The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 08 Ch. 43

Fire in His Heart

“Why is there so much clamouring in the imperial capital today?!” complained Sisi, sitting up with a pale face due to puking moments ago. All Sisi had was some milk with honey and bread before heading to bed. Unfortunately for her, the imperial capital was particularly rowdy, essentially pissing on her mood. She stomped to the window, only to surprise herself at the sight of the bright flame outside.

The savage flame tore through the dark sky as though the entire imperial capital’s sky was being torn asunder. The lady-in-waiting outside knocked and entered. She bowed to Sisi, who then pointed outside with a look of surprise, and asked, “What’s going on outside? Why is the imperial capital ablaze? Why have I not received any reports despite the severity?”

“Erm, Your Majesty, that… is not a serious fire disaster. Only one sole building is ablaze. Only the place you went to is on fire. Also, it was not started by accident; it is deliberate arson. You know about the group who were infected with the disease. I think someone passed away due to becoming too frail. As such, they hired a group to vandalise the place and set it on fire. They are even killing the succubi.”

“What…?” Sisi grabbed the lady-in-waiting’s shoulder with one hand and shouted, “What is that supposed to mean?! Where are the guards?! Where are my guards?! Why are my guards in the imperial capital turning a blind eye?! Arson and murder. If they’re so good, why not go and fight the demons?! How dare they run rampant and burn my building in my territory?!”

“Your Majesty, you are aware that the guards are not really in a position to get involved with them. They are not nobles, so the guards cannot intervene even though they have hired men to vandalise the place. They do not have your written decree, after all. To add… Your Majesty, please forgive my bluntness… but are those succubi not demons?”

Unable to push the words up her throat and out of her mouth, Sisi peered at the flame outside the window.

Demons were humanity’s current foe owing to Leah’s action. The succubi were blessed to be able live in the imperial capital without any hindrances. People turned a blind eye to them, so nobody wanted to destroy the place. As the nobles blamed the succubi for their conditions, the succubi bore the brunt of the nobles’ rage. It was too late for Sisi to intercede. After all, she was humankind’s Queen.

Sisi pinched her thin and contemplated to herself, “If I wrote a decree to have my guards capture the arsonist, what excuse do I use to protect? Do I just say I’m punishing them for killing demons? From humanity’s perspective, they’re in the right.”

Sisi instructed, “I’m going to write an edict now. Have the guards arrest the succubi immediately. Tell them to do their best to apprehend and control them. Have the group of arsonists stop. Our guards will be in charge of arresting the succubi. Should they refuse to stop, arrest them, too, on grounds of disregarding the Queen, understood?!”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

Sisi didn’t know if she’d make it in time, Nevertheless, she hoped the succubi could avoid the ordeal. She wondered if she had the right to arrest them. Moreover, once she got involved, the others had to stop. Sisi promised Sophia to shelter them. Alas, Sisi had limited options at this point. As for what happened after, Sisi hadn’t decided yet.

Sisi preferred the succubi assemble in one spot. Henceforward, though, she didn’t know where they’d go, and her embarrassing history might spread. If they killed the succubi, then so be it. Her main concern was not being able to locate the succubi.

Sisi inhaled deliberately and then lied down on the bed, suddenly feeling an imaginary painful sensation in places where the elves tortured her before…

The scalding flames looked as though it reached the clouds. Among the crackling flames that left the building on an angle was belligerent guffawing among the arsonists.

Achilles teetered to the outer perimeter of the fire. There wasn’t a single sound coming from inside, but succubi corpses silently lay in the place they once lived, laughed and sung in despite it having been reduced to ruins. Right in front of him was hell, but stepping back didn’t mean stepping into heaven.

Everything was burning, but the intense flames couldn’t melt Achilles’ determination to traverse into hell. He wanted to see her, yet was afraid he’d see her. He wasn’t as lucky as Lin Dongqing, who had Veirya, humanity’s mightiest warrior and humanity’s Queen’s support. He was just an ordinary businessman with an ordinary lover. Why, though, couldn’t he have a simple love?

Achilles desperately flipped over corpse after corpse, unshaken despite the appearances that would compel other men to barf, until he spotted one he didn’t need to flip her over. Only half of the blue hair ribbon he gave her remained on her head. There was nothing he could do reverse the bloody sight he never wanted to see.

“Mr. Achilles. Mr. Achilles. We need to hurry and leave. It is dangerous here. We must leave.” The young pupil ran into the inferno with reckless abandon, desperately tried to drag his teacher out by the arm. However, Achilles held her hand with a vice-like grip and refused to stand.

Achilles ignored the fire outside because a new fire had begun to burn in his heart. The last man almost destroyed the entire imperial capital’s economy as payback for hurting his loved one. Achilles knew he wasn’t in Lin Dongqing’s league. Still, Achilles wasn’t your average Joe, either.

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