The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 10 Ch. 05

Taking Care of the Family

I started to regret visiting Sisi. But then, I doubt I’d escape unscathed – if even that – had I not gone.I happened to be the first candidate that came to her mind in the loyal and trustworthy categories. She had lots of nobles under her banner, and young talent was abound in those families. Achilles, Edward and Albert all had something unique about them but just had terrible luck. As far as I was aware, I was the only trustworthy one left because she kept losing young talent one after the other.

I sighed as I went to the horse carriage. The coach courteously opened the door for me to get in. I spaced out as I viewed the prosperous scene outside, and thoughts started to manifest in my mind: “Should I have not come here? We have the best chances and treatment here. It’s also the safest city in the empire, although being here means that I have to shoulder the responsibility of being Queen Sisi’s vassal in addition to fulfilling my role as Veirya’s husband and Leah’s father. I’ll be having two kids. I also need to guide Ross and help him build relationships with more businessmen. Back home, there’s Ascillia and Lilia to take care of… In the North, I only had desolate land and a small town. I didn’t need to manage squat, so I had the luxury to enjoy being at home. I have so much to do here in the imperial capital. Can I handle all this stuff thrown at me? Despite my confidence, I’m starting to doubt myself.”

When we arrived at the door, the steward politely took my sky-blue cape from me and smiled: “My Lord, did your meeting with Her Majesty go well?”

“Not bad.” As we went upstairs, I inquired, “Where’s Leah and Veirya?”

“Miss Leah is currently studying with her teacher. Lord Veirya is watching them. Did you want to visit them?”

“Mm… I’ll pass. Are Ascillia and Anna home? If they are, I’ll go pay them a visit first.”


The mansion had lots of rooms. Perhaps that was an understatement since the mansion was still awfully empty at a glance despite so many people dwelling there as it was.

I knocked on Anna’s door.

“Lord Lin, I am glad you are back. I happen to have something to speak to you about, as well… I tried to go and look for work, but they do not believe that I worked for you. Therefore, I need you to provide me with proof that I worked for you. So, could you please write me a letter of recommendation…?”

“… You want to go and search for work? You find it uncomfortable here? Was someone rude to you in my absence?”

“No, it is not your issue, and the maids are courteous. That, however, is precisely why I cannot stay. After all, I am not a qualified maid. I only know how to perform mundane house chores. You did not have a maid back in the North, which was why I was able to accept your assistance, not to mention my serious mistake… I am grateful, but I have no right to deserve this treatment. I am not Lord Veirya, so I have no right to enjoy special privileges.”

“… I won’t write you a letter of recommendation as, technically, you didn’t work for me. If you did, you’d have a salary, but you didn’t. We took you in; we didn’t hire you. Leah needs somebody I can trust, and she likes to take care of her by her side. You’re the only suitable candidate who comes to mind. Anna, I’ll pay you a higher salary than the other maids. What do you think?”

“B-but, Lord Lin, did I not say that I do not actually have any skills? I can only perform some house chores…”

“Leave those mundane tasks to the maids. Your most important task is to keep Leah company and take care of her as you always have. In truth, Leah is a child who lacks a sense of security. With you by her side, she’ll feel safer.” I smiled and patted Anna on her shoulder. “I think you’d be happier to work with people you know rather than with strangers out there, right? If you’re willing to stay, I’d also feel reassured.”

“I would be happy to!” Silver droplets rejoiced in Anna’s eyes.

In essence, Anna would be Leah’s personal maid, similar to the ladies-in-waiting in the imperial palace. Sure, she’d be referred to as a maid, though her status would be above the maids in the imperial palace, because the maids in the imperial palace took care of Her Majesty.

It was my first time seeing Ascillia read, a sight that I was taken aback by since I hadn’t seen her read before. Ascillia put her book down when she saw me. With a helpless smile, she remarked, “Lord Lin, I am reading humanity’s books again. I have not seen humanity’s text in a long time. To be honest, I am not too familiar with it anymore.”

“Were you educated before?”

“I had a home tutor just as Leah does now before my poor health beset me,” answered Ascillia, smiling politely. “Unfortunately, I did not have many opportunities to read humanity’s books thereafter. I want to begin again. Then, I want to find a job. Ideally, I would like a job in the imperial palace.”

“Study diligently alongside Leah, then. I’ll do my best to help you. I’ll ask Her Majesty to introduce you to a job.”

“Really?! Lord Lin, thank you very much! Thank you very much!”

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