The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 08 Ch. 45

Reprimanding Leah

One more night’s sleep really was the remedy I needed. Angelina brought Veirya and me food. Fortunately, we brought enough food with us to live at the castle for some time. In saying that, if we stayed for any longer, then… we might starve in the castle… There were no animals to hunt in their forest, after all… Plus, by my estimations, Veirya and Angelina weren’t skilled hunters.

“All right, I’m rested, so it’s time for a family meeting now!”

From the bed, I cast my gaze on Leah, who lowered her head with shame. She had her hands on her belly. She’d occasionally sneak glances at Veirya and I. I think I caught sight of fearful tears in her eyes.  I was quite angry to begin with, but seeing Leah’s fearful demeanour made me feel guilty, surprisingly. I felt that I shouldn’t get angry at a child for her prank. I never had children, yet I randomly touched a mountain of documents on raising children. I remember they mentioned that lots of pranks children made were done without ill will and were merely their interpretation of the world. Hence, parents weren’t supposed to be too harsh about children pulling pranks.

You know what? Tell whoever who wrote that spiel to get a new job! What sort of child makes a prank out of locking her mother and grandma in a basement and tying her father up to rape him?! Let’s not forget she instigated a world war that almost wiped out the humans in the North and tore down the elven forest. What sort of interpretation of the world is that? What, sex education?!

“Leah is still young, blah, blah,” shut up. Imagine if she was a bit older, then. She’d be the legitimate Demon King. When she pulled something, she did the same thing as him. The most terrifying part was that she defeated the duo the Demon King couldn’t defeat. Had Leah known about the hole the dwarves dug, the two wouldn’t have had any escape.

I inhaled deeply and questioned, “Leah, Papa won’t reprimand you yet. Explain what happened. Why did you do that? Did you want to copy the Demon King and destroy the world or were you just jealous of Mama Veirya?”

“I… I don’t want to conquer the world… Leah… Leah just wants to be together with Papa… just us two… After… after finding out you would marry Mama Veirya… Leah… Leah got jealous of Mama Veirya… There was only the two of us before, yet Mama Veirya joined us… Leah… Leah was very upset,” answered Leah, in a nose voice while gripping her cloths and wiping her tears several times as she spoke.

I sighed and then looked to Veirya, who was calm as usual, seemingly nonchalant. I, however, knew that Veirya definitely cared a lot about Leah.

I turned back to Leah and asked, “Veirya and I have already made our decision. Leah, hasn’t Papa told you many times that Papa loves Veirya and won’t love anyone else romantically? No matter how dangerous things got, Papa never gave up, and that won’t change in the future. Furthermore, Veirya has also stated that she will be a qualified mother and will love you in the future as always.”

“But, Papa, Leah doesn’t want to be just Papa’s daughter! Leah… Leah isn’t Papa’s daughter, so why can’t Leah be Papa’s wife? Succubi can also love humans, so why can’t Leah? Leah wants to be Papa’s wife, as well. Leah… doesn’t want to be just Papa’s daughter!”

Veirya gaze was that sharp gaze she wore when facing off against an army. If she had a long sword at her waist, it’d already be dripping blood because I saw her instinctively reach for her waist. Nonetheless, because there was nothing there, so she relaxed her hand. She queried, “Are you. Challenging me? Shall we. Duel again?”

Leah skedaddled back a tad after Veirya challenged her.

“Stop. Stop. Family meetings are not time for you to duel each other.”

I stopped Veirya with my hand and then turned back to Leah. I cleared my throat gently. Honestly, I had no romantic feelings for the succubus. From the moment she called me ‘Papa’, I knew I wouldn’t love her. Moreover, she had the appearance of a child. How could I possibly knock up a nine year old girl? If anybody does that, I hope they go join the hell of Azur Lane.

“Leah, I know that succubi can love humans. Having said that, it doesn’t mean it will work the other way. Leah, I’ve always considered you my daughter, not my lover. Therefore, I can’t reciprocate your feelings.”

“Then… can Leah still live together with Papa?”

I vigilantly screened Leah and cleared my throat again before replying, “We need to discuss prerequisites, then. Leah, you must bear in mind that living together with us means you can have those sorts of ideas and most definitely can’t do that. Otherwise, I’m sure to abandon you. Additionally, you must earnestly try to be a good daughter and be friendly with Veirya as you were before, understood?”


Leah seemed to be aware that she had no other choice. In order to continue living with me, she had to nod. Frankly, I thought the best option was to get rid of her as she could do it a second time if there was a first. However, I just couldn’t bring myself to do that. She was my daughter, and I was fond of the girl. I couldn’t kick her out.

Just when I thought it was all done and dusted, Veirya, arms crossed, voiced, “What about. Your child?”

Leah and I both flinched. The both of us began to quiver and, in a clunky manner, raised our chins. Veirya told me, “You might not know. Leah. Has your child.”

“Well… Well, truck…” I cursed in my mind.

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