The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 08 Ch. 53

Wedding Requirements

Although the previous matter was quite the heavy blow to me, I had fully recovered after three days of rest. Perhaps I was too eager for the life in the future. Being able to marry the woman you love is a blissful thing, isn’t it? Hence, I wanted to go home and marry Veirya. The North was peaceful. Leah had been brought under control. I didn’t need to do anything for Sisi. The elves already signed an agreement with Veirya that was very unfair to me, so they wouldn’t cause trouble. Unless I went to pick a fight, there wouldn’t be any trouble going forward.

“Stop, stop, don’t jinx it,” I told myself.

I remember believing that to be the case countless times, only for something to happen within days. I always thought the North had achieved peace, yet something would happen every single time. Did I mention every incident was more serious than the previous? At first, it was only a food issue, yet it escalated into a second war with all of humanity and elves against demons. My previous dream was to move to the imperial capital with Leah. Now, however, I probably had a second child there.

The young girl had to return to report in to Queen Sisi in the morning. We dismissed the involvement of a Demon King when she asked, fibbing that the throne played up, so that issue was done and dusted. As insurance, we suggested Queen Sisi send someone over to examine it.

As if she suddenly remembered something, the girl pulled out a pretty letter from her shirt. I immediately discerned it was Sisi’s letter.

“Why did Sisi send someone when she knows I’m here? This girl doesn’t look bright, either,” I contemplated.

The young girl thought she was sent to slay the Demon King when, in reality, she was sent to deliver a letter.

“This is a letter from Her Majesty for you. It is for Lin Dongqing. I did not know who Lin Dongqing was, but I never thought it was Lord Veirya’s lover…”

The young girl pursed her lips. The women spent all yesterday brainwashing her, so she didn’t dare to belittle me again.

I took the letter with a nod: “I’ve confirmed that I’ve received it. Just let S-, I mean, Her Majesty know when you get back.”

“All right.” Tone excited, she conveyed to Veirya, “I will head back to the imperial capital now, Lord Veirya. I hope you can invite me to your wedding! I still have my doubts about him, but I am not in a position to comment if he is the man you like. I wish you happiness.”

Veirya nodded. Then, she looked at me and queried, “Her Majesty’s. Letter?”

I nodded and stuffed the letter into my shirt. I had no clue what the contents were. What would I do if it was asking me to name our child? If Veirya saw that, welcome a hail of blood. If Leah and Veirya find out, they’d go bonkers.

Veirya pressed a hand on my shoulder and asked, “Are you. Feeling better?”

“Yeah, I’m pretty much all good now. I’ll be fine if I can get some rest after we get back. While I’m on the topic, Anna, prepare for the wedding once we get back. Veirya has agreed to marry me. Also, I’m considering expanding the property. Call for some craftsmen.”

Anna joyfully clapped: “Really?! I am so glad to hear that! You two should have gotten married long ago in my opinion. So, do you have any ideas? How would you like it planned?”

“I think what we did back then is good enough. In saying that, we do need to put on a bit of spectacle for sure. You would be aware of the status of people attending our wedding. They’ll come uninvited even if we don’t invite them. Plus, I’m sure we can’t allow Queen Sisi, Lucilia and the townsfolk to mingle together, right? We need to hold the ceremony in different locations,” Angelina opined, speaking my mind.

We definitely had to separate our guests by hierarchal status. We needed to have Sisi and Lucilia together. They needed to enjoy the best we had to offer. Making those arrangements are fine. My questioned was, where was I supposed to get the money from. Smuggling flavouring from the elves was fine and dandy, but it would take time to collect the earnings. Meanwhile, I needed to quickly organise the wedding. A longer a night is, the more likely nightmares will plague you. Heaven knows what would come knocking on my door next.

Anna didn’t want to mention money in Veirya’s presence because it was humiliating for a man. Being aware of that, Angelina explicated, “You’re not going to get married right after getting back, so there’s still time. We can wait until next year.”

“We have to. Wait until next year?” Veirya froze, disappointment flitting across her face. Veirya’s gaze was a massive blow to my pride as a man.

“It’s fine, Veirya. I’ll do my best to hold it as soon as possible. I’m looking forward to our wedding, as well,” I expressed.

I saw distrust in Angelina’s gaze. Truth be told, I didn’t have any magical ideas. I could go and loan some money from the succubi and Sisi, having said that. I wouldn’t be pressed to repay them, either. While I was there, I could find whoever was in charge of assisting with weddings in the imperial palace. The people in the imperial palace had the privilege of seeing the best stuff in the entire empire daily, after all. The thing was… going to see Sisi in the imperial capital sent chills down my spine. She’s terrifying. She was able to lead me by the nose every single time. I’d be scared of her killing me if she wasn’t pregnant with my child.

“I need to make another trip to the imperial capital,” I informed. As I caressed Leah’s head, I elaborated, “I need to go alone this time, however. Don’t worry, Veirya. I’ll be back soon. Ah, don’t worry about coming with me. It won’t take me long.”

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