonely and want to spend time together with him.”

“Really?!” excitedly asked Leah, as she sat up.

“Haha, not now, though, because it’s his time with Countess Veirya right now. Anna gave Leah a kiss on her forehead and tucked her in. “It’s your bedtime, as well, Leah. Goodnight, “

“Uhm, Goodnight Sister Anna.”

Anna had developed a genuine fondness for Leah, whom she thought was absolutely adorable, ever since she learn that suspicions of Leah hiding her succubus nature were unfounded.


Veirya exhaled then pushed me off her to then pull me into her embrace. I didn’t get nervous because she hugged me but rather because she was still expressionless. Oh, there was also her completely calm demeanour that made you think she just finished legitimate business. After we did it last time, Veirya and I did it once every night.

It was a different experience with her compared to Sisi and Leah, both of who would insane. Veirya understood moderation. Whenever we finished, I’d nervously wait for Veirya to say something nice, but she’d never ask for more, leaving me to wonder, “Am I incapable of satisfying Veirya? Is she treating it as pure business?! I… Why…? No way… is there…?”

“Veirya, let me ask you again: are you honestly satisfied now?”

“Uhm,” responded Veirya, from overhead. “I’m satisfied. So. You don’t need.  Ask.”

The question annoyed Veirya… The main issue was that responding with an expressionless look made it lose all credibility… I’d believe her if she spoke in that tone in other situations, but not in bed after the deed… I was more convinced that it was hopeless pacification…

I gingerly touched Veirya’s breasts, but she didn’t respond. I began to rub her breasts, but still no response. If I did the same thing to Sisi, she’d climb up and mount me again.

“I don’t think there’s a problem with what I said… Maybe Veirya doesn’t really feel much regardless? Wait. Could it be that she doesn’t know how to express her fulfilment with words?” I pondered.

I probably wasn’t the problem. No, I definitely wasn’t the problem. No. Not me. Veirya just didn’t moan.

However, the moment I removed my hands, Veirya immediately looked down at me with a grumpy aura. She grabbed my hand and pressed it back on her breast: “Continue. Don’t stop. It was feeling good.”

“So it’s not that Veirya doesn’t feel joy or enjoy it but that she doesn’t know how to express herself… If she’s not done, she’ll tell me in her own way,” I inwardly celebrated.

After some rubbing, Veirya’s body gently juddered. Without asking for my opening, she grabbed me again: “So. Are you done resting? Can we. Go again tonight?”

“You bet!”

I suddenly realised a very important problem: if Veirya develops an addict for the bedroom lifestyle, would my body hold up…? Wouldn’t my body be reserved for Veirya in the future anyhow? I guess it all works out fine, then.

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