The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 09 Ch. 01

Flames of Vengeance

“You Majesty, this is the newest report of the war status. The Demon King has reportedly already been slain. The frontlines are in the last phase of their sweep as there are no more demons joining the battle. It appears that the demons attack was just a last ditch effort.”

“Very good. Tell your commander to report the names of the most valiant soldiers in the war. I shall reward them. Your courage and competence in this war did not pale in comparison to the veterans in the previous war. I am very pleased with your performance.”

“Thank you, Your Majesty!” The officer excitedly bowed his head.

Queen Sisi called over a lady-in-waiting to instruct, “Grab the officer a blue cape, not the sky-blue colour, just blue. You can leave now. Tell your commander to bring the entire army back orderly after you finish cleaning up. I will organise a victory ceremony for him.”

Only generals, who won key battles, killed enough enemies and maintained a complete army, were granted the privilege of receiving an honourable victory ceremony that the imperial family paid for out of pocket. On the day of the ceremony, the Queen would personally welcome the general at the plaza. The general would be permitted to wear armour, remain armed and excused of the saluting ceremony. Sisi would put a small crown onto his head, and then the entire city would erupt, the volume of cheers up to the sky.

Thus far, nobody had been blessed with a victory ceremony; not even Queen Sisi managed to return triumphantly. As such, it was safe to assume that Sisi was grateful and put a lot of weight on the victory for the triumph did not come easy this time. The majority of her soldiers had prepared to go to the colony in the South. A number of her people were unconscious as a result of the succubi’s handiwork and unable to strategize with her. The military in the North had to rely on themselves to hold back the waves of demons. Their victory was achieved under the most unideal conditions possible.

Having the privilege to wear a blue cape was incredibly rare. He was a low-ranking officer, yet was able to be bestowed with one. He cheerfully left with the knowledge that he would be able to soar up the ranks in the military henceforward. Unsurprisingly, war was the fastest way for soldiers and officers to make a name for themselves.

Sisi rose to her feet and peered out the window: “Has something happened again in the city tonight? I can see the fire outside the city from here. What happened there? Is Achilles exacting his revenge, or is there a demon spy trying to sway the soldiers’?”

“It does not appear to be a big issue. Sir Achilles is apparently furious. He captured the mercenaries, threw them into the mill and burnt them alive. That is why there is the fire,” the lady-in-waiting answered.

Sisi nodded. Achilles was sensible and astute, demonstrated by the fact that he didn’t execute them in the imperial capital, which was a sign of respect for Queen Sisi. After all, he didn’t want to let her get involved with his revenge. If Sisi was being honest, she strongly disliked the businessmen from the North for the damage they did. She just didn’t voice her opinion. Therefore, as long as he didn’t go too far or incite panic in the imperial capital, she would turn a blind eye to what he did.


Albert stormed into his hotel room and tugged Lilia by the arm: “Let’s leave right away.”

Lilia blankly watched her husband frantically pack their luggage. Puzzled, she inquired, “What’s the matter, Dear? Did something happen? Why did you frantically run here, and tell me to pack?”

“Don’t ask questions! Hurry!”

Albert frightened Lilia, causing her to flap her ears down. Seeing his frantic state for the first time, she began to pack her luggage, as well. Albert literally just shoved all of his belongings in and then called for his servant. They rushed out of the hotel and mounted their horses to leave the hotel.

Albert nervously scanned his surroundings the entire time, clutching his dagger with a vice-like grip. Sitting next to her husband, Lilia had no idea who was wary of; however, she didn’t dare to ask when she saw his current temperament.

As soon as Albert left the imperial capital, Achilles came knocking. The owner fearfully looked at Achilles, who carried a bag with him. No, he didn’t know what was inside. Nevertheless, he imagined something ominous when he noticed the bloodstains on Achilles.

Achilles coldly questioned, “Is Albert still here?”

“Mr. Albert just left. He was in a rush.”

“Yeah?” Achilles uttered, leaving with a sigh.

The owner didn’t dare to ask Achilles what happened. He, as a matter of fact, prayed that Achilles would leave already.

Achilles knew he had missed his only opportunity. Once Achilles was in the South, Achilles was unable to pursue his revenge. Albert’s family had established their home ground there for many years. Over time, his family had reached the apex in every aspect.

Achilles focused his attention on the imperial capital and, therefore, had the upper hand in the imperial capital. In saying that, he wasn’t exactly in a dead end. Achilles couldn’t personally go. Moreover, it wasn’t easy to destroy Albert’s family in the South. He needed someone exceptional to go to the South on his behalf, uproot Albert and completely wipe him out as a businessman and a human.

“Would he choose to go to the South to take on Albert?” questioned Achilles. “It’s not a question for me to worry about.”

Achilles threw the bag in his hand into the garbage dump. The bag opened and out rolled half a burnt head. Achilles pinched his chin to begin his contemplation session: “How can I convince Lin Dongqing to go?”

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