The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 10 Ch. 08

Worrisome Morning

“Good morning, Papa.”

Maybe it was my imagination, but Leah didn’t seem too friendly with me in the morning. Perhaps it was her succubus nature seeing as their kind was adverse to others touching their food. In the same vein, Leah must’ve been jealous about me doing the deed with Veirya last night. Nevertheless, I didn’t pay too much attention to her reaction because something else required my attention.

“Veirya, D-did you truly… feel good last night? D-did it really feel good?”

“Yes. I told you. It felt nice. I’m genuinely. Satisfied,” answered Veirya.

“Ar-are you sure? Are you sure you’re not just going along with me?”

Veirya’s response didn’t help me feel reassured. It was very important to know for a man’s pride! What transpired last night was a major blow to my pride… It was my first time with Veirya last night, yet she ended up faking her moans with a straight face… They were… so fake that I could tell she was deliberately moaning.

Th-that’d be humiliating for any man, wouldn’t it…? As a result, I felt humiliated last night…I had asked her more than once if I made her happy and satisfied. She kept calmly nodding answering that she did, yet… yet her countenance didn’t match her claims. It was her expressionless look that humiliated me even more after her fake moans. It gave the impression that she was just being considerate of my feelings.

I… I… pleased Leah and Sisi; the problem was, they weren’t my wife. It was Veirya who I loved. Sadly, I couldn’t please her… My pride aside, dissatisfaction under the blankets was commonly a reason for families breaking down. It might even be the reason that Veirya and I broke up down the road…

Though I couldn’t say with certainty, as I couldn’t tell if it was my imagination or if my nerves added to my stress, I felt that my endurance was underwhelming last night. My endurance didn’t change. That would never happen!

I chose my words carefully, partially due to the presence of the maids, before asking Veirya again in a solemn voice, “Veirya, be honest with me. Were you genuinely satisfied last night?”

“You’ve asked that. Many times. Are you. Trying to say something? I won’t answer. That question again.” Veirya headed off in a grouchy mood – presumably.

““Am I really that poor…? I don’t think I’m that bad… I’m sure it’s not my problem. If Leah and Sisi’s responses were to be credible, it definitely isn’t my issue…  But… But why…? Does Veirya not have any emotions to wear on her face?! D-do I have to ask Leah and Sisi the same question? Those two seemed satisfied… Sisi went at it with me for an entire day, so… so… I don’t think it’s my issue…” I continued questioning to myself.

“Don’t worry. That’s just how the kid is. She was expressionless when I did it, too, so she’s not saying that out of consideration of your pride,” assured Angelina, from behind while patting my shoulder.  “Don’t worry. I’m her mother; I know what she’s thinking. Don’t be so tense. It’s not your problem.”

“Really…? I just never thought she’d wear the same expression… That was a massive blow to my pride…” Even though Angelina’s smug smile that was a blatant sign she enjoyed my misery peeved me, my pride soaked her words up without hesitation.

“I understand her and know her reaction. Nevertheless, the primary problem is that I don’t really know you well.” Angelina hugged me and stroked my back then tenderly whispered in my ear, “Hehe, I don’t know what you’re capable of. After all, because you turned into a coward at the last moment, we didn’t do it. That’s why I can’t rule you out as being the problem… I’m identical to Veirya, and my body is almost the exact same, so I need about the same amount of time. How about conducting an experiment with my body? I can confirm your attributes if we do it just once…”

“What does that have to do with me?! I know myself! I believe in myself!” I exclaimed after jolting and getting out of Angelina’s embrace.

Angelina revealed a smile that worried me. “Let me give you a fantastic suggestion: you must get in Veirya’s family’s good books. Else, I can teach Veirya lots of bad things… You get what I mean, right…? You know what to do now, right…?”

“I’ll do anything besides what you want!”

“You sure? Those are your words. I won’t pretend I never heard it…”

“Please pretend you never heard it, then…” I couldn’t pretend I didn’t hear what Angelina said. She almost did it with me before, after all.

Angelina teased my face with a smile and then victoriously strutted off. I could destroy Albert and Edward, but she’d lead my by the nose forever.

Women are seriously scary…

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