The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 08 Ch. 40

Elves’ Reinforcements

“Thank you very much for your help, elves. Had it not been for you, we really may have been driven back. Although we fought before, we are genuinely grateful now.” The commander covered in a strange liquid wiped it off his face and gave Lucilia a deep bow.

The participation of the elves’ Queen showed significant results.  While the demons had so-called intelligence this time, in battle, they were just fodder when they were up against the elves who had undergone exemplary training and possessed rich combat experience. After three rounds of firing, the majority of the demons laying siege to the city were made quick work of. Humanity’s commander resolutely opened the doors and charged out to cut down the enemies. With the assistance of the skilful elves, the demons were forced to call a temporary retreat, which was quite the surprising show of intelligence from them.

Lucilia, donning her leather elven armour as a hero and carrying a short bow on her back, shook her head. Though it had been a long time since she last used her bow, her archery skills didn’t get rusty. She then gave the human commander a nod. She conveyed some courtesy statements before promptly leaving to proceed with her own plans. She headed over to her general and instructed, “I need to personally make a trip to the North. I don’t need you to accompany me. He’s not at the town. He ran into trouble after heading North. Clearly if this is connected to Travor, then he’s now in danger. Stay here and fight alongside humanity. I need to go and check things out at the Demon King’s castle.”

Lucilia made sure to drop by the town to ensure Travor’s safety; however, he wasn’t around. Anna worriedly told her that the demon invasion began after they went to the Demon King’s castle. As such, Lucilia concluded that was where the trouble originated and intended to go to their rescue. She didn’t know what exactly happened. But nevertheless, anybody would connect the rise of the demons to the Demon King’s daughter since it started after she went to the castle right?

“Can you manage? Would it not be too dangerous for you to go alone?”

“Don’t forget I once infiltrated the castle. Travor is definitely in trouble there. I can’t delay this any longer. I’ve led you to meet up with the humans. From here on out, help humankind drive the demons back. I must go alone. The longer we delay this, the more likely there is to be complications.”

“Your Majesty, the truth is that we have always wondered something… Your Majesty, do you not think that Lord Travor is clearly involved with this matter as this invasion happened after he went to the castle, not to mention the fact that the demons  are no longer in disarray but displaying intelligence? If this has to do with Lord Travor, what will you do?”

“I’ve considered what you mentioned,” replied Lucilia, with a nod. “Even if that was true, Travor is still my husband. I must resolve the issue. Should he be involved with the demons’ invasion, then I need to kill him. If he really has chosen that path, I should cut him down.”

Lucilia grabbed her rations and left without even giving the human commander a chance to invite the elves.


 “Your Majesty, if I may be frank, I do not think we should get involved. We do not know what Lord Lin is thinking over there. Should this be his will, what happens to us? Would we not be a moth to a flame?” asked Ciara, arms folded.

“Lord Lin is not behind this,” firmly answered Linna, shaking her head. “He doesn’t have the ambition for world conquest. All he is thinking about is marrying Lord Veirya; how could he suddenly decide to conquer the world? I’m one-hundred percent certain it wasn’t his idea. Moreover, whenever did he show any ambition for world conquest? If that was his goal, he would choose to side with Queen Sisi, not side with demons all of a sudden. To the contrary, he might be in dire straits and require urgent help. I will be fine here, so you and Anna should go to his rescue.”

“Your Majesty… I am your bodyguard…”

Linna took Ciara’s hand and, in a tender voice, assured, “It’s fine, Ciara. I can take care of myself. I’m at home right now, so I’ll be safe. Plus, Lord Lin is more important to me. Ciara, you have always been by my side. I have always considered you my friend. This time, though, I will give you my command: go and help Lord Lin. I will be fine.”

Ciara took in a deep breath: “Yes, Your Majesty. As long as Lord Lin is alive, I will definitely bring him back!”

As a tender smile bloomed on Linna’s lips, she stood up and gave Ciara a light hug. Nervous, Ciara gasped as if she was allergic to skinship.

“I shall entrust him to you, then, Ciara. If I could, I would want to personally go to his rescue. Unfortunately, I cannot see, so I have to entrust him to you.”

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