The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 08 Ch. 52


“So, we will accept Travor’s marriage to Veirya and send our blessings. That said, Travor must visit the elven lands at fixed times. Additionally, Travor Junior’s father is also Travor. That is a fundamental point and the elves bottom line.”

“After you two get married, our Elven Queen should still be permitted to reside at your property. Her Majesty is also wholeheartedly devoted to Lord Lin. In addition, he does not dislike her. We have done plenty for Lord Lin, so we have the right to ask for this privilege. Needless to say, I am indifferent on the matter.”

“Leah just wants to be Papa’s daughter. Leah won’t do it again, so… Leah wants to continue being Papa’s daughter…”

“I’m fine. I’ll be the one to look after Veirya when she’s pregnant, which means that I need to stay by her side. Worry not, Veirya. As a mature woman, I am an expert on the topic. Therefore, I won’t do anything that’s revealing. You can rest assured.”

With a tinge of pride, Veirya touched her ring boastfully and declared, “I don’t care. About the other stuff. But. He’s mine. You should all be aware. Of that. So. Don’t try to steal him. Lucilia. I really like you. So. We are friends. As friends. We don’t steal from each other.”

Lucilia responded with a nod, “I know. When Travor did everything in his power to return to you, I realised how much he loved you. As such, I’m aware that I can’t steal Travor from you. Plus, as your friend, I’m happy to see you find your own happiness. Veirya, you must let me know when you get married. I promise to give you our grandest elven blessings.”

“I definitely will.”

“Whatever. I give up. Split me however you want… I don’t care as long as you don’t go too far. I don’t think Veirya will allow anything that goes too far, having said that.” Nope, the conclusion of their discussion didn’t surprise me at all. Rather, I gave up resistance already, shutting my eyes. Veirya was so generous that she didn’t even plan to monopolise me.

Pleased with the conclusion they reached and, hence, began to engage in merry chatter.

“But now you’re bullies! Didn’t you come here to discuss the Demon King’s revival? How on Earth did you suddenly start discussing my timetable?! I thought you were going to discuss Leah’s judgement, only for you to discuss how you’d share me! Am I some sort of pet for you to play?! There are soldiers dying out there against the demons, yet you’re in the rear singing and prancing?! How you’ve all fallen!” I complained to myself.

Noticing Veirya’s discussion had ended, the young girl slowly approached Angelina, but the latter turned her head around. Angelina enthused, “Miss, I’ve never seen you before; however, you resemble a human. Given that you could make it here from humanity’s lands, you must be quite skilled.”

“H-have you not met me before?” queried young girl. “Ah, I understand. I was just an ordinary girl when you and Lucilia rescued me from the demons’ grasp. It was you who rescued me, which is why I have continued to strive to reach your standard ever since. I came here this time in hopes of being able to help you, but it seems that you truly are amazing. You had already defeated the Demon King before I arrived, Lord Veirya!”

“I’m. Over here.”

The girl looked so sad that one would think she was going to cry. She probably felt that Veirya’s expressionless look was actually anger. She worshipped Veirya, yet realised she mistook someone else for her idol. Such a shameless feeling and the regret would, indeed, be agonising. I, in contrast, knew Veirya wasn’t cranky because she was mixed up with Angelina daily. She stopped caring at some point. She didn’t care if she had a worshipper or not, anyway.

Veirya told the girl, “Sorry. I don’t remember. Those events. Too well.”

Veirya’s response was a blade thrust through the heart, yet the young girl didn’t mind whatsoever. Noticing Veirya’s ring, she curiously asked, “Lord Veirya, are you getting married?’


Surprised and excited, the young girl requested, “Who is your fiancé Lord Veirya? Is he a tall, large, striking and skilled man?! Is he a hero who fought on the battlefield with you?! C-can I meet him?!”

“He’s right there.”

Oh, Veirya finally recalled I was still around. The young girl followed her gaze to me. I awkwardly looked at the young girl. For whatever reason, I began to feel on edge. I was different to what she imagined, after all. She turned to face me with excitement, only to then be rendered frozen.

“Lord Veirya, umm, are you sure that he did not threaten you into marriage or something? They say that lots of men will use questionable means to force women into marriages. Lord Veirya, I do not see what is worthy of being attracted to.”

What’s so attractive about me, you ask? Not only do humans like me, but even elves like me.

I didn’t think I needed to say anything after she voiced her opinion. She had no clue what she just heard. Judging from what she said, she had overlooked the fact that the women were talking about sharing me before. Unsurprisingly, all of the women shot the young girl glares, scarring her back two steps.

Head titled, Veirya conveyed, “He. Didn’t threaten me. He’s only. Always helped me. I really. Like him. So. I’m willing. To marry him. Also. Lots of women. Actually like him. We all. Like him.”

“What…? Lord Veirya… H-he is your fiancé… yet is courting other women?! Y-you can tolerate that?!”

She received a shake of denial from Veirya: “No. The problem. Doesn’t lie with him. It’s just that. They want him. I. Don’t blame him.”

“Really…? Veirya sure is nice… But she wasn’t wrong. I never initiated anything,” I said to myself.

It’s not my fault! No, it’s not my fault at all!

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