The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 08 Ch. 38

Veirya’s Gentleness

With her gaze on her man, Veirya gently took hold of his hand, reminding she had something important missing from her finger. She spun around Angelina, who stood leaning on the wall, and demanded, “Angelina. My ring.”

“You plan to wear your ring now? Aren’t you worried about Leah trying something?” asked Angelina, referring to Veirya’s inability to wield a sword with a ring on her finger.

Veirya nodded and then turned back to her man: “It’s fine. I think. It’s safe now. So. It doesn’t matter. I just. Want to look at him. He looks. Pitiful.”

“Pitiful?! Go and ask someone else how long the line is to have the same experience. Look at the succubi’s gathering spot. Tell me how many people are lined up, waiting for the succubi to play with them. All he had was a succubus and a gorgeous human do him, not to mention his wife being sorry for him after he got to enjoy himself. Who do you think would get to enjoy such a privilege? There won’t be a second man besides him,” jeered Angelina, with a smile and arms folded.

Veirya shook her head: “And nobody. Left the succubi’s place in this shape. Besides Leah. I’ve never seen a succubus. Attack others with her tentacles. Either. I have never. Seen a succubus attack me.”

“Obviously. No way succubi would’ve attacked you. Leah wouldn’t have attacked you, either, had she not been jealous.” Angelina sighed.

Leah, forbidden from entering the room, curled up at the door. If somebody just passed by, they’d mistake the situation as her stepmother abusing the adorable child while her father was ill. Nobody would’ve realised that the innocent-looking girl had trapped her father on a chair and raped him for three days, in addition to throwing her grandma and mother into the basement…

“Are you sure about keeping her? If Leah could do it once, she can do it a second time. She, too, genuinely loves him, doesn’t she? Succubi are quite enamoured in love. The succubi told me that. How are you going to face Leah, a daughter who loves her father, from now?”

In a tone of disbelief, Veirya questioned, “And you would dare. To ask that question? Don’t you. Share the same agenda? Else. Why would you care so much?”

“Mm… how did you become smart all of a sudden?” remarked Angelina, wearing a helpless smile. She then made a quick strategic cough and switched to a serious voice. “Put me aside for now. Leah is the main issue at the moment. Do you feel safe with her around? Don’t you consider her to be a love rival? Aren’t you worried Leah will lay her hands on him in your absence? Additionally, she’s also mentioned that she needs her papa, or she’d starve. You would dare to keep her around despite that? Veirya, don’t you get jealous?”

“It’s not. His fault. I know. He did a lot for me.”

Angelina never imagined her daughter, who killed without batting an eye and was indifferent to every crisis, could look at Lin Dongqing with such a tender and affectionate gaze. Perhaps not even her daughter didn’t know how tender and beautiful her face looked in the moment.

“I don’t mind. What Leah says. I just want. To maintain, my current life. I’m very happy. Right now. I’m satisfied. Even though I don’t do anything every day. He promised. He wouldn’t betray me. Or leave me. So I don’t mind. I don’t. Understand. Why he can’t. Keep Leah by his side. After he marries me.”

Within Veirya’s framework, her man being with others was perfectly acceptable as long as he didn’t betray her. Lots of women would consider that betrayal. Veirya, nevertheless, didn’t seem to agree. Furthermore, Veirya wasn’t totally wrong. He didn’t betray her; he was the victim. Consequently, Veirya wouldn’t complain. In fact, she blamed herself for failing to protect him. Caressing her ring, she asserted, “Since I agreed. To marry him. I will marry him. And. We will have our own child. Leah. Just made a mistake. I won’t. Hurt her. Leah. Is also our daughter. We promised. To treat her the same way. And not abandon her.”

Angelina exhaled heavily: “Whatever floats your boat. He and your father are seriously similar. Initially, your father was the same as him. He was an idiot, yet assertively declared he’d protect me. When he was defeated, he refused to stay lying down because he was jealous that I was friendly with others. But that clumsy and silly man actually protected me.”

Angelina lowered her head and wiped her red eyes. Then, she smiled at herself:  “It’s funny. I have a disobedient daughter, and now you have one, too. Our family really is the same. I, therefore, feel that our tastes are relatively similar. Lin Dongqing sometimes reminds me of the past, so may I have him for one day? One per week that is.”

“No,” resolutely refused Veirya.“If you dare. Get intimate with him. I swear. I’ll pummel you. So. Don’t. Touch him. Ever. Again!”

“How come Leah can, but I can’t?!”

“Because. You have a husband. While Leah. Doesn’t.”

“That’s what you care about?! So any woman can be intimate with Lin Dongqing as long as she’s not a wife?! I refuse to accept this! I object!”

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