The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 08 Ch. 41


I still felt exhausted, the type where your entire body feels heavy, similar to the intense day with Sisi, upon regarding the bright friends of the moon with my eyes and stillness with my ears. Judging from my bones and joints complaining, I surmised I was raped while I was unconscious.

“What the heck am I supposed to make of this…? I, the male, was raped… Isn’t it usually the female characters who get raped in scripts?” I grumbled in my head, continuing, “Twice. I’ve been raped twice. The first time was when I was drugged and forced to have intercourse. It was supposed to be impossible. If anything, I would’ve been the one to do it. Why did it happen to me? What did I ever do to deserve this…? I didn’t know even men get raped and shamed.”

I could still feel the warmth and soft hand in my right hand. Upon hearing something slide along a seat, I turned my head to meet Veirya’s eyes.


I internally protested, “Why’d you slap me? It had nothing to do with me! I didn’t pounce Leah! I was completely in the dark! I had no idea Leah wanted to come here to do that! I also never had an illicit relationship with Leah! I’m the victim here!! Veirya, didn’t you see what happened? I’m the victim! It wasn’t that I didn’t want to resist, but that I couldn’t!”

“You. More sober now?”

Lots more… Next time, don’t wake me with such a rough method. I was actually already sober… I’m just tired.”

“I know. After all. You suffered something cruel. It’s normal. For you to be. Exhausted now. You need to spend. Rest now. Then, we’ll go back.” Veirya was distinctly jubilant.

“Veirya, have you been holding my hand the entire time?’

“Uhm. I want. To protect you. So. I stayed by your side. The entire time. I wanted to. See you wake up.”

“Can you loosen up a little now, then? It’s hurting a little…”

I knew that Veirya was emotional; she wouldn’t have squeezed my hand so hard, otherwise.

“Sorry. I didn’t realise. I squeezed. So hard.” Veirya clumsily let go of my squealing fingers.

“Never mind it. I was actually happy to see you when I woke up. Truly very happy.”

Those were honest words. I felt blissful when Veirya was the first person I saw when I opened my eyes. When I was at home, before coming to this world, I woke up to find myself alone when I had a cold. At most, I’d have my heartless boss call to ask if I could come in for work. Now, though, I had Veirya with me.

Maybe it was my imagination, but I think I saw a gentle smile on Veirya’s beautiful face as she caressed my face. She lowered her head and gently bumped her forehead on mine. Then, she delicately gave me a peck on the lips: “I’m glad. You’re awake. I was genuinely. Very worried. That something. Would happen to you. I’m glad you’re fine. After we get back. Let’s get married. We have. A promise.”

I never expected Veirya to remember our wedding, let alone be as eager as she sounded. I gently placed my hand on her left hand, feeling the pointy spot on the ring gently stab the softest spot on my heart. I nodded affirmatively: “Sure. Let’s get married once we’re back. Veirya, I don’t want to leave you again. I’m genuinely afraid I won’t get to see you again.”

“I won’t. Leave you. Now or in the future. I’ll continue to stay by your side. This time. Was a consequence. Of my negligence. I didn’t think. Leah would do that.”

“Oh, yeah, what happened to Leah?”

I didn’t see Leah around. It felt as though something gripped my heart. The last time I saw Leah, she went off to duel Veirya. I knew what how powerful Veirya was and her attitude in battle. Given that Veirya was with me, it must’ve meant that Veirya was victorious.

I brooded, “So… so… doesn’t that mean Veirya… Wait, wait, wait.”

Despite what Leah did, I didn’t want to hurt Leah. She was my daughter, and I liked her. While, I was weak as a consequence of her actions, she sounded done I could punish her, but I didn’t want her to die.

“Leah. Is sitting outside.”

I smiled helplessly: “I thought you killed her.”

“I wouldn’t. Do that,” growled Veirya, leaning back and folding her arms. “Leah is also. My daughter. I couldn’t possibly. Kill her. Even though she did that. I won’t. Your opinion matters.”

I smiled as, by the sounds of it, Veirya was no longer has past self. She now truly loved Leah. Frankly, I began to question Veirya and her original intent. From the beginning, Veirya decided to be earnest and friendly with Leah.

“Sorry, Veirya. It’s my fault for overthinking. Once I recover, we’ll head back.” I gave Veirya a smile.

I didn’t think Leah would try anything again. That said, I needed to have a talk with her, rather, persuade her to forego those thoughts for I wanted us to be a proper family going forward.

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