The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 10 Ch. 07

Veirya’s First Time

“I have to succeed tonight. I must. It’s not just my desire alone. Veirya is looking forward to it, as well… I don’t need to be nervous. I don’t need to be nervous…” I repeated to myself like a broken record.

My body was healthy. I could definitely raise the dragon’s head. I didn’t know if my length was all right by this world’s standards. At least, Leah and Sisi were besotted with it, so I figured I could tick all the boxes. Veirya seemed curious, but I suppose it was normal for every female to be.

Two maids carrying bed sheets to the laundry for washing tomorrow passed by our bedroom door to see me riveted outside, so they asked, “Lord Lin, are… you all right?”

“Ah, I-I’m fine.” I scratched my head and exhaled. “I’m fine…”

“I see… Please take care, then… Goodnight.” The two maids exchanged eye contact before quickly leaving.

For whatever reason, the quiet friction between skin and cotton, and the aroma permeated in the room, were heightened to my senses. I probably could’ve unloaded at the sight of those legs hanging off the bed, reflecting the flames on the wicks.

Veirya’s curves pressed up against her almost-transparent purple chiffon, screaming to be released. Her feminine features revealed themselves to me; the purple chiffon was unable to completely cover her body. I had no idea who did it, but she had groomed herself for the moment.

I’m not a pervert… It was just… just… just because of Veirya… It was because she was too beautiful! It wasn’t my fault! No, it wasn’t my fault!

Veirya didn’t mind being naked in front of me when we bathed together, yet she covered her bosom with her hands. It was weird for her to start being shy when we were soon to be married. I, however, was nervous admittedly.

“Shall I just chuckle as a pervert does and pounce her, or shall I take my time with foreplay?” I contemplated.

As a result of our hesitation, we both turned away. We were supposed to get intimate, yet were both lost for what to do… I knew that one of us had to take the next step. As a man, I had the responsibility to do so, but… but… I didn’t know what to do… As I went to speak, Angelina came out of nowhere and shouted, “What are you two doing?! Haven’t you bathed together already?! What are you two doing now?! Shouldn’t it be a thirsty night?! Why are you just looking at each other and taking so long?!”

“Why are you here?!”

Angelina dismissed my shock and Veirya’s shyness. She grabbed Veirya with her left and grabbed me with her right to wrestle us both onto the bed.

“Do what you’re supposed to! My god! Why is it so hard for you two?! I’m watching! Let’s see who dares to run! You have to get the job done tonight!”

“Yeah right! Name one instance where the bride’s mother provides live guidance on a new couple’s wedding night! How am I supposed to do it with you watching?! Besides that, if I could get an erection with you watching, then I’d be a certified creep!” I would’ve argued if Veirya wasn’t there.

“I can’t bloody do this… I can’t even take my pants off!” I cried to myself from atop Veirya.

Reading my mind or something, Angelina pulled my trousers down. Veirya gently grabbed my dragon before it got erect and remarked, “It’s cute…”

“Please don’t talk about it…”

Angelina verbalised, “Either you do it tonight, or you can forget it for good. How about a deal? What are you even shy about? It’s not even your first time anymore, is it? If you’re going to be shy, you should be shy with Leah, right…?”

“Please stop talking about it…”

“Veirya, do it, like this. Grab it, and then stroke it. Start at the tip. Yep, that’s the way. Be firm, but be careful! It’s not your sword. If it breaks, it’s gone permanently! That’s the way. Careful…”

I told you I had imagined our first time countless times. I told you it was a romantic and enamouring night; however… however… I never imagined… our first time… would be used for her mother to use as teaching material…

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