The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 08 Ch. 39

Cosy Morning

Everything that transpired was comparable to a nightmare. My dream was apparently Leah tightly fixing me to the throne and boldly violating me… Those breasts that were perkier than Veirya’s jiggled before my eyes and smashed my face. Leah licked my face with her tongue and teased my face with her tentacles… Seriously, it was a disaster of a nightmare… Most importantly, I couldn’t wake up. I wanted to summon myself from my slumber, but it felt as if I had been separated from my body. Imagine a wandering soul. That was how it felt. I wanted to struggle and resist.  The last person to share that experience ended up being acquainted with two mothers.

I brooded, “Am I going to become Veirya’s child now? Actually, would I become Sisi’s child…? No way. That’s impossible. I’m not dead, am I? I can remember my last moment was when Leah pressed me down onto the bed. She wouldn’t kill me, would she? Okay, I can’t be dead, then.

“I don’t want to believe that happened. It must been an illusion. I’m positive it was just my mind. It didn’t happen… A grown man being violated by his daughter in front of his wife until he unloaded in front of his wife… Man, any man would kill himself if word of that got out. Why did that happen? Why did Leah do that…? Should I have been wary of Leah sooner?”

Angelina was right. I trusted Leah too much in the end. I should’ve heeded Angelina’s suggestion. Leah must’ve been plotting it from when she suggested I go to the Demon King’s castle. I just never imagined that would happen.

My eyes and body belonged to me, yet they refused to obey my orders. The best I could do was struggle. I was quite irate. In fact, I suspected I wouldn’t be able to open my eyes again.

“What the hell do I do now? How can I regain normal functioning? What have I gone through?” I mused.

Suddenly, I felt a warm sensation, one that was familiar and calming, on my palm. I knew who the warmth belonged to. There was only one person’s hold and warmth that could put me at ease the way she did: Veirya. I was only ever that reassured and at peace when I was by her side.

If Veirya was next to me, holding my hand, everything must’ve been resolved. She certainly was reliable. She was able to resolve the problems and return to my side even without my guidance. That was enough for me. If everything was over, I could get some peaceful sleep, I suppose.


“Veirya, take a rest. There’s no point in being anxious and worried now. We can’t wake him. It’s pointless for you to stay here with him. As long as he’s alive, then that’s enough,” assuaged Angelina, adding a shoulder pat.

The two of them had lost track of time after being locked in the prison for three entire days for there was no concept of time in the castle. The sun had come up after the dark veil was lifted again. Veirya stayed by her husband’s side the entire time. As a matter of fact, she didn’t even change her position. She calmly looked at me and tightly held his hand the entire night.

“I want him. To see me. When he opens. His eyes. I don’t want. To sleep. Also. I don’t trust you. I can’t help suspecting. You’ll do something to him. While I’m gone. So. I won’t leave.”

Angelina laughed hopelessly because her daughter read her mind. Sadly, there was nothing she could do except accept what Veirya said. She gently draped her own cape on her daughter’s shoulder and sighed before leaving.

“That being the case, keep him company, then. I’m going to get some shut eye. Leah probably won’t err again, so there won’t be any danger. I’ll leave my sword with you, nonetheless. See? It’s best you carry your sword with you next time. Your man requires your protection.”


Though fearful of Leah, who clammed up by the corner, Ross sympathised with her at the same time. Since she sat on the cold ground in that position and sniffled, she resembled a child who had been kicked out of home. Ross, however, knew the reason she was kicked out. The man who last slept together with her was lying in the room without an ounce of energy or life in him. You couldn’t blame Veirya for refusing to let her in. In saying that, anybody would sympathise with her when they saw the state she was in even if they saw her crazy mode beforehand. Leah was just a child now. She was bound to win sympathy. She had stopped with her wrong ways. It wasn’t exactly warm in the castle.

“Is she going to sit there on the ground all night?” Ross wondered, gingerly approaching Leah.

Leah looked up at Ross then lowered her head again as if she thought he’d ridicule or attack her. In fact, she shifted away to put distance between them. Ross circumspectly sat down next to her.

“Ross, will Papa abandon Leah…? Leah… Leah went too far… Leah…”

“I… don’t know. With that said, Lord Lin cares a lot about you, so I don’t think he will abandon you,” answered Ross, with a shake of his head.

Leah sobbed as she buried her head between her legs. After some hesitation, Ross gently and carefully draped a blanket that he got from another room onto Leah…

Angelina was surprised at the sight of the two of them when she exited the room. Leah leaned her head on Ross while Ross rested his on her, both in their own dream worlds. The golden rays illuminated the two tired kids as a draft whispered.

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