Martial King’s Retired Life – Vol. 09 Ch. 29

You Shall Rule the Pugilistic World Forever

Luo Ming’s hostility receded once I confirmed it was him targeting me. The last time we fought, he hid behind the façade that he was Abels, an aura completely unlike when I met him as Luo Ming again. It would be erroneous to describe his aura as someone capable of using two styles as his aura was different through and through. Furthermore, the bloodlust I sensed switched at his will, telling me he was capable of switching between internal styles whenever he fancied.

Identifying and judging a hostile based on their bloodlust isn’t a reliable method for the reason that the nature of their bloodlust hinged on their mood. In my case, I was only thirty percent confident I could manipulate it – around the same as Shaolin’s abbot. My shifu, who has a fifty percent probability of manipulating his bloodlust, would be considered the best in the lands.

That was why Luo Ming brazenly targeted me, unaware that he gave himself away because of that. Granted switching internal styles at intervals concealed his identity, he wasn’t cognisant of the fact that he didn’t change the way he retracted his bloodlust. Worth noting is that this is my exclusive way of identifying people.

It’s commonly misunderstood that the aura one gives off or their bloodlust is something that a mere will spawns. In reality, it’s attached to the mental cultivation they practice. Since it’s nigh impossible for two people learning the same style to be at the exact same level and impossible for someone to copy paste another’s progress, you can identify people if you can read the specifics.

Buddhists don’t ooze strong bloodlust before they fight; some don’t even give off any. Once they throw hands, nonetheless, it’s beyond them to control. When they pull back and calm themselves, you can immediately identify them due to how individualised it is.

I can sense the flow of qi in other people as if it’s placed right in front of me, enlarged and focused even if I don’t try to. Put it this way: Luo Ming retracted his bloodlust as though he was sneaking on his toes, yet I sensed it as if he was howling and stomping. It was even easier for me to identify him because we already scrapped once.

Luo Ming was careful when he exerted his bloodlust for there weren’t many others on the island who would survive a flick from him. His bloodlust was faint, yet sharp, enough that Emperor Yuansheng wouldn’t react but enough for a Divine Realm adept around the latter to notice. As skilled at remaining collected as one may be, instinctive reactions don’t lie; true qi will rush to protect its owner the moment that sort of bloodlust is detected. Hence, Luo Ming could probe to see if I was hiding my abilities or not.

Had I not cut myself off in time, I really would’ve spun around and uncorked a punch. Thankfully, I made it in time to convince him to remain still outside at the door. I wasn’t in the safe zone yet, having said that. The power that pressured my true qi was stronger than if I was to hit back, while I had to hide the change in qi within the room. Thus, I transferred my qi along transverse and sagittal planes, rattling the furniture. Luckily, my qi only snapped the chain holding them together and didn’t blow the furniture over.


Relax, buddy. Don’t snap on me now!

I ran my eyes around to see seven of eight chains already snapped, and the last one was on its last leg. Afraid I’d blurt something wrong, I covered my mouth.

Misunderstanding, Emperor Yuansheng patted me on the shoulder and expressed, “I know you’re shocked. I understand you’re lost for what to do when this is so sudden. I promise to keep you safe.”

You mean I’m worried for your safety. Your bro is sharpening his blade outside while contemplating how to kill us. You realise you’re standing below a swaying copper lantern that weighs a tonne? By the way, I happen to be a leader of Demon Sect!

“Even though we have quite a number of people with us, the problem is that only three people are permitted to compete. We are lucky to even be here when we did not receive an invitation. No other group is going to lend us a hand. However, you are a disciple of Mount Daluo and have your shifu’s fire st-, broadsword. Instead of putting all our capital in one basket, why not split up. That grants us six competitors as opposed to only three, thereby increasing our chances.”

“Mm, mm, mm,” I murmured while watching the hanging lantern overhead. If it dropped, Luo Ming would know I was behind it. More importantly, Refining Divine Convention only involved the pugilistic world. If the lantern fell, we might need a new Emperor. Dilemmas love my company.

“I was thinking Dugu, Long Zaitian and I can form a team, while Tie Hanyi and Yiren can join you as another team.”

“Mm, mm, mm.”

“I understand you’re reluctant to accept this job since fighting isn’t your forte. Without you, however, we can’t form a Mount Daluo team. I’m trusting you with this, Young Ming…”

I can’t just keep deliberating. I need to make my decision now.

“Your Majesty, serving the nation is my honour. I am at your service. I have no complaints. I have only one mind. Once a word has been spoken, an aunt cannot retrieve it. That being said, I just remembered there is something I must do, so I shall take my leave now. You shall rule the pugilistic world forever.” I bowed and then darted out, with Luo Ming tailing me.

Luo Ming would hold back as long as I accompanied Emperor Yuansheng, so I essentially exposed myself, not that I could choose. Nevertheless, I was tuning in to Emperor Yuansheng after I departed.

Emperor Yuansheng mumbled, “Huh? He agreed as quick and easily as a dog and ran faster than one? Isn’t the idiom supposed to be, ‘Once a word has been spoken, a team of four horses cannot retrieve it?’ What is this about an aunt? I shall rule the pugilistic world forever? Hmph, Ming Feizhen is growing worse by the day. Once we get back, I’ll make sure to separate Yiren from him before he can corrupt her. Let’s see who can stop m-, ow, a projectile!”

I could hear the sound of things smashing Emperor Yuansheng as a combo. I know it’s not nice of me and inappropriate considering Luo Ming was chasing me, but I couldn’t help laughing hysterically as I listened to Emperor Yuansheng’s cries.


“You Shall rule the pugilistic world forever.” – This is a part of Sun-Moon Holy Cult’s mantra/catchphrase in Jin Yong’s “The Smiling, Proud Wanderer”. I don’t know if there’s a universally accepted translation for it; I couldn’t find one. If you do know it, let me know. I’ve never read/seen the English versions of The Smiling, Proud Wanderer.

“Once a word has been spoken, a team of four horses cannot retrieve it.” – A much more “English” translation would be, “A man never goes back on his word.” As you can see, however, the aunt line falls through if we use that translation, so I had to stick with a literal translation.


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