The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 09 Ch. 50


“D-divorce?!” exclaimed both Albert and Ross. Ross grabbed my arm and shouted, “Lord Lin, what are you saying?! Lord Lin, why must they get divorced?! Did my sister do something wrong?! They cannot get divorced! Sister sincerely loves Mr. Albert! Lord Lin!”

“Calm down, Ross. I’m just saying that it’s part of the process,” I answered, pushing Ross off me with one hand. “Albert, I assume you understand my reasoning here. Your debt won’t be passed on to your wife. Your son might not be born yet, which means that your son won’t have to shoulder it, either. Basically, only you can be held accountable, understood?”

“I know,” answered Albert, with a nod. “S-so, you mean that Lilia will not have to bear the debt after our divorce, and only I will have to bear the debt, same goes for my child who is yet to be born? You mean that will allow them to live on without any woes?”

Albert hit the nail on the head. According to the laws of this world, the wife isn’t required to shoulder her husband’s debts that were under his name after they divorced. It was applicable in this scenario for Albert operated his business on his own, and it was his own miscalculation that led to bankruptcy. Accordingly, it had nothing to do with Lilia. To add, at a critical point in time, Albert wasn’t officially in debt for another three months.

Nobody could make a case of having Albert’s child shoulder his debt, either, for his child had yet to be born. How do you expect a child who’s yet to be born to shoulder his or her father’s debt? If they got divorced now, the child would have nothing to do with him when he’s officially in debt, meaning he had no obligation to shoulder the debt.

To conclude, as long as Albert shouldered the entire debt on his own, Lilia and their child would be safe from it. If they insist on pestering Lilia and their child, Lilia would have every right to sue them. The imperial capital isn’t the same as the South. They wouldn’t pass judgement based on your reputation at the imperial capital; trying to ask for the debt to be repaid in cuffs would be proven ineffective.

It was the best strategy to protect Lilia; however, the biggest challenge was persuading Lilia and their child to refuse to shoulder Albert’s debt when they could avoid it. As a consequence of refusing to shoulder it, his family wouldn’t protect her and their child. The property belonged to Albert at the end of the day, so they would also be homeless. If they inherited Albert Family’s fortune, then they would also have to inherit his debts. To put it simply, as soon as Albert divorces Lilia, he’ll be able to enjoy all of Albert Family’s assets, but Lilia would have to leave the family empty handed.

(Author note: These laws are not the same as post-divorce debts and asset settlements as seen in real life. Should readers feel bothered by it, please do not read it. I don’t think single people will need the knowledge, though.)

Albert hesitated but eventually consulted, “I know what you mean. I can get a divorce to prevent Lilia from being burdened with my debt… However… However… Lilia will not be able to stay by my side anymore. So… what… what do I do about Lilia…?”

“That’s simple,” I replied, with a proud smile. I leaned in and whispered next to his ear, “You just need to suicide, then, right? If you’re the only one with the debt, yet you’re dead, then the debt is written off. They can’t lay their hands on your property, and you just need to transfer your money to Ross. Ross will just need to buy your property back, thereby allowing his sister to move back in without any debt. At the same time, they can’t force Ross to repay your debt with the property for the reason that Ross legitimately bought the property. That’s not to mention that Ross is my pupil. They’d have to think twice if they wanted to give him trouble due his connection to me, right?’

Albert juddered. I could clearly see his shocked gaze despite the dark room. Albert didn’t want to die. I knew nobody wanted to die. To be honest, Albert’s situation wasn’t so dire that he needed to resort to death, but I still made the suggestion. On a surface level, it was the cruellest route but was actually the most feasible.

“Didn’t you say that you’d be willing to give everything, including your life, for Lilia? All you have to do is die.”

A white bolt cracked the sky again, revealing my face and his back. Although the booming thunderclap shook the building, the shake was nothing compared to my whisper.

He had to die. He had to. If he didn’t die, Achilles’ couldn’t rest in peace, and I wouldn’t be able to go back and marry Veirya. I’ve never killed. Do I really need to be the one that thrusts the blade in? I just needed to bring up Albert’s wife.

I inwardly goaded, “They were your words. You said you could give everything for your wife. It’s now time for you to make good on those words. Achilles never said he’d give up his life for his lover. He actually made good on his word, though. So, Albert, do you have the courage to do the same? You prattle on and on that you love Lilia, how you bought her a house, countless expensive jewellery, but can you protect her as Achilles tried to when she’s in actual danger? You killed innocent people for your own ends, but you don’t want to give your life for your loved one? Do it! Do it! Do it, Albert! Prove it to me! Prove to me that I saw Achilles to a man, and not a coward! Let me see if what I did was worth it! Do it, Albert! Prove it to me!”

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