The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 10 Ch. 06

Veirya Can’t Wait

As patriarch of the family, I had an obligation to invest my efforts into ensuring the family was healthy.

“Did Her Majesty say anything when you visited today?” queried Angelina, while cutting into her meat at dinner with her eyes narrowed. When Veirya left me back then, Angelina was with us when I tried to reinstate Sisi. Consequently, I understood what Angelina implied.

“Nothing. She just asked about the South. All I did was avenge Achilles. By the way, Lilia doesn’t know I’m behind her husband’s downfall, so I don’t tell her when she arrives. Less a problem is better than one more problem.”

If somebody accidentally let the truth slip, Lilia’s child could grow up winning my trust to then stick a knife in my back, make me bankrupt or something as revenge.

Angelina nodded.

Veirya inquired, “Has Lilia. Given birth?”

“Yeah, just a few days ago. Their daughter is a cute catgirl.”

Now that Lilia had given birth, Veirya would definitely have questions for her, not that I’d be surprised given the questions Veirya asked the first time they met.

“Then. Why did. Albert. Pass away?” asked Veirya, after nodding.

“Simple. He couldn’t accept the reality of being bankrupt. He chose to kill himself to avoid burning his wife and child with his debt.”

Veirya nodded. Angelina asked, “Are you sure you had no part in it?”

“Of course I didn’t.”

“I meant, does Albert’s suicide have anything to do with you?”

“Of course it had nothing to do with me. I just had him go bankrupt; I didn’t force him to die. I wouldn’t be so cruel to a man who’s about to be a father. How would I be any different to him otherwise?”

I hated Angelina’s distrustful gaze suggesting that I committed a grave sin.

I never did it! I didn’t lie! Okay, fine, I can’t trick myself… Still, I didn’t reveal the truth. At the very least, I didn’t want Veirya to know my true nature.

Veirya expressed. “Lilia. Is truly. Pitiful. She lost her husband. Her child. Lost her father.”

Perhaps it reminded Veirya of the past. I didn’t know why, but Veirya seemed to particularly miss her father. All I knew about her father was that he was a reticent warrior and the chapel’s mightiest knight’s husband.

“There’s no need to worry, though. Lilia will be joining us soon. Ross will bring his sister over. By the way, I’ve become Lilia’s child’s god father.”

“Papa, how do you have another child?! Why do you keep having more and more children?!” yelled Leah, as she slammed the table and stood up. “Is Leah not enough?! Is Leah alone not enough?! Leah has decided to overlook your child with Mama Veirya, but what’s the deal with Ascillia and this new child?! Papa, could it be that you didn’t rescue Leah due to Leah being Leah but because you like to adopt girls as your daughter wherever you go?!”

“No! It was because Albert committed suicide and Lilia is Ross’ elder sister that I have to help her!”

“Leah will teach you a lesson again tonight, Papa!”

“You can’t Leah. Tonight is Mama Veirya and Papa’s night,” Angelina pointed out with a threatening hand on Leah’s head while sneering, sending an electric current through the succubus. Angelina’s strength reminded Leah of the terror she suffered at the hands of Angelina and Veirya, so she hung her head down in silence. Angelina then haughtily said to me, “After what I learnt about you two last night, I have provided Veirya with the appropriate coaching, so you two and finish what you didn’t tonight. You two need to adjust your feelings first, I guess. Do you need a stimulating perfume, or did you need some alcohol?”

“I don’t need neither of them…” I glanced over to Veirya.

There was still a lingering pain where I was punched. Veirya watched me set my dining utensils down and promised, “I won’t. Hit you this time. And I’ll moan. Although I don’t know. Why I have to.”

“Hang on! Angelina, what in the world did you teach her?! Why is that how she comprehends it?!”

Although there wasn’t any emotion to be found in Veirya’s gaze, her stare clearly indicated that she looked forward to it and was waiting to do it with me at night…

“Please take my feelings into consideration… I’m nervous, too! Wh-when Veirya is eager to do it, I’ll feel nervous…” I inwardly exclaimed.

I was speechless… Veirya had already set her knife and fork down. A maid took her place. She still continued staring at me as though… I was her next dish…

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