The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 08 Ch. 42

Naive Leah

I didn’t have the energy to sort Leah out. It wasn’t as if it was debilitating to leave Leah at the door for a while, either. If anything, it was a good opportunity for her to reflect on her behaviour.

I had a short conversation with Veirya after I woke up, yet I was already exhausted. Timidly, I proposed, “Umm… you haven’t slept all night. If you’re okay with it, then come and lie down with me. It’s night time right now. How about we stay here until tomorrow morning?”

Veirya threw aside her cape and stripped down to just her underwear without wasting a second. Then, she placed aside her belt and long sword before lying down next to me, pulling me into her embrace right away. I felt as though I found myself a mom. Veirya had never been a mother, yet she displayed the tolerance of a mother. They say that men are always children. I suppose men will always have an innate fondness for mankind’s miraculously engineered mounds. I guess that was why they said men are children regardless of their age.

Veirya’s firm and warm embrace was healing, even if she didn’t say a word, for it expressed her thoughts on behalf of her lips.

“Is she really going to sleep already? Well, let’s just sleep in this position, then. I’ll deal with what needs to be dealt with tomorrow,” I inwardly decided.


Using blankets as makeshift cushions, Ross and Leah played a card game they usually played with Veirya outside the door. Though the atmosphere between them was competitive, it was only a friendly exhibition match. Leah’s eyes were still red, but she wore a gentle smile, while Ross purely wanted to keep her company as he understood there was nobody left for her to trust. Angelina didn’t like her; Veirya didn’t let her into the room. Ross, therefore, was the only companion Leah, who stayed at the door, similarly to a girl guarding her family, had left.

Brows locked, Angelina began to think, “Did Leah not think he’d end up in that state? Indeed, Leah lacks any experience, so she doesn’t qualify as a succubus. She’s never laid her hands on anyone. Perhaps she doesn’t know that would kill her papa. Is that why she’s worried now? No matter how I look at her, there’s a feeling that she’s faking it. Is Leah really unaware of the consequences? Who did she learn the method from, the succubi? Did they not tell her that would cause death? In that case, the goal might’ve been to call. That means…

“If Leah truly wanted Lin Dongqing, then she wouldn’t kill him. If she was genuinely afraid and worried for him, then that means she inadvertently harmed him… If that holds true, why did the succubi not inform her that it could be lethal? Was their intention to have her kill? Judging from the level of loyalty the succubi show, they wouldn’t harm Leah. Following that logic… Leah misinterpreted their instructions!

“Leah misunderstood from the very beginning! Erasing one’s conscious to kill them wasn’t a method intended for Leah to monopolise Lin Dongqing; it was intended to be used on Veirya and I. Leah just happened to misunderstand their intent. She thought erasing his conscious was enough. She didn’t realise the succubi wanted her to commit murder!”

Angelina perceived a draft blowing against her skin when she realised what happened as Leah had a ridiculous number of opportunities to kill them. Leah could kill them in their sleep or even on Veirya’s wedding night, and not even Lin Dongqing would suspect her.

It might not have been so convoluted. Leah might’ve just played the pity card; however, she must’ve learnt to rein herself in. At the very least, she was unlikely to be capable of doing anything in the Demon King’s palace. Henceforth, Leah would conduct herself properly provided she was smart.

Angelina would protect Veirya more closely henceforward after the experience. Leah couldn’t best both of them at once. With that said, she wondered if she should continue teaching Leah swordplay. If she didn’t, Veirya might still coach her. There wasn’t anything the idiot wouldn’t do, after all.

Angelina brooded, “It’s hard to imagine a girl could commit rape when she looks so innocent and naïve. If she can already create demons, though, what will the succubi in the imperial capital do? While I’m having a peaceful night, what’s taking place in the imperial capital?”

Angelina offered the two kids bread and dried meat then pursed her lips and went back to her spot to sit, not saying a word to the surprised Leah. Leah and Ross had dinner and then played for a while longer. Angelina wouldn’t let them go elsewhere, for she knew that, even she did, Leah wouldn’t leave. Seeing the two children lie next to each other, Angelina felt that if Leah could be well-behaved, then family life would be cosy.

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