The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 10 Ch. 04

Sisi’s Request

My first day back had to be reserved for Veirya and Leah; however, I had to go and see Sisi the next day. Although we didn’t have an agreement, I knew what Sisi wanted, and she wanted me to take the initiative. If I didn’t, Queen Sisi might get angry and do something nobody wanted to be on the receiving end of it.

Everybody in the rear palace recognised me this time, so the ladies-in-waiting respectfully let me through. It was supposed to be when Sisi was most energetic in the morning, yet I saw her sleeping on her bed when I entered her bedroom. A lady-in-waiting told me that Queen Sisi slept late as she was busy designing a dress last night. She craved sleep a lot more recently, apparently. Also, the lady-in-waiting hinted that Sisi needed me around me due to her pregnancy. I wanted to reply, “Yeah, sure, the problem is that I can’t! Sisi isn’t my wife; my wife is Veirya! I’m one hundred percent certain she sent an invitation to Sisi, so how am I supposed to spend more time with the latter?”

I sat down in a chair and watched Sisi sleep. The confident and proud Sisi, who even smiled in a scorning manner, slept as peacefully and happily as a child, devoid of her pride and beauty as the Queen of the empire. Perhaps she was enjoying a blissful dream of some sort. I decided not to disturb the beautiful, yet rare, sight.

Sisi finally budged a little when it was time for lunch, gradually opening her eyes. She rolled over and stretched out her back. “You’re finally here, Dongqing. I’m very, very happy. How nice would it be if I could see you every day? I think I’ll be in a good mood today. How’d things in the South go? You found yourself a very interesting delegate.”

“It’s done. Truth be told, it was supposed to be a personal vendetta, yet I dragged you and others in at the end.”

“It’s fine.”

Sisi stretch her back out again and then blithely stripped out of her sleepwear in front of me. She went up to the make-up table and rang the bell. The ladies-in-waiting began to nervously tidy the room and fill the bathtub with hot water after entering. Someone brought over Queen Sisi’s clothes for the day. Maybe it was my imagination, but Sisi rarely wore the same clothes twice.

“I’ve also got my hands on the shipyard now. I’ve already sent men over to renovate my navy shipyard. However, I’ve found a new place to manufacture boats for them. After the deal with the shipyard was settled, they prepared to immigrate to the colony. I, too, have finished my preparations,” Sisi filled in, back facing me.

If I may be honest, I was quite conflicted at first since I felt that being forced to impregnate Sisi was betraying Veirya. Now, however, I had a trace of affection for Sisi, though I had no means of identifying if it was because of my child with Sisi. I’d still have some feelings for our child even if our child wasn’t born in the most ideal way. Perhaps Leah had changed me. I was never fond of children before.

“In saying that, I do need a general director to go there. It’s unimaginable for a group of people, who were conned, kidnapped and whipped before, far from the range of my rule on a new continent, to stay in line. Notwithstanding the fact that I have a military stationed there, people change. If they influence the military, I’ll lose the continent forever.” Sisi spun around and stepped into the path, gesturing for me to come over with her finger while smiling.

I, instead, warily observed Sisi: “I can’t. No way. I just came back from the South. I don’t hate the South, but I might be stuck there for a long time after just getting married to Veirya.”

Sisi turned around in the water: “You can take your entire family. I need someone I can trust and is capable of controlling everyone there. I can’t control everything in my current state, after all. You’re my most trusted personal assistant and the noble I count on most. You might gain something while acting as the officer of the colony. It’s better than running a small-time business in the imperial capital, isn’t it?”

“I won’t go. I’m sure you have an alternative. You can’t possibly dump everything on me, can you? I promised Veirya and the rest of the family that I won’t leave anytime soon. At the very least, I want to see my child come to this world.”

“Whose child are you referring to?” asked Sisi, smugly. “If you’re talking about my child, I think you can go in winter. If you’re talking, then you must be trying to purposely deceive me. Nobody knows when your child with her would be born. What, if you don’t have a child, then you’ll never go?”

I took in a big breath. Honestly, I didn’t want to have any part of it. Alas, if I adamantly refused, nothing good would come out of it. Sisi gave me everything I had in the imperial capital. She brought me over to keep me by her side partly because it was easy for her to order me around from there.

“Later, okay, Sisi? It’s been a long time since Veirya and I have been able to be together. I want to stay with her for some time. I understand that you have a situation, but please give me some time. Please? Once Veirya and I have settled down, I’ll go to the colony.”

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