The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 09 Ch. 02

Weed Has Roots

Succubi and other demons had always been a mystery to humans. In spite of fighting demons for years, humans never fought succubi. Succubi won’t reveal their nature or tradition even to the human they’re together with. Consequently, not even Veirya and Angelina understood succubi despite being humans who lived with one. Given that they weren’t educated on succubi, it was no surprise that they didn’t know how to defeat one. From a succubus’ perspective humans only had one task, and that was to be their livestock.

As a result of their lack of understanding, Veirya and Angelina kept surveillance on Leah, though the latter didn’t care about it. Leah couldn’t have a legitimate child, but there were alternative ways for her.

All demons were spawned the forest their race ruled from the Demon King’s blood. The forest provided them with everything they needed. Give it a spring, and they’ll grow out of control. Nobody knew where demons originated from, but they could grow in the forest as weeds did.

Leah gently put her child with her lover into the demons’ soil and buried it. Angelina and Veirya, two who were breastfed species, thought it was over when, in reality, the succubus didn’t die.

Very soon, the young succubus would go in search of the nearest life form, which could’ve been elves or humans. With an appearance that resembled humans exactly, nobody would realise the succubus was a succubus and adopt the child, thereby carrying on her and her father’s lineage. Eventually, the succubus would fully awaken as a succubus, which would be when the succubus found out who his or her parents were. When the time came, the succubus would return to Leah. By then, nobody could object to the fact that it was her child with her father. It was just a matter of time. And time happened to be something she had to spare.

I smiled when I saw Leah come back from the forest and asked, “Let’s go back now. Did you discover anything in the forest?’

“No, Papa. Leah just felt a little nostalgic.” Leah hugged me around my waist with a smile and then sneaked a gander at Veirya, who silently opened the door.


The North remained the same as always. Had we not spotted a demon corpse every now and then, we wouldn’t have thought a war was fought there. Humanity’s military were in the middle of cleaning up corpses and cremating them on our end already. Frankly speaking, I always thought the way Leah and the demons came into existence was perplexing. They virtually appeared out of thin air. There was no process or source material required. Just, poof, and there they were with real physical bodies. Surely that didn’t fit within the confines of the law of conservation of mass… Speaking of which, I didn’t even know what their corpses consisted of.

Leah sat in the carriage, while Veirya tried to forcibly pull Leah over to herself. Leah was quite fearful of Veirya. Imagine a terrified rabbit, and you have Leah. Leah was afraid of Veirya snapping her neck. I, however, didn’t think Veirya had any intention of the sort.

As we headed back, the atmosphere livened up a lot. Lucilia journeyed with us for some distance before returning to the forest as the Elven Queen had a lot of duties to attend to.The elves were also going to return to the forest after the war.

The town didn’t suffer any damage. With that said, nobody dared to go out of the town to take care of the crops. Weed now grew around the field. Fortunately, it rained that day, thereby preventing the crops from withering. Soldiers had dup a gigantic hole outside the town, dumping corpses they transported over on carriages. Then, they cremated the corpses before burying them.

The modest-sized house we set foot in nearly brought me to tears of bliss. It felt as if I finally returned to a safety zone where nobody would hurt me. I didn’t see the Elven Queen in the corridor even though I thought she’d be there for a break.

Ascillia, who opened the door, was jubilant to see us. She excitedly relayed, “Lord Lin, I am so glad you are all right. Sorry, though, but you will need to handle some work now that you are a back… A businessman from the imperial capital named Achilles has asked to see you. He even stayed at the property to wait for you. Her M-, I mean, the elven madam tried her best to persuade him to leave, but he insisted on seeing you. He refused to leave unless he saw you.”

Achilles was someone I was familiar with, and I didn’t have any qualms with him visiting. Having said that, I wondered why he was so persistent. I touched the letter from Sisi that I had yet to open. I didn’t dare to read it next to Veirya.

I contemplated, “Could it have to do with the letter? Sisi wouldn’t send Achilles over to regurgitate what she wanted to say, nevertheless. If someone delivered the letter, Achilles didn’t need to come. Plus, Achilles couldn’t be here so urgently if it was for Sisi. He must be here for his a private matter.”

I could faintly sense something ominous. Achilles wouldn’t come to ask me to resolve something simple, and I was sure he only came to me if it didn’t remotely have anything to do with me.

While I didn’t want to see him, he did save my life on top of loaning me money to buy back the North. If I avoided him, my conscience and reputation with businessmen would be utterly destroyed. Seeing him didn’t mean that I’d accept or refuse his request, nonetheless.

I planned to use my wedding to avoid whatever he wanted to talk about. In other words, tell him that I was going to get married and, therefore, would be busy preparing for it before he could say anything. Nobody would ask somebody for a favour before a wedding. Hence, it made a perfect excuse. If Veirya was pregnant instead of Leah, I would’ve had an even better excuse. Nevertheless, it was what it was. I couldn’t instantly impregnate Veirya.

I gave Ascillia a nod: “All right. I’ll see Achilles. Tell him to come to my room since it might be something secretive.”

“You’re not planning to do something dangerous again, are you? You’re about to be a groom. I know where Achilles often goes. You two plan to go to the imperial capital as a team?” questioned Angelina, voice cold and arms folded.

“No. No. Don’t spout tripe!”

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