The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 09 Ch. 07


I silently packed my luggage, included the cape Veirya had made for me and sky-blue cape and robe Sisi gave me inside, setting my cane by the head of the bed. Anna prepared our rations and horse carriage. Angelina stood leaning against the door frame, watching me the entire time. Only when I went to the door with my luggage did she say, “You know, even though Achilles is dead, it still doesn’t have anything to do with you. Don’t you think that you’re acting more and more on your emotions recently? When you first met Veirya, you did everything and cared for nothing. You even used Ascillia, who was ill. Now, however, you’re running head first into something totally unrelated to you when somebody just happened to die in front of you and at this point in time no less.”

“I know I can turn a blind eye to Achilles’ death. If my conscience couldn’t stand it, I could refuse what he left me and hand it all over to Sisi, thereby disassociating myself from the matter. If I was more shameless, I could ignore Achilles and just waltz off with everything he left me. I could then marry Veirya and enjoy life without worrying about him.”

I paused and smiled helplessly, “However, would Veirya want to see me do that? Is that the example I’m supposed to set for Leah? Moreover, the most important thing is that I can’t forget the look of despair in Achilles’ eyes. I’ve continued to see the look in his eyes the last time he looked at me when I dream of him daily. I’ve been thinking: isn’t Achilles the same as I am? When Veirya got hurt, I reacted the exact same way he did. At the time, I would’ve been so glad if somebody could help me. At the time, Achilles helped me; otherwise, I wouldn’t have made it back, and Veirya might’ve been held captive in the elven lands. I, as a matter of fact, might’ve died at the imperial capital. I’ve thought about the things you mentioned, but I can’t accept it.”

“Nice people don’t live long in this world,” argued Angelina, after chuckling and stepping aside.

“Being a nice guy isn’t on my agenda. With that said, I do cherish my friends. Plus, I don’t plan to kill Albert. Meting out some punishment will do. I want what Achilles left behind for me. That being the case, I must help him.”

Sure, Angelina was right; no argument there. I did become more and more emotional. I knew that I was different to my old self. I didn’t know if Veirya was gradually changing, as well, or not. What I knew was that Veirya would help him if she was in my skin. She was an idiot from my perspective, but the idiot was pulling me in her direction.

Anna bowed to me when I got downstairs: “Lord Lin, the things you need have been prepared. Additionally, Ross has something to say to you.”

“Umm, Lord Lin… I want to make a trip home, I mean, to see my sister… While we were there… my sister sent me a letter. She hoped I could go stay with her for some time. I… I have not seen my sister for long time, so… I really miss my sister… Can… can you let me visit home for some time? I will not be too long! I will do my best to come back as soon as possible!” Ross’ voice was so soft that I could barely hear it.

I felt awkward. If we didn’t have the matter with Achilles, I’d be happy to let Ross go home to visit his sister. Now, though, I was also heading to the South. On the surface, nonetheless, I was heading to the imperial capital. I was worried that Ross would reveal my plan. At the same time, I didn’t have a reason to refuse him. If I refused to let him go without a reason, that’d be too mean. I’d bet Leah would beg me to let him go as she didn’t know what my plan was. If he was the Ross from a while ago, he would’ve given up by that point, but not this time, which meant that he was very eager to go and didn’t want to give up.

“Sure, Ross. Go visit home. I’ll give you some money so that you can buy some stuff for your sister and make your trip easier.”

“Thank you, Lord Lin!” Ross excitedly nodded then bowed with joy.

I nodded and got up. Veirya informed, “I’m ready. We can go. Tomorrow.”


Leah sprawled on the table and snored. To be fair, it was late for a child. I picked her up, and she wrapped her arms around my neck. I still slept together with her despite what transpired. The main reason I made the decision to sleep with her was to allow her to take in my scent. I assumed that it would allow her to last longer without me. Looking at her, I felt a tad concerned.

“How will Leah react when she sees the dead succubi? Like Achilles, I cherish Veirya and Leah the most. What do I do if something happens to them? What do I do if I become the next Achilles and nobody helps me? Achilles was worse off than I am. I, at least, know Queen Sisi. If I didn’t, I’d truly be a longer here. Exchanging my first engagement for Sisi would be quite the hefty price tag,” I mused.


“Watch what you do in the South. What’s the meaning behind swinging weapons in my imperial capital? Is your intention to revolt?” slammed Sisi, eyes on the tied up group of business men on the ground who quaked with fear. Sisi stood up with a cold expression: “I don’t want to get involved with the nonsense beefs you have with each other, but your nonsense cost me Achilles. If I don’t mete out any punishment, I won’t be able to appease my anger. Let’s do this: all of you are to pay five thousand gold coins. Tell your family members to send it over. I’ll send the money to Achilles family, and we’ll consider the matter over and done with.”

Five thousand gold coins wasn’t a too large a sum for a businessman; they could pay it without a doubt. What really mattered was that Achilles had made Queen Sisi another dozen thousands of gold coins.

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