The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 09 Ch. 51


When Ross and I returned home, we saw Lilia standing at the entrance to welcome us. She smiled at us but was surprised to not see her husband.  Ross went to support his sister. Meanwhile, the puzzled Lilia asked me, “Ah, welcome back, you two. Where is Albert? Did he not come back together with you?”

I calmly answered, “Albert has other business. He needs to leave for two to three days. There is nothing to worry about as he will be back soon.”

“I see…” responded Lilia, though she didn’t look to happy as she caressed her belly. “Our child will be joining us in the next few days, yet he is running around. I am lost for words… Oh, well, I guess it is fine as long as Ross is with me. Lord Lin, is it over?”

I nodded. It certainly could be considered over; however, you couldn’t say the same for Albert. Albert’s life of misery had just started. He didn’t promise to kill himself. He decided to leave for the meantime to think of an alternative solution. I didn’t care where he went because he would come back if he wanted to live. In that scenario, I’d help others buy his assets to completely finish him. If he wanted to die, then I could be a gentleman and provide his wife and child with shelter as well as the necessities to live.

I was only after Albert; I didn’t want to burn Lilia and Ross as bystanders. Ross was still unaware that it was a set up. Ever since I came into contact with Melissa, Albert’s fate was sealed. Needless to say, nobody would ever know it was me if neither Melissa nor I ever leaked a word, and Albert’s misery and bankruptcy would be perceived as a consequence of his own actions. At the same time, Melissa would become an astute woman, who took a modern approach by convincing Her Majesty to assist and emerged victorious in an arduous battle against excellent merchants. History would record the events as so if there were no hiccups.

Nobody would ever know of my involvement based on surface-level evidence when, in reality, I ruined all those who took part in the bid on my own. My goal wasn’t an honourable one, however. I didn’t want to Ross to hate me, so I wouldn’t mention my involvement. My goal was just to make Albert die one way or another.

Albert probably went someone to search for confidence in life. Nonetheless, I was certain that he wouldn’t find anything to help. Albert had to either sell all of his assets to repay his debt or die and forget it all.

I had Albert’s will in my pocket. All that was required was Lilia’s signature and fingerprint. Ross was informed on the matter. Although he vehemently objected to the idea, he didn’t have any other way to protect his sister. Given that he was Lilia’s brother but unrelated to Albert, he had no reason to concern himself with Albert’s life. He was only worried for Lilia would be homeless if Albert went bankrupt. After I listed out the pros and cons, Ross tacitly agreed to my plan.

Ross tugged my arm when I was about to tell Lilia of what would happen, pleading me to keep it under wraps with a profuse head shake. Puzzled, Lilia, who walked ahead of us, turned around to query, “Are you two not coming in? Are you going with Albert?”

“No, we’re coming back. He can handle it on his own.”

I thought about it and agreed to hide it in the end. Ross was right. Lilia was very susceptible to problems in her current state. As a pregnant woman, she needed to avoid being aggravated, so it wasn’t the right time to bring out the divorce papers. I could tell her what happened after she gave birth.

If Albert came back by the time she gave birth, it meant that he didn’t want to die. If he didn’t come back, that meant he was already dead. I had no doubt that we’d hear from him; he couldn’t just die, and wipe the slate clean. I had to make all the arrangements for him wherever necessary, or he’d die for nothing.

Ross helped his sister into the room, but Lilia turned back to give me a smile: “Lord Lin, thank you for everything this time. Due to my health, I have not had much of an opportunity to converse with you. I am also very grateful that you have taken care of Ross. If possible, can you wait here for a few more days? I hope you would be our child’s god father.”


Godfathers in this nation were different to in Europe. Godfathers here didn’t need to be Christian. Usually, nobles would be the god parents of other families’ children. If I wanted to climb the hierarchal ladder, I’d need to have Queen Sisi be our child’s god mother. In essence, it proved that families were friendly and reinforced relationships. My only gripe with the suggestion was how awkward it would be.

I wondered how Lilia would react if she found out what happened. I forced her husband to jump off the cliff, yet she wanted me to be their child’s godfather. Without context, it’d look as if I had an affair with Lilia.’

I smiled. Even though I really couldn’t hold my laughter within, I nodded in the end: “All right, if I could have the honour, then I would be very happy to.”

Ross turned around to express gratitude with a head bob. From Lilia and Ross’ perspective, not only was I innocent but also the one who helped Albert. It ended exactly how I wanted: I had no connection to the entire event, and all of the blame lied with Albert. Even if his child grew up alongside me, he or she would never know what happened to his or her father.

I inwardly celebrated, “Perfect. Albert, you stepped on the wrong tail. Nobody will know what happened to you. Not only will I be the one who pushed you to jump off the cliff, but I’ll also stand in front of your gravestone with your wife. Nobody, aside from me, will ever find out about your injustice.”

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