The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 10 Ch. 03

Angelina’s Guidance

If there was any doubt Leah was a succubus, there was no room for doubt after experiencing the amount of force she used with her lips, tentacles and hands, which was the same as last time. I always suspected if there was another nerve that controlled her.

“Why do I feel as though Leah has countless smaller tentacles teasing me?“ I wondered.

I couldn’t avoid the duty. Of course I didn’t want to do it with Leah. I had no alternative, though. After the last incident, she needed to absorb my essence at a set time daily, or she’d have health issues. I didn’t know what would happen, but better safe than sorry. Angelina informed that Leah suddenly transformed into her mature form at random times recently, which I attributed to lack of my “essence”.

It wasn’t because Leah hugged me so tightly that I had a headache. Leah straddled my hips, rested her head on my chest and went wild on it while letting out raunchy moans.

My head hurt because I wanted to continue with Veirya, but when we were about to connect, Veirya punched me in the face out of instinct when it hurt. And you know what? She knocked me out. Cold. When I came to, the sun already set. She kept apologising to me afterwards. I knew that she didn’t deliberately reject me; it was just her safety reflex kicking in. The issue was the troubles it brought me. See, Veirya wanted a child. If she wanted a child, she needed me inside her. If she smashes me the moment her reflexes to pain kicked in, I’d end up dead, wouldn’t I?

Leah and Veirya were different. Leah’s body was so soft that I could morph it into any shape I wanted with my hands. It slid in without any hitches from the first time. Veirya’s body, to the contrary, was tough. It was comparable to a scar that would split open. As such, she punched me the moment it hurt.


I couldn’t hold it any longer. Leah convulsed on top of me and then gripped me as if she was trying to suck everything out of me. Then, she got off and lied down to the side with a satisfied smile. I couldn’t decide if I was supposed to treat her as a child or an adult when she hugged me similarly to a fed child going to sleep.


 “Sit there! I’m speechless! You used to be an idiot. This time, the opportunity was given to you, yet you wasted it,” grumbled Angelina, back in her room.

Veirya, who always refused to listen to Angelina, surprisingly sat there as a good daughter would and kept her head down while Angelina lectured her. After her mother finished angrily lecturing her, Veirya expressed, “Sorry… I didn’t think that would happen.’

“I’m speechless! Leah has gotten ahead of you! Don’t you feel ashamed, acting chic out there every day as Lin Dongqing’s Madam Lin?! They treat you as Lin Dongqing’s wife, yet you never even did it with him! Didn’t you want a child?! If you want a child, you must do it. If you can’t do it after you’re married, Lin Dongqing will definitely get himself another woman! Aren’t you concerned?!”

Veirya looked expressionless, but her nervous twitching was noticeable: “I don’t want that. So. I want to. Control myself. But. I can’t.”

“Really? Let me give you a check-up first, then. Once you learn that it feels nice, you won’t react that way again. Now, undress!” overbearingly demanded Angelina.

Veirya obediently rose to her feet and undressed. Angelina scanned her daughter’s body and clicked her tongue. “Being young sure is nice. At the very least, there’s no sagging… My body has started to change… Uhm, uhm, you’re my daughter no doubt; you’ve got a decent body… If you didn’t have these…” Angelina ran her finger along Veirya’s scars. As a mother, her gaze turned somewhat gloomy, only to instruct drill-instructor style, “Lie on the bed.”

Veirya obediently lied down on the bed. Angelina then commanded, “Spread your legs!”

Veirya sat up and opened her legs. Angelina, who sat down and used two fingers to slowly open the doorway to human proliferation.

“His. Feels different…”

“Is his rod huge?!” Angelina looked up at Veirya with excitement and lust all of a sudden.

Veirya titled her head. Angelina began to wriggle her fingers. Veirya also gradually responded, albeit keeping a straight face. Angelina stopped. Normally, Veirya would be done and convulsing. Howbeit, Veirya just conveyed, “It feels good.”

“Yeah? While you don’t wear any emotion on your face, you’re… quite easy to deal with, huh? How are you done already?! … All right, based on my experience, your response is fine. Now, you are not to hit him. It’ll hurt even more when you do it with him. Second, you must respond. Here, let me give you a demonstration. You need to get into a rhythm, moan and pant. Don’t lie there like a corpse!”

“Yeah? Why?”

“Just do it! Men like it!”

“They do?”

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