The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 09 Ch. 08

Albert’s Euphoria

Albert woke as if dangerous had become dangerous and frantically looked to his side. Lilia had a light hold on her husband’s hand. She had curled up into a ball and was breathing gently. The small life must’ve tried moving in its first home, perhaps.

Albert wiped his forehead of sweat. He dreamt of his house being burnt down, wife and child dead again. He reasoned that nobody would care if he killed the succubi given the timing. He never thought Achilles’ lover was in the building. He realised his mistake too late. That said, he still believed his decision was justified. He merely hurt Achilles lover unintentionally. All of his regret was meaningless, nevertheless.

“How can I rekindle my friendship with Achilles? I can give him money, but if money could resolve it, Achilles wouldn’t have done something so horrifying. Achilles is hell-bent on revenge. There’s no question he’ll come.

“I just want to protect my wife and child. I can stand Achilles’ vengeance, but there’s no way he’ll stop at just me. I killed his lover, so he’ll definitely kill my wife and child. It’s safe in the South. I’ll be safe as long as I stay in the south,” brooded Albert.

Albert woke up rather late the next day due to his nightmares plaguing him at night. When he went to the dining table, his wife was already waiting for him there.

“Good morning, Dear. You woke up a little late today, huh? Do you have any plans today?”

“Mm, I’ve just got back, so I doubt someone would senselessly come looking for me,” replied Albert, with a smile. “How do you feel, Lilia?”

“Very good,” answered Lilia, caressing her belly. She then looked up to her husband and smiled: “Dear, I have something to talk to you about. When we were at the imperial capital, I wrote a letter to my brother, Ross, inviting him here. Our child might come to this at any moment. As I’m a little afraid, I hope to have someone I’m familiar with by my side.

Albert stopped to think. He wasn’t too keen on seeing anyone he wasn’t too familiar with the current timing and circumstance.

“Ross is Lilia’s brother, and they are very close. On the other hand, Ross used to be close to Achilles and is now Lin Dongqing’s pupil. Lin Dongqing is in the North. Meanwhile, Achilles was in the imperial capital. I suppose the two didn’t interact. Ross wouldn’t hurt his sister, would he?

“Achilles and Lin Dongqing were on good terms, but I’m sure Lin Dongqing won’t get involved with this mater. Being the astute man, residing in the North and wanted to marry Veirya, apparently, there’s no reason for him to get involved. He’s a man who’s busy with getting married; he won’t get involved.

“If Ross is allowed to visit, then that means Lin Dongqing didn’t want to get involved. If Lin Dongqing has designs, he wouldn’t let Ross visit in order to prevent his plans from leaking. As such, it is an indication of favourable news if Ross can come,” Albert internally rationalised.

“Sure. Let Ross come. He is your brother, after all. I know you miss him a lot.” Albert nodded then picked up his teacup. The cup was made in the far East with porcelain, thereby giving it a hefty price tag. There was no doubt that the cup would be placed in the safest location, then.

The sunlight outside was perfect. The smell of dew and dampness unique to the South lingered in the air. The birds’ concert was on. The interior of the property was quiet. There were no flames. Achilles wasn’t there hunting him down. There was only his loved one, the redwood table, the porcelain cup and loyal subject he was familiar with. Thus, Albert felt relaxed after a long period of tensions.

Lilia revealed a cheerful smile. Her husband didn’t have any plans for the day and would spend the entire day with her. Despite her body limiting her from having fun with her husband, she was content to just have him by her side.

Albert placed down his teacup and peered outside: “Lilia, how about we go for a stroll by the beach later?”

“Sure.” Lilia cheerfully clapped.

A maid approached to refill Lilia’s cup with an amber tea. Lilia was a maid in the past just as this particular maid was, yet she had become the owner of the property.

Albert softly chuckled with his gaze back on his wife. The South was his territory. His family had done business in the South for ages unlike Achilles who was rarely in the South. Therefore, the South was safe. Albert didn’t plan to venture into the imperial capital again.

As he pondered, a steward came to Albert’s side with a tray and letter on it. The letter and seal showed that the letter was an official letter from the imperial palace. He shakily cut open the envelope with a small knife and took out the letter. He skimmed the letter and then jumped to his feet, yelling.

“What’s the matter?” Lilia queried.

Albert turned to face her, visage distorted with ecstasy. “Achilles is dead! Achilles is dead! Yes! Achilles is dead! Lilia! You’re safe! You and our child are safe! Yes! Yes!”

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