The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 09 Ch. 09

Sisi’s Permission

“Sir, I am very sorry, but Her Majesty does not feel well and will not see guests at night.” The lady-in-waiting’s suspicion over my sky-blue cape, thinking that I was a liar using the cape as a disguise, was painfully obvious.

I knew that Sisi wasn’t in good shape at the moment. It happened to be my fault for that matter. I, therefore, could understand her refusing to see anyone at night. Still, I was absolutely certain she’d see me. Whenever a lady-in-waiting would stop me from seeing Sisi when I wanted to see her, she could kiss the rear palace goodbye.

I sighed and conveyed, “You’re new, right? Go and call the head lady-in-waiting over. She’ll know what to do when she sees me. I want to see your head lady-in-waiting. If I don’t get to see Sisi now and she finds out, you can deal with the consequences tomorrow.”

Though the lady-in-waiting didn’t know who I was, the fact that I addressed Sisi by name and asked to see the head lady-in-waiting suggested that I wielded considerable power. She called over a guard, who looked at me awkwardly because he recognised me, but he couldn’t defy a lady-in-waiting. The lady-in-waiting headed into the rear palace. The head lady-in-waiting nervously came running over and bowed deeply. Panting ever so slightly, she expressed, “Sorry, Lord Lin, this lady-in-waiting has only just been assigned here and, therefore, does not recognise you. Please enter. Her Majesty is not asleep yet. We have notified her of your visit. She is happy and waiting for you.”

“All right.”

I entered the rear palace, cape fluttering gently as if it was boasting about its colour. I could faintly hear the head lady-in-waiting lecture the new lady-in-waiting trembling on the staircase I just ascended, “He is Queen Sisi’s lover. The next time you see him, do not stop him no matter what, understood?!”

In Sisi’s hand was a book that resembled a large rock, yet she held it gracefully. She narrowed her eyes and gently looked up with the smile of a wife greeting her husband home from work, hair splayed out: “Dongqing, you’re here to see me, are you?”

“Yes, Sisi.” I shut the door then.

Stroking her belly, Sisi queried, “If you came to do it with me, you’re here at the wrong time because I have our child now. In saying that, have you thought of a name for our child, or were you planning to leave it to me?”

“I’ll leave it to you. Sisi, I came to talk to you about what happened with Achilles.”

Not too happy about it, Sisi frowned: “You and I have been separated for so long. I was also worried sick about you when I heard you ran into trouble at the Demon King’s castle, only for you to start talking about Achilles as soon as you came here? I’m feeling grouchy now, Dongqing. You best change what you’re about to say.”

Angering Sisi most certainly wasn’t wise. I went up to her and gently clasped her face. Smiling wryly, she draped her arms around my shoulders and kissed me. Sisi’s kiss was assertive as I remembered it. It felt much better than banging my teeth on Veirya’s.

Veirya was unlike Leah. She, therefore, wouldn’t catch Sisi’s scent even if I did have it on me. Nevertheless, that wasn’t a reason for me to cheat. I didn’t cheat; I just wanted to cheer Sisi up.

Sisi poked her tongue at me after we ended our brief kiss. Simpering, she stated, “Fine. I can accept that. Now, we can discuss the matter. You wanted to talk about Achilles, right? I, too, feel it’s a pity that we lost Achilles for I’ve lost a competent retainer. In addition, I’m struggling to keep up with all of the work in the imperial palace nowadays. In light of those things, Dongqing, I’ll provide you with a house in the imperial capital. Stay in the imperial capital and assist me.”

“… Indeed, I plan to stay in the imperial capital as Achilles left his assets behind to me, and they all happen to be in the imperial capital. I’ll be moving to the imperial capital in the future. Before that, however, Sisi, I need to deal with it.”

“Are you saying that the businessmen in the South did something wrong? I surmise they didn’t expect Achilles’ lover to die there, correct? They weren’t targeting Achilles; it was just an accident. I believe that the businessmen would be willing to compensate him if he gave them the chance. He was too impulsive, sadly.”

“Are you suggesting that there’s no need to avenge him and her since he’s dead?”

“Is there a point? Achilles is dead; he can’t see the fruits of your revenge. Also, if you seek vengeance, then that means you’ll be opposing the businessmen in the South. That’s not a profitable deal. I didn’t think you’d help Achilles.”

“That’s because Achilles’ is my friend. I virtually don’t have any friends, and I can’t forget his expression when he died before my eyes. Sisi, surely you know about the shipyard in the South. As Queen, it’s not wise for you to directly get involved. Now, I’m going to go and procure the shipyard to then pass to you. Consider it your gift to me. What do you think?”

“… While I should refuse as I can’t see how would succeed, because you are Lin Dongqing, you’re always able to give me pleasant surprises. On the other hand, you’re the man I love, so I have to help you. I’ll support everything you do. If you fail, I’ll protect you, okay? Having said that, I hope you abide by the agreement. We may be in love, but you must keep your word.”

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