The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 08 Ch. 46

Man with a Vengeance

With his gaze on the restrained man before him, Achilles took in a deep breath and coldly demanded, “I’m giving you a chance. Speak. Who hired you?! This is your last chance. I’m not a patient man, and I’m very, very angry, so you best spill it for your own sake.”

They were at the mill, where a man-made Demon King had once been. The damaged floor from Angelina’s altercation with Veirya remained. The only difference was that there were different people there.

Achilles put out a huge bounty to find clues on the arsonists and found the man he was interrogating. Achilles asked the veteran soldiers and warriors in the last war to help him hunt down the culprits. Achilles associated with the chapel in the past, and thereby knew a fair number of such individuals. They had trudged through swamps of blood and bloody rainfall. They had killed countless demons in their own rights. Their glares were enough to scare their captive’s pants wet.

In contrast, the normal jobs of the arsonist entailed chasing down debts and fighting on behalf of others. It was their first time receiving an arson job. From a mercenary’s perspective, they did a successful job. The grandeur building had been reduced to ruins.

Approximately twenty-plus succubi corpses were found, but the humans unsympathetically buried the succubi in a random hole. The scavengers, who reacted as crows did to corpses, rushed to the mill. They took everything worth money on the succubi and plundered the ruins.

There was no need for Sisi cause uproar or suppress any gossip as the people wouldn’t care about a group of demons dying when they were at war with them. Moreover, the common folk never had the right or money to visit the brothel. To the contrary, if Sisi sheltered them, it would incur the anger of her denizens.

By the same account, Achilles was aware that he couldn’t rely on Queen Sisi to exact his revenge; it was unlikely he’d even be granted an audience with her. With that said, that gave him an opportunity. Specifically, he could do whatever he pleased to carry out his revenge.

“I’ll talk! I’ll talk!” The man merely threw his weight around thanks to his backing. He had never been in such a predicament. The man was so scared he was tearing up and shouting in an indistinct voice, “I don’t know who exactly the mastermind is. Our boss contacts the buyer. Afterwards, we’re given the job, and then we pick up our pay. That’s why I don’t know who hired us, either. However, I know where our boss is. You need to go and ask him! Ask him!”

“Where is he?”


Sophia enviously surveyed Queen Sisi’s resplendent rear palace as sat at the table, waiting for Queen Sisi. Queen Sisi came to the table a deluxe veil on and joined her at the table.

“Sorry, Sophia. I already tried my best to help you; unfortunately, there were another twenty-plus who I couldn’t save. I have already brought the others in. As such, I don’t want to comment on what you’ll do from now. Having said that, I think you’re best keeping a low profile for the meantime. I have very little I can do as I’m humanity’s Queen. It’s a given that I’ll speak up for humans when we’re still at war.”

“I understand. I just never expected that to happen. Losing our home is no big deal; the biggest issue is that we succubi are a very small population already, which is why it hurts my heart to lose them. Mr. Achilles lost his beloved succubus in the incident, as well… It is such a pity. I heard he is in anguish.”

Sisi nodded, but she didn’t care in reality because the death of Achilles’ lover’s had nothing to do with her. As a matter of fact, she was pleased that Achilles was mad for the reason that she hoped he’d kill all of the troublemakers for her. Queen Sisi didn’t have a legitimate reason to involve herself with the matter between succubi and humans. If it was between just humans, howbeit, then Sisi could get involved and pull the strings.

“Sophia, are you certain that no succubi took advantage of the chaos to flee? Are you positive?”

“I am sure. In addition, we succubi will not speak thoughtlessly about things that are not of our concern. We have enough self-awareness to recognise what is in our best interests and what is harmful for us. We Therefore, you have nothing to worry about, Your Majesty.” Sophia could discern Sisi’s concern with a single glance.

Sisi tugged up the corners of her lips: “You do? That’s fantastic, then. I have things to occupy myself with already, so I don’t think I can shoulder another matter on top of those duties.”

“Yes, Your Majesty. Voice solemn, Sophia conveyed, “Your Majesty, I hope you can protect us. We succubi have no intention of defying humans. We, in fact, are fond of humans, which is why there is no need for you to have misgivings about us. After this incident, I will talk to the succubi. Perhaps they now know what the consequence of offending humanity is.”

“Uhm,” mumbled Sisi, with a nod. She then stood up and declared, “Let’s end it on that note, then. It’s late now. I need to get some sleep. I have to take care of myself now, after all.”

Sophia knew that Queen Sisi wouldn’t mistreat the succubi. While the guards supposedly arrested them, it was actually Queen Sisi protecting them. Queen Sisi was worried about her history being leaked; hence, she wouldn’t mistreat the succubi.

If the building fell, they could rebuild. If there were no more succubi, on the other hand, then there wouldn’t be anything. Sophia wasn’t sad about losing the building; she was sad about losing her sisters, though.

“What exactly does Miss Leah want? Does she really want to conquer the world? If she does, we succubi must protest,” thought Sophia.

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